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Today we honor Presidents' Day.

George Washington formed the United States and Abraham Lincoln saved the United States. Most people consider them the greatest Presidents, and we salute them.

Today many people are distressed with the vision of our country being put forth by those in power, but I know better days are ahead.

It’s not new that Republicans and others must stand up for what’s right. We are not alone. It’s what the party was founded on and what we’ve often had to do over the decades.

We’ll do what’s right, we’ll lead by example, and stand with those preserving freedom, family and community.

As we stand with you, share your thoughts with us at [email protected]

God Bless America

Dennis Melby, MCGOP Chairman

Learn more HERE in an inspiring speech by one of our great Republican Presidents, Ronald W. Reagan.


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File Under "GEE, YA THINK?"

They Made Theft and Hard Drugs Legal

Bay Area mayors join move to walk back Prop 47 and crack down on thefts and drugs

Democrat San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Thursday joined other major-city leaders from her party supporting a California ballot initiative that would increase penalties for certain retail theft and drug crimes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Proposition 47 was a ballot measure approved by California voters in a state-wide referendum in 2014 that reduced the penalties for property crime by reclassifying some felonies, such as shoplifting and grand theft, as misdemeanors. After a large increase in such crimes in recent years, a campaign to repeal Proposition 47 is underway, which Breed, as well as Democrat Mayors Matt Mahan of San Jose and Todd Gloria of San Diego, have endorsed, the Chronicle reported.

Even the Left Coast gets realistic. Do you think they could contact the all-Democrat Montgomery County government?


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