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Fire Cuts, Another Bad County Proposal from Democrats

During the last weekend of 2017, Montgomery County experienced a record number of building fires. Two days later, the County Fire Chief announced nearly $3 million in cuts.

Why would the Chief reduce the support to county residents at a time when fire, rescue, and emergency medical services needs are at an all-time high? As the number of building fires continues at a record pace through early January, Montgomery County stands to lose two fire engines, a ladder truck, career staffing, and volunteer department funding. The impacts of these cuts are real and frightening – longer response times to those in life threatening situations.

2018 Campaign Kicks Off at Annual MCGOP Convention

By Deborah Lambert

As Montgomery County Republicans gather for their annual convention on February 2nd and 3rd, the anticipation of gearing up to reelect Maryland’s popular Governor Larry Hogan to a second term is sure to fill the halls of the Gaithersburg Hilton with positive energy.

After all, the 62nd governor of Maryland is only the 2nd Republican to fill the state’s gubernatorial slot in 50 years. After winning his battle with cancer (“I think cancer picked the wrong fight”), America’s 2nd most popular governor with a 70 percent approval rating went on to score major victories during his first term by creating a business-friendly administration that attracted 130,000 new jobs. He recently announced a $9 billion traffic relief plan for three major state highways that will reduce congestion for millions of drivers.

December Chairman’s Message

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

I want to thank my fellow central committee members for giving me the opportunity to again lead our party in Montgomery County.  Next year, in addition to our primary focus on reelecting Governor Larry Hogan, we will be selecting most of our state and county officials.  The results of this election will determine the direction of our state and county for years to come.


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