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Dr. Politics – Game Day

By Dwight Patel, Candidate for State Senate, District 20

Okay, you have been at it since last spring, or even longer for some of you. Tomorrow is your final exam, you worked hard, and most of you guys did all the right things.  I was very impressed with the quality of our candidates, yard sign designs, palm cards and over-all campaign collateral.  

Not the Typical Woman

By Pat Fenati

It was not typical for a woman to major in math in the 1960’s, nor was it typical for a woman to serve a president of the student body at a co-ed college, But, there I was, the first female Student Government President at Jacksonville University graduating with a BS in Mathematics … And there I was again in New York City, working in the burgeoning computer industry, usually one of only a handful of women in a room. But I loved what I was doing which, throughout my career, included programming, consulting, sales, teaching, and network simulation for large businesses, military, and government agencies

Help Wanted: 19 Maryland Republican Senators Needed

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

Of the 47 current Maryland state senators, today only 14 of them are Republicans. Emboldened by these numbers, Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly can routinely pass legislation that they expect Governor Hogan will veto, confident that these vetoes can be overturned. During the governor’s first legislative session in 2015, some 197 bills were vetoed. 


Montgomery County Sheriff Candidate Jae Hwang Offers Energy and New Ideas

By Deborah Lambert

During a recent campaign appearance in October, Montgomery County Sheriff candidate Jae Hwang was asked what he thought would be the most important change he would bring to this office in November.

David Wilson, State Senate Candidate from District 15, Believes in Winning and Serving Others

By Deborah Lambert

Shortly after the annual Army Ten-Mile Run this October, State Senate candidate David Wilson noted that there’s a big difference between this event and his campaign for the Maryland State Senate. “While the Army Ten Miler is an annual ritual, when you decide to run in the political world, it is a race to win and also a race to serve others, and the majority of us feel that way,” he explained.

Dolores Reyes, GOP Candidate for Register of Wills, Plans to Raise Public Awareness about the Office

By Deborah Lambert

One of the most arcane political offices in Maryland is the Register of Wills, which oversees and administers the various duties involved with estates and heirs. While it serves an important function by making sure that property from decedents is properly distributed to heirs and inheritance taxes are paid, it’s not a position that is familiar to most people, even though there is a Register of Wills in every county and the city of Baltimore. In fact, the very mention of this office may prompt a response of “What in the world is the Register of Wills?”

Larry Hogan: A Governor for Maryland’s “Middle Temperament”

By Mark Uncapher

Commentators as diverse as The Washington Post editorial page and Democratic Senate President Mike Miller have attributed Governor Larry Hogan’s success to his embrace of Maryland’s “middle temperament.”

Dave Pasti Campaigns for State Delegate in District 19

My name is Dave Pasti and I’m running for Maryland House of Delegates in District 19. This is the first time I’m running for an elected office and like Governor Hogan, I believe that is a good thing. We need more good people from the outside if there is going to be any change to the current divisive culture of politics. Both Democrats and Republican are to blame. Partisan politics has reached an all-time low.

Verelyn Gibbs Watson, State Delegate Candidate who will Advocate for Small Business in LD 39

As a small business owner who has not previously sought public office, Verelyn Gibbs Watson is quick to explain that the primary reason for her candidacy in 2018 is to inspire other small business owners to have a larger voice in the legislative process. “I constantly feel the burden of legislative decisions enacted without full understanding of the ultimate impact on the small business community. We need to change that,” said Watson, adding that “rather than sit on the sidelines complaining, I decided to get in the game.”

Ed Amatetti’s Energetic Campaign for County Council District 2 is on the Home Stretch

ROCKVILLE, MD — October 22, 2018   Ed Amatetti’s campaign for a seat on the Montgomery County Council is focused on voters who are not accustomed to voting Republican, while simultaneously targeting Republicans likely to vote, and becoming engaged with others, including Democrats.


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