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Oppose the MoCo Proposal to Provide Free Legal Services to Illegal Aliens, Act NOW!

By Gail Weiss

Montgomery County's all-Democrat County Council demonstrated that it was up to its predictable tricks last week during a meeting on Tuesday evening in the County Council hearing room.

The Council, in a purely partisan appeasement of a Democrat special interest group - the illegal alien community -  is unanimously in favor of a Special Appropriation of about $375,000 to fund an outside organization to provide “free" legal services to illegal aliens in Montgomery County who find themselves facing deportation. And by “free” I mean that us citizens will pay for it with our tax dollars, as the funds come out of our county budget. You know, that same budget which had a $120 million dollar shortfall that forced departments county-wide to do some belt-tightening, despite the 8.7 % property tax increase, 33% recordation tax increase, the bag tax, the energy surcharge (tax) that was supposed to be temporary and is still in effect and the ever-(not) amusing “rain tax” which Governor Hogan repealed across the state, but which our dear county leaders have kept in place for us.

MoCo Business Owner Speaks Out Against Council Propsal to Fund Legal Aid for Illegal Alliens

By Reardon Sullivan

Dear Existing Montgomery County Council:

I would like to lend my voice to that of Mr. McHugh [Mongtomery County Young Republicans Chair, emphasis added] in opposition to the Montgomery Council's proposed action to fund lawyers for illegal aliens.

I am a resident of Darnestown, homeowner and independent business owner for over 20 years employing 40 law abiding county resident.

Given the local economic climate per David Blair and the Washington Post article here, the idea that this County Executive and Council would use my tax dollars to fund legal cost for illegal is truly insane.  

Republicans Need to Take Back the Economy

By Linda Willard Candidate for Maryland House of Delegates, District 18

I am running for delegate from LD-18 (Chevy Chase, Kensington, Garrett Park, Rockville, Silver Spring, Wheaton).  I am the first Republican to run for delegate in my district in twelve years, so I decided to run in order  to break this cycle. Voters in LD-18 are not only victims of one party rule, they are the victims of a one-party choice.  

Economic Underperformance.  Soft job growth.  No business formation.  These phrases were just a few of the descriptions of the economic outlook in Montgomery County in a recent report prepared by Baltimore-based Sage Policy Group.  The report, entitled “The Coming Storm,” was presented on April 27 at a forum on the economic future of Montgomery County sponsored by the Montgomery County Business Roundtable and Empower Montgomery.  


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