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Dr. Politics: How to Develop Your Web Presence

By Dwight Patel

It is very important for candidates to have dynamic interactive websites.  Nearly two-thirds of US adults use social media, and for many, it is the first source for news and information gathering. Online ads not only put campaigns in a position of power by bolstering efforts, but also provide an easy way to communicate relevant news and messaging to an increasingly captive audience.

Your website and social media presence need to be interactive.  Don’t rely on pages of text and a few pictures.  Don’t be afraid to use videos, especially on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.  Social media platforms allow for voters to experience a deeper level of connectivity with a campaign, and every post, tweet, and policy stance is scrutinized by the world. 

Maryland Public Policy Institute Says State Pension Fund Overpaying $8.8 Billion in Fees

By Mark Uncapher MCGOP Chairman

Maryland state pension managers lost out on nearly $9 billion in income over the past decade by paying higher-than-average investment fees to Wall Street managers in exchange for lower-than-average investment returns, according to a new report from the Maryland Public Policy Institute. The findings call into question the value of Maryland State Retirement & Pension System (MSRPS) relying on Wall Street investment advice.

The in-depth analysis also compared pension investment performance across 33 states with fiscal years that ended on June 30, 2017. The remaining 17 states had different year-ends or provided inadequate information. The full report with calculations and methodologies can be found at[1]



On Welcoming George Allen to Montgomery County’s Lincoln Dinner

By MCGOP Chairman, Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

This year we are especially pleased to hear at our Montgomery County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner from George Allen, the former governor of and Senator from Virginia.

We Marylanders enjoy a very healthy competition with business-friendly Virginia.  Our two states’ proximity to each other within the Washington Metropolitan area has provided a useful testbed to the impact that competing economic policies can have on job creation.  Maryland has too often allowed itself to be on the losing side of that competition. For the past several decades, both jobs and population within the Washington metropolitan area have shifted to the west side of the Potomac River.


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