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Our Volunteering Experience at the GOP Booth at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

By Yin Zheng

On our first day serving at the GOP booth at the fair, my daughter encountered two little sisters. They ran by and one said, “Look, the GOP table!“  The other girl responded, “Run, they are going to kill you!” 

This is how political freedom has been taught to our children in modern times. Isn’t it true that the beauty of America is that we can have different views, and people can choose to support their chosen party to promote checks and balances for the benefit of our people and country? No wonder I had a hard time convincing my daughter to wear a volunteer t-shirt with the MCGOP logo on it.

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A Paradigm Shift in Montgomery County Politics

By Ryan Gniadek*

In Maryland at-large, the upcoming election will be the most consequential in half a century. The opportunity to re-elect a Republican governor for the first time since Theodore McKeldin in 1954, directly prior to the redistricting process no less, will have an impact far beyond Maryland. Above all, the implementation of fairly drawn congressional districts will likely give Republicans 2-3 extra seats in the House of Representatives, which could prove pivotal to maintaining future control of the House.


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