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Republican Appeal to Latinos

Why the Republican Party appeals to more and more Latino voters.

By Dr. Mariela Roca

The Republican Party's increasing appeal to Latino voters can be attributed to several key factors. First and foremost, the party's emphasis on conservative values often aligns with the social and religious values held by many Latino Americans. Issues such as faith, family, & freedom resonate with a significant portion of the Latino community, particularly among Catholic and evangelical Christian Latinos. Additionally, the Republican Party's commitment to limited government, lower taxes, and deregulation appeals to Latino entrepreneurs and small business owners who prioritize economic growth and self-reliance.

Memories of LULAC

By Ken Dalecki
Polls are showing an increasing disaffection among Hispanics with the Democrat Party.  Surely part of this is due to the "mainstreaming" of Hispanics into American society, a path followed by the Irish, Italians, Poles and so many other ethnic groups.  But much of it is also due to the increasingly radical policies of the Democrat left.  There are many economic and social conservatives in the Hispanic community and more and more are identifying with Republican Party ideals.


By Harold Maldonado

As we celebrate Hispanic heritage month, we observe the patriotic contributions this community has made to the fabric of our country. From culture, music, science, conservative family values, and most importantly, we appreciate the Patriotic fervor in which Hispanics have served in our armed forces. Another trait that makes Hispanics – the largest minority in the country (19%) – unique is their rich diversity within their communities. From Central America, the Caribbean, and further down into South America, the Hispanic community is not a homogeneous group, but rather a diverse ethnic group that incorporates the original natives from the continents, blacks, and people that have European roots and a combination of peoples that underpins the rich and colorful culture.



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