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Janet Rankin - the First Woman Elected to Congress and a Republican

The First Congresswoman Elected to Congress Was a Republican.

Jeannette Rankin’s status as the first woman elected to the national legislature yielded extensive press coverage across the states. This front page, above-the-fold article in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Journal Gazette with a colored illustration describes “Our First Congress-Woman” as “a grey-eyed, slender girl with the enthusiasm of a zealot, the simplicity of a child and the energy and fire of a race horse.”

Pat Shaver - A Great Republican Woman

Pat Shaver has been a member of the PWRC since the late 1960s.  She served as our president from 1982-1984, and during her 50+ years of membership, she has served in every board position and worked on nearly every political campaign.  She currently serves the PWRC as Chaplain and is the foremost authority on the history of our club, the longest serving member in PWRC’s existence, perhaps even state-wide.

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