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Montgomery County District 14

My name is Pat Fenati. I am the Republican District Chair of District 14.

So much media attention is paid to the election of the federal offices of President and Congress that many voters don’t know much of anything about district where they live. Can you define the boundaries of your state district?

2019 Legislative District 20 Central Cmte Vacancies

Central Committee Vacancies for Legislative District 20

Your Montgomery County Republican Central Committee represents the 130,000 Republicans of Montgomery County to the Maryland Republican Party, and to the state and county government – any you can join us!

There are vacancies from Legislative District 20, in the Silver Spring area.  If interested in serving – we need you! – please send a cover letter expressing your interest and a resume by May 6th (deadline extended) to our Secretary Lori Jaffe.

Not sure which Legislative District you live in, click here.  Once the window opens, put in your street number, name and zip code.  Then click the "my voting districts" tab and all your voting districts will appear (Congressional District, MD State Legislative District, MoCo County Council District and MoCo School Board district).

Exactly what do Central Committee members do?  Central Committee members are the unpaid volunteers who run all aspects of the local County Republican Party such as candidate recruitment, fundraising, get out the vote efforts, and many other activities in support of the party and our candidates for office. To serve, you must be a registered Republican voter from your state Legislative District.

Please consider applying by the May 6th deadline!

The Mainstream Press is the Democrat Press

By Dennis Melby

The local Washington region we live in the perfect storm area for the Democratic party. The majority of television, print and on-line media follow a left-wing agenda. The first time I ran for office as a Republican, Richard Nixon was president, and the media hated him and most Republicans – and it’s only gotten worse since then.


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