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Meet Rep. Clare Boothe Luce - A Republican Trailblazer

Rep. Jeannette Rankin from Montana, the first woman to serve in the House of Representatives, paved the way for conservative icon Clare Boothe Luce.  Born in New York City in 1903, Luce attended the Cathedral schools in Garden City and Tarrytown, New York, graduating first in her class in 1919 at age 16.

A True Celebrity Among MCGOP!

By Josephine Wang

A Direct Descendant of Margaret Brent...

As we celebrate Woman’s History month, it is apropos to highlight one of our own Trail Blazers of women’s right to vote. Prior to Susan B. Anthony, there was Margaret Brent of Saint Mary City, an historic city in the southern part of the Maryland Colony.

The Year was 1624, a young single woman immigrated from England to the New World seeking religious freedom.

Braver Angels: Closing the Partisan Divide in Montgomery County

By Linda Willard

Braver Angels (BA) was founded in late 2016 in response to the increasing rancor and polarization between conservatives and liberals in America.  Its founders started the organization shortly after the 2016 presidential election when they discovered two startlingly different reactions to the election from neighbors in their respective homes of rural Ohio and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.   In short, the Manhattanites were having a funeral and the rural Ohioans were having a party.   Are we really that different?


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