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You Can Call February Republican Month

It’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Frederick Douglass’ birthday, and the month our great friend President Gerald Ford named February Black History Month. Add in Ronald Reagan’s birthday and it makes it a very special month.

To honor this, former Chairman Dennis Melby donated some memorable artwork to our local Republican Headquarters, great pictures of some of our Party founders. Committee Members Jamie Greedan and Matt Johnson were there to accept.

We'll post them in a place of honor. The next time you're there for a seminar, to pick up literature or chat  make sure you check them out. 

Helping the Next Generation Climb the Ladder

By Kathy Gugulis

Every January, the Montgomery County Commission for Women, a department of the county government, hosts a day-long conference to discuss issues and policies.  This year’s Women’s Legislative Briefing held on January 31 was different in two ways: It was held virtually and it featured two prominent Republican women, Amie Hoeber and Rose Li.

A Brief History of the Potomac Women's Republican Club from 1958 to 1973

By Carole Joseph and Gail Weiss

The PWRC was organized in April of 1958 at the request of Madelyn Allen of the MCFRW.  The organization meeting was held at the home of Violet Gravelle on Bradley Blvd.


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