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Meet Two Montgomery County Republicans


One of our youngest committee members, Matt, is 20 years old.  He was born and lives in Silver Spring.  Matt attended St. John the Evangelist, a Catholic elementary school, and Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. Living near the Metro station was a big advantage making his travel around the city much easier. He loves being a city boy as he describes himself.

CPAC in Orlando

By Lorraine Kuchmy

Lorraine Kuchmy, MCGOP Committeewoman with KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor, and FL State Delegate Fiona McFarland at CPAC in Orlando, Florida.

CPAC is traditionally held in the Washington DC area.  This year because of restrictions, the organizers took the show on the road to sunny Florida.  If you’ve never attended CPAC in person but only viewed online, I’d really recommend that you try to make it next time.  We who live in Montgomery County, where one party rule and cancel culture run rampant, can easily forget that there are millions of people throughout America who share our conservative values.

Montgomery County’s Climate Action Plan’s Assault on Citizens and Businesses

By Edward Hudgins

If you reside in Montgomery County, the “Climate Action Plan” under consideration by the County Council, might soon make the climate for you living a free, comfortable, and prosperous life here decidedly chilly. Bitter cold, in fact.

The Plan, developed pursuant to the Council’s 2017 resolution initiating an “Emergency Climate Mobilization,” is a political declaration rather than a scientific examination, predetermined that the Plan itself would impose heavy-handed and costly burdens on citizens and businesses alike.


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