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In-Person Events

They're Back!

We're planning to see you in person! Vice Chair Anne Koutsoutis has gathered together the events planning volunteers to start planning real, in-person events after 2020, the year that wasn't. Stay tuned for announcements, fun and important gettogethers as we ramp up to Town elections this year and Federal and State elections in 2022.  We'll see you soon.

Don't Defund The Police

Tim Scott and "Uncle Tom"

By Dennis Melby

Senator Tim Scott, a great and important Republican Senator, recently was attacked by the far left for giving a follow-up response after President Joe Biden’s address to Congress. The media, social media and some left-wing Democrats called him an “Uncle Tim”. They thought it was a clever slur meaning he was an Uncle Tom, a term they often use to deride folks like Justice Clarence Thomas and Secretary Ben Carson.

Here in Montgomery County, we Republicans remember Josiah Henson, the character “Uncle Tom” is based on, as a hero.


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