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The Reckless Rhetoric of the Left: A Threat to Democracy and President Trump’s Safety

By Carolyn Spencer / July 14, 2024

The recent attempted assassination of President Trump marks a chilling moment in American history, highlighting the dangerous consequences of the radical left’s reckless language since 2016. From inflammatory comments by public figures to overtly hostile remarks on social media, the seeds of violence have been sown and cultivated, creating a volatile political climate.


The Montgomery County Board of Elections is promoting National Poll Worker Recruitment Day on Thursday, August 1, 2024. It’s a National Day of Action established by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to encourage people to help America vote by signing up to be a poll worker and serve their community. By encouraging people to become poll workers in their communities, the Board of Elections aims to inspire civic engagement, strengthen our democracy, and to ensure that elections are free and fair.


Laurie Halverson and Robin Ficker testified before the Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council held hearings last week on two items of interest to all County residents. A Charter Amendment to make it easier to raise taxes has been proposed by the majority Democrat Charter Review Commission, and may gather support from current Councilmembers to counteract the amendments passed by the citizens in the past several years.

The second Amendment was to limit the County Executive to two consecutive terms, making any incumbent take a one term pause before running again. The non-partisan group Citizens for Better Government submitted thousands of mostly Democrat signatures to make this happen. It's expected it will be on the ballot, but our all-democrats Council has a way of putting last minute competing amendments on the ballot without notice or public input. We'll know in a month if they do it again.

The Council hearing was well run and allowed everyone to speak. Members were attentive and respectful, a welcome change from previous Councils.


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