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Friday, September 13th was an Unlucky Day for Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council

By Brad Botwin, Director,

For MC Executive Marc Elrich and the nine current members of the Montgomery County Council, Friday, September 13th was truly an unlucky day. Why? Because more than 250+ concerned citizens and legal immigrants converged on the County Council Building in downtown Rockville to let our elected officials know that public safety and enforcing the law are priorities, and that the security of our children, families and neighbors are priorities.

Marc Elrich Can’t Read, Or Maybe He’s Just a Liar

By Alexander A. Bush, Chairman, MCGOP

Last Friday, many of our elected officials in Montgomery County held a press conference to defame our Board of Elections for doing the right thing: voting against creating an unnecessary twelfth early voting (EV) site in White Oak. 

Councilman Hucker took the podium and condemned the Board for ignoring the wishes of the County Council. Of course, he got his facts wrong, but that’s not surprising since he hadn’t cared enough to attend the public meeting where the Board made their decision. In fact, only seven members of the Council had asked for the proposed new White Oak EV site; Councilmembers Andrew Friedson and Craig Rice did not support it. This is probably because they represent the north and west 2/5ths of the county.

September 13 2019 Rally Video

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We, the undersigned, urge County Executive Elrich to rescind the July 22, 2019 Executive Order which dangerously restricts the ability of Montgomery County agencies to cooperate with ICE and/or DHS on illegal immigration matters.  Montgomery County has become a hotbed of illegal alien criminal activity that threatens residents; especially the most vulnerable – women and children – from immigrant communities! County law enforcement needs their handcuffs removed now!   Allow Montgomery county law enforcement and all county departments to work with federal government agencies including ICE to rid Montgomery County of criminal illegal aliens.



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