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I Want To Change My Party Affiliation


It’s a question we’re seeing more and more, especially among immigrant Americans. Folks from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America who’ve immigrated to the U.S. and become voting citizens call us often to ask about changing their affiliation.  “I came here for freedom and democracy – to escape an oppressive government…and many people seem eager to bring that type of government here!”

People who lived through the “Cultural Revolution”, government “Manifestos” in Central and South America, and controlling and dividing structures all over the world come here for the promise of freedom and liberty, yet encounter division, cancellation and tribalism. They even see the government proposing a “paused” Ministry of Truth. Add to that shortages, lockdowns, crippling inflation - and now even a shortage of baby formula. They don’t like it.

Latino Americans are one example, their overall support for the Democrats has plummeted from 75% to around 25% - rather rapidly too. They hate the term “Latinix” but it’s foisted on them as a term that’s good for them. The present administration is allowing almost an unlimited influx into their towns along the US border. And while most US Border Agents are hispanic Democrats the current Administration paints them as evil guards whipping migrants at the border, and the Press echoes those views.

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Expanding the "Transgender" Agenda in Schools

Upcoming Title IX Regulation Will Legalize and Expand the Transgender Agenda in Schools

By Edward E. Bartlett

Title IX is the federal law that bans sex discrimination in schools. Title IX is basically a good law, but in recent years, Leftists have politicized and weaponized Title IX.

In 2011, the Obama Administration issued a campus policy that removed numerous due process protections for students – mostly men – accused of sexual misconduct. The campus disciplinary committees – sometimes referred to as “Kangaroo Courts,” dispensed with the presumption of innocence and expelled hundreds of students. In response, numerous lawsuits were filed against colleges in Maryland and across the nation. In a majority of cases, the accused student won the lawsuit.

Now, the Biden Administration wants to issue a new regulation that will further politicize Title IX. Specifically, the plan is to expand the definition of “sex” to include “sexual orientation and gender identity.” You can imagine the chaos this will create:

  1. Transgenders will be given full rein to participate in women’s sports. Obviously, transgenders possess significant physical advantages over biological females. The effect will be to eliminate women’s sports as we have traditionally known them.
  2. Activist school counselors will be free to approach students to discuss the possibility that they are experiencing “gender dysphoria” and need to “transition” to another gender – without the parents’ knowledge or consent. In one case, this led to the tragic suicide of a California girl.
  3. Students will be forced to use the requested gender pronoun, even though forced speech is a violation of free speech. In a recent Wisconsin case, an eighth grade student was charged with “sexual harassment” because he declined to use the desired pronoun of a female classmate.

Fortunately, 88 organizations, including 15 attorneys general, have called on the US Department of Education to cancel its ill-conceived plan to move ahead with this new Title IX policy.

If all of this seems Orwellian, it truly is.


Edward E. Bartlett, a long-time resident of Montgomery County, is the president of SAVE, a national policy organization that is working for fairness and due process in schools. Groups that wish to join the coalition to oppose the new Title IX regulation should contact him at: [email protected]

Mid County MoCo May

Mid County MoCo Met in Gaithersburg


Legislative District 39 Director and Central Committee Member Greg Decker hosted information night at La Mexicana Restaurant in Gaithersburg. He introduced Republican and Board of Education candidates, showed the old and new political maps - which gave us two more Montgomery County Council Members and one extra partial State district with Delegates and a State Senator - and answered questions from the capacity crowd. This event is a monthly Third-Thursday event, not to be missed.


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