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Looking for Candidates

Are you a leader in your community, a civic activist, PTA member or citizen concerned about the future of Montgomery County?  We are seeking knowledgeable and experienced individuals willing to commit some time to improving the lives of all county residents. There are a variety of leadership positions available.  Both partisan and non-partisan local government and board offices, state and county offices that may be just right for you. Email us at [email protected]Thanks, we'd like to hear from you!

Montgomery County Creaks Open

According to a press release from the County government, Montgomery County has moved toward implementation of a phased approach to reopening that will allow students and teachers back in the classroom safely, expand business opportunities and restore recreational and social activities in a way that does not unduly jeopardize public health.

High School Football gets the Punt by the County Council

By Laurie Halverson

Public high school football players, poms students and cheerleaders were upset to learn that the County Council, on March 12, decided that when they shared plans of lifting some restrictions for restaurants, businesses, and most sports, the high risk sports restrictions were not lifting. So, the word got out quickly about a protest outside the County Council building on Sunday, March 14.


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