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Equity is not Equality

By Dennis Melby

The Republican Party was founded to fight for equality, so that people regardless of color would be free to excel for themselves, their family and their community. Today’s far-left WOKE movement pushes something called equity – no matter the effort or circumstance government must provide a guaranteed equal outcome and status for everyone.

It’s called DIE, diversity, inclusion, and equity – and it’s being pushed in schools, business and government. Hard to argue with diversity and inclusion - parents teach that to their kids. But equity and equality are different ideas being pushed as the same with entirely different outcomes.

Cubans are casting themselves in boats to escape the 'equity' of their Communist paradise. Venezuelans are marching through dangerous jungles to reach the US to escape the 'equity' of their “Social Experiment”.  Even North Koreans risk torture and imprisonment to escape the 'equity' of poverty and starvation to reach Communist China (a county that touts equity but doesn’t practice it!)

You’ve even seen it here in Northern Virginia where many Asian kids were not told of their excellent test scores and high-ranking achievement for fear that it would ruin the “equity” for others in the school system. If we can raise some kids up we have to knock some kids down in order to achieve 'equity'. Perhaps you've seen Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears recently calling for those perpetuating this hoax to be fired.

We still stand for equality and hope you do too. And we’ll oppose any efforts to knock down achievers of any color, religion, gender or social status in order to promote societal “equity”.


Dennis Melby is Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Maryland Republican Party. He can be reached at [email protected]

The Republican Party Wants You

The Republican Party Wants You!!   

By Amy Waychoff and Sandy Tuttle

You may have heard by now that the Maryland General Assembly has returned for the 2023 session.   With Governor Wes Moore at the helm, it promises to be a challenging 90 day session.  And, while it has been exactly 100 years since the Democrats achieved a veto proof majority in the Maryland General Assembly, that does NOT mean that Republicans cannot influence which bills get passed. 

Democrats need to know that they cannot ‘steamroll’ their radical bills through the legislature.  For example, opponents of sanctuary legislation (that acts as a magnet for illegal aliens to come to Maryland) went en masse to Annapolis to testify against these bills - until 2020 and then COVID struck.  We were able to successfully keep  bills like this from passing out of the judiciary and other committees.  Pro-life advocates have similarly been successful in thwarting efforts on several fronts.  One bill would have allowed abortion until 28 days after birth.

Which brings us to today.  Hearings will begin soon on some of the up to 3,000 bills that the legislators will likely introduce.  While tracking all the bills is time consuming, we have Ella Ennis of MFRW who does this for us.  In addition, she often sends out talking points and sample testimony on key bills.    Emails, testifying in person or by zoom, making calls, it all makes a difference.    While all of this may seem daunting,  we can all be citizen activists. 

This year, from our own Montgomery County Delegates,  a bill on ranked choice voting (RCV) has once again been introduced.  RCV can be complicated to understand for a variety of reasons, but simply, RCV ranks all of the candidates in order of preference, and then re-tabulates and moves votes around.  Republicans have successfully rallied against in the past, and will need to do so again this session.  What about 16 year olds voting in local elections?  That doesn’t seem like such a good idea and frankly there are other ways for teenagers to get involved in local politics.  

Which brings us to the Maryland State Constitution course beginning Friday February 3rd at 7 pm at the MCGOP Headquarters.  Please go to for further details on how to sign up.   All of our legislators swear to uphold the federal and state constitution.  It’s great to be able to remind our state officials of their obligations to ‘we the people.’     

If you have children, grandchildren, or just want better for our state, then please consider getting involved.


Amy Waychoff and S. Alexandra Tuttle are Members of the Maryland Republican Central Committee for Montgomery County.

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