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Civic Group Opposes Thrive 2050


Whereas, the Montgomery County Civic Federation, Inc. (Civic Federation) has been proud to represent civic associations and homeowners’ associations throughout the County for nearly 100 years; and

Whereas the Civic Federation has expressed concern that current proposals may not lead to desired outcomes for improvements in meeting affordable housing targets set by the Council of Governments; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation has expressed concern about the emphasis on upzoning residential neighborhoods in the Montgomery County Planning Board’s Thrive 2050 Draft Plan currently before the Montgomery County Council; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation remains greatly concerned about the accelerated time frame established for the development and approval of these drastic and unprecedented changes in County zoning policies affecting residential neighborhoods; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation has previously expressed its view that there needs to be a substantially expanded process of community engagement and discussion about the proposed changes; and

Whereas, the members of the Civic Federation have many substantive concerns about the impact of the proposed Planning staff recommendations on the quality of life in the County’s residential neighborhoods, that include likely residential tax increases, the growing inadequacy of public facilities available to residents, gentrification, and likely serious environmental impacts associated with reduction of tree canopy and the increase in impervious surfaces; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation has serious reservations about permitting less-regulated residential building construction in single-family neighborhoods “by right,” with little, if any, regard to prevailing size, massing and architectural styles; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation notes that the Planning Department staff has continued to redefine the goals of a new housing strategy away from affordability toward "attainability"; and

Whereas, Civic Federation notes that some jurisdictions around the United States have pursued and regretted similar upzoning development strategies that have had unintended negative consequences for their communities and, particularly adverse impacts for low-income residents and communities of color; and

Whereas, the Civic Federation, recognizing the critical need to provide suitable housing for tens of thousands of future residents, believes that Montgomery County must adopt an aggressive strategy for truly affordable housing that would serve the needs of working families;


1. Does not support the Montgomery County Planning Department’s preliminary recommendations to eliminate zoning regulations affecting established single-family neighborhoods throughout the County through a global Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) to the County Zoning Ordinance; and be it further resolved,

2. Does not support allowing new residential construction in single-family neighborhoods “by right,” with no review and approval by appropriate County development authorities; and be it further resolved,

3. Calls upon the Montgomery County Council to examine, refine and make broadly available to the public

(1) a fiscal impact statement describing the expected consequences of Countywide upzoning for Montgomery County annual revenues and expenditures;

(2) clarification of details regarding any possible residential tax increases associated with the upzoning proposals; and

(3) a racial equity and social justice impact statement regarding the proposed ZTA; and

(4) detailed information regarding the likely environmental impacts of the upzoning proposals; and be it further resolved,

4. Calls upon the County Council to develop and propose a significant new affordable housing strategy that will provide suitable accommodations for Montgomery County’s low- and middle-income residents and families to meet the Council of Government's targets for the net number of affordable units needed; and be it further resolved,

5. Calls upon the County Council to establish metrics for success for tracking and meeting the Council of Government's targets for net additional affordable units; and further be it resolved,

6. Calls upon the Montgomery County Government to establish a policy of no net loss of naturally occurring affordable housing through new development; and be it further resolved,

7. Calls upon the Montgomery County Government to ensure that master and sector planning is used to modify existing zoning in single-family neighborhoods, rather than by global zoning text amendments; and be it further resolved,

8. Calls upon the Montgomery County Government to require that a property being converted from a single residential unit to a multi-plex be the primary residence of the owner and be it further resolved,

9. Calls upon the Montgomery County Council to undertake a broad public engagement and consultation process necessary to secure community ownership of any new upzoning policy, along with additional public hearings to solicit community input.

Approved this 11th day of October 2021

Karen Cordry, Secretary


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Domestic Terrorists Moms Speak Out

'I'm A Little Worried About What My Son Is Learning In School,' Says Dangerous Domestic Terrorist


EL MONTE, CA—"I'm a little worried about what my son is learning in school," said a dangerous domestic terrorist at a school board meeting earlier today.

The radical insurrectionist went on to say that "teaching kids to be racist and all about graphic depictions of sex seems a little problematic to me," confirming fears that she has been radicalized by fanatical right-wingers.

She was quickly added to the FBI Most Wanted list after expressing her concern that her children were being influenced by Marxist teachings and radical sex instruction by crazed left-wing nutjobs. Experts say she may be part of a growing number of deranged extremists who violently question the government's ownership of their children by attending the "open comments" portion of a school board meeting

At publishing time, she had confirmed her belief that parents should be the number-one influence on a child's mind and that the government does not own her children, causing FBI agents to gun her down on the spot, saving us all.

(Editor's note: If you share this on facebook you must disclose the Babylonbee is a satirical sight, it makes fun of very serious issues, and that this passes as humor. If you don't you will be banned from social media - well, you may be banned anyway)


To sign a petition to the Department of Justice demanding they stop hunting down "Domestic Terrorist Moms" sign HERE.


Come On Man, Take Responsibility


Biden is responsible for every fiasco he has brought about as occupant of the Oval Office.  However so are the Americans who voted for him or did not vote at all.  Biden is inept, incapacitated, and ignorant as was very apparent before the election. But some voted for him anyway because they did not “like” Trump’s personality and the unpleasant truths he told.  It is time for immature American voters to grow up.  The presidential and vice-presidential elections are not beauty or personality contests.


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