News Corner

Is Your Child On the List?

By Sheila Weiss

Montgomery County Police Department's secret list of freedom loving children. Children who dare to express their opinion or question the progressive dogma. Who don't subscribe to the morals, values and political beliefs taught as fact under the guise of progressive and "anti-racist" classrooms. This is really happening. Now. In Montgomery County.



Are Today’s Liberals Intolerant?

By Karol Smith

Dictionaries define Liberal as:  Open to new behavior or opinions; in education, concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience. Virtually every value liberals have held for a century is now held by conservatives and scorned by leftists.(1)   The days are gone when liberal intellectuals loved open-ended debates thinking they could win people over with their intelligence and wit.

Thoughts on Progressives

By Paul Agle

To understand the cancel culture, you have to understand Progressives.

 “Godless communist” is an epithet in most of America, except for “West Wokistan” (California) and “East Wokistan” (DC).  “Secular progressives” are best understood as the successors to the “Godless Communists.”


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