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Volunteers door knock for signatures on the 2T petition to limit our MC County Executive's term to the same as the US President and the MD Governor. If you'd like to volunteer sign up HERE.


Remember the taxpayers and citizens of Montgomery County are very generous to those in need and provide a good portion of their income to helping those less fortunate.

60,000 Free Computers Will Be Distributed to Low-income Residents

Montgomery Connects to Distribute 60,000 Free Computers

“Montgomery Connects,” Montgomery County’s digital equity and inclusion program, has launched a new program to distribute 60,000 free laptop computers to low-income families. There is a limit of one computer per resident. Eligible recipients must be Maryland residents, do not need to be U.S. citizens and may not have already received a computer from the County before April 2023.   

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MAY 2-14, 2024

Check out these candidates, Republican and non-partisan, running for office-


Nikki Haley for President

Donald Trump for President

US Senate

Robin Ficker for Senate

Larry Hogan for Senate

John Myrick for Senate

US Congress District 6

Dan Cox for Congress

Chris Hyser for Congress

Neil Parrott for Congress

Mariela Roca for Congress

Tom Royals for Congress

Brenda Thiam for Congress

US Congress District 8

Cheryl Riley for Congress*

Michael Yadeta for Congress*

MoCo Board of Education

Ricky Mui for Board of Ed

Bethany Mandel of Board of Ed

Local Office

MC District Circuit Judges

Marylin Pierre for Judge

Out of MoCo

Sean Flaherty for City Council

Jaime Brennan Frederick Board of Ed


-If you're a Republican or non-partisan candidate running in Maryland, send your website or contact information to [email protected].  

*As candidates send us their campaign websites we'll include them.


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