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In January of last year the MCGOP Central Committee adopted a resolution concerning the Chair of the Republican National Committee. It said the following:

"The Republican Party in Montgomery County Maryland wishes to thank Ronna McDaniel for her work on behalf of the Party over the last 6 years.

We believe it’s time for a change and encourage our RNC Committee Members to support a new leadership and fresh ideas by voting for Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Party Chair."

That change never happened and we wished Ms. McDaniel well. Once again the Republican conference is split, the many calling for a change to new leadership.  We want to know what you think.


Last Friday was the Maryland filing deadline for candidates for 2024. We weren’t disappointed.

We already had a field of great folks running to make a difference, but on Friday we got a lot more. Former Governor Larry Hogan, former Delegate Neil Parrott, author and activist Bethany Mandel and former Rockville City Council candidate Ricky Mui were among others who all put their hats in the ring for various offices on the last day of filing.

Competition helps our democracy; more choices are what folks want. To get a full list of candidates go HERE. This next week we’ll get more info and make sure you have it.

The White House, the Capitol and our own Board of Education affect our lives in totally different ways.

Our pages are open to Republicans and non-partisans, and many of our readers are moderate Democrats. We want to make this county and this country better. We had great candidates, now we have more. Things are looking up.

We’ll keep you posted.

Dennis Melby

MCGOP Chairman

Tell us what you think at [email protected]


Common Sense Wins – Bankrupting Granny Fails

The “do-good” lawmakers in the Maryland Fire Marshall’s office and here in Montgomery County were poised to enact yet another law that would have cost Montgomery County taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per family.  But we fought it.

Silently and behind closed doors lawmakers put forth a law that would require high rise condominiums, to install sprinkler systems in all existing buildings at a projected cost of over $30,000 per unit. The cost could be even higher, depending on if a fire pump is needed, the size of the incoming water service and the size of the service from the street.

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee fought back against this overreach and, working with other groups, got the law declared “not enforced” except in the cases of an “inimicable hazard”, whatever that means!


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