Spotlight on Cheryl Riley


Nominee For Montgomery County Council, District 4

I was born in Washington, DC where my Great Grandparents immigrated legally to begin to live the American Dream, whereby they worked hard, never gave up even through adversity, they became stronger and LOVED this AMAZING Country. My father and his six siblings were raised in Kensington and loved MoCo where they stayed to raise families as it was a great county that offered a wonderful life. I grew up in Germantown, which was the best place on earth to me and an area I would always consider home.

I attended Montgomery College and the University of Maryland College Park. I am a seasoned Public Relations professional (Founder of CRPR) who has worked with some of the nations/world’s largest law-firms, corporations and non-profits who have sought my expertise to help develop solutions to build growth. I specialize in success-driven, public relations strategies to enhance market-share, improve brand awareness and the development of overall cohesive plans to generate business growth and successful crisis management protocols. 

Like my career, my desire to run for council was born out of passion to help create pro-active, viable solutions to the major problems our county faces after 20 years of the same leadership failures. I am fiercely passionate about Montgomery County, as it is where I grew up, reside and want to stay for many years to come. I am one of you….a “resident” who wants to thrive, who rents as housing costs are too high, who pays endless taxes and who is concerned with the rise in crime daily

I pledge to listen to my constituents and work for you, and uphold the very motto our County was founded upon Gardez Bien, "Guard Well". As one of you, I will be the People's advocate, a supporter, and a friend ready to speak up and make positive changes for the betterment of all. I hope you'll join me on my mission to bring MoCo back to life! 

Cheryl Riley

Founder, CEO

Cheryl Riley Public Relations


[email protected]

Nominee For Montgomery County Council, District 4


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DP Patti Earns UARE Endorsement

When my wife and I were married almost 27 years ago, our marriage was still illegal in two states. We were a mixed-race couple for 27 years until her death in May 2022.

On the day of our marriage, I was confident we’d have race relations figured out as a country by the time my kids reached adulthood. But we haven’t. My son is now 21 and, truth is, the situation – at least the perception of the situation – is MUCH worse than I would have imagined.

And concepts like Critical Race Theory (CRT) are much of the cause.

Which is why I’m proud to have the endorsement of UARE – United Against Racism in Education.

Blue Book Ballots

Biden Rally Report

I Attended Biden's "I HATE REPUBLICANS" Rally

By Brigitta Mullican

It was August 25, 2022, when I attended the President Joe Biden Rally in Rockville.  I received an earlier email about this rally. I registered to attend. the rally because as an alumnus of Richard Montgomery High School I was very curious about what would be said.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) rented the high school for the event and being the open-minded Republican that I am, I decided to attend.  I wanted to hear how the President planned to unite the country

During his speech, President Biden referred to me and other Republicans as “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) Republicans” in an offhanded derogatory way.  The President discussed his party and their “values,” and how MAGA Republicans don’t share those values.  I have noticed that he and others in the Democratic leadership often will talk about the “will of the people,” and the importance of the Constitution.  Their actions shows something else. 


Candidate Support!

By Dennis Melby

The November general election is less than two months away and efforts are really ramping up for the candidates, including the need for donations and volunteers!  Anyone with Facebook or Twitter has seen the various campaigns posting pictures of their supporters knocking on doors, waving signs and greeting voters at recent parades, county fairs and so on. 

With that in mind, I was struck by a welcome development in what was otherwise a contentious July primary election season.  One of the few exceptions to acrimony was the primary for Congress in the redrawn 6th District, between Washington County State Delegate Neil Parrott and Montgomery County's very own investigative journalist Matthew Foldi.  They were among the few candidates to actually embrace Ronald Reagan's famous 11th commandment - Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican - especially their opponent.  For the most part this was as respectable - dare I say "adult" - campaign as we have seen in many years, with each focusing on the issues and the Democratic incumbent - and not each other.

Spotlight Missy Carr

Meet Missy Carr

Candidate for State Senate LD18

(Silver Spring, Wheaton, Kensington, Garrett Park, Chevy Chase)

I am Missy Carr - an entrepreneur with 25 years of small business ownership, a mom, a wife and a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. I am a proud GOP candidate for the Maryland State Senate in Legislative District 18. 

Montgomery County has not had a Republican representative in either the County Council or State Legislature in 20 years.

It's time to end one party rule!

The Progressive Democrats radical policies have resulted in higher taxes, declining schools (with and emphasis on destructive CRT & Gender/Sexuality curriculums), increased crime, fewer police, and the removal of SRO's from our schools. Montgomery County, known to be "not business friendly"  lags behind neighboring jurisdictions in attracting businesses to the County. This in turn puts the bulk of the tax burden on small businesses and residents. This is the result of policies not being challenged by commonsense. I believe I can bring that commonsense to legislating. 

Common Sense Voices

Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County

Pledge to Bring Balance to County Government

Five County Council candidates who won the July Republican primary have banded together to advance commonsense policies to improve the lives of all Montgomery County residents.  The Republican nominees are running to represent the newly designed Council Districts 2,4,5,6,7 and are calling themselves “Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County.”  

They are busy listening to residents’ stories about schools, children and livelihoods that have suffered from the consequences of bad policy decisions, especially during the COVID pandemic, made by County Executive Elrich and the County Council. In many cases county officials have advanced extreme national policies instead of good governance practices and improving the delivery of pubic services, such as water, sanitation, traffic and roads, and jobs to help families and workers. 

Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County pledge to:

  • Improve public safety by supporting the police in neighborhoods and in schools;
  • Support parents’ rights in education and programs that help working families finance new homes;
  • Promote green spaces and oppose the Master Plan Thrive 2050 as written; 
  • Recognize that the county operates within a system of regional competition so to attract investment and good jobs the county must improve its reputation as anti-business and cut taxes and regulations.
  • Grow the small business economy, maintain school buildings, and work with regional partners to minimize traffic congestion. 

Each has pledged to manage county resources according to the county’s motto “Gardez Bien” (Guard Well) which has been ignored in recent years.

District 2 Nominee: Dan Cuda

District 4 Nominee: Cheryl Riley

District 5 Nominee: Kate Woody

District 6 Nominee: Viet Doan

District 7 Nominee: Harold C. Maldonado

Labor day 2022 Message

Ronald Reagan said “On this occasion, let us also remember the freedoms and the sacrifices that have made our abundance possible. We are heirs to a precious legacy, one that has taken centuries to build, and we must forever recognize that its preservation and increase are our glad task and solemn responsibility,” 

 Enjoy the day with friends and family, the end of summer is here before you know it.

But remember, our National, State and local governments need a change in leadership. We've got great candidates and the incumbents are doing poorly. They're relying on the registration stats to pull them through one more time. But single party government hasn't served us well.

Four more years of a decline in public safety, a decline in reading and math scores, a decline in civility of both sides makes it harder to recover from inflation, international upheaval and domestic unrest.

You have hope, contact one or our great candidates and volunteer to do what you can. They need you, we need you and our once thriving community needs you.

Its Labor Day Lets go to work!

Republicans back the police

Republicans Show Up to Support our Police

Martha Hale, Sandy Tuttle and Patsy Dillingham coordinated a great turnout for our Back the Blue celebration of the officers of the 2nd District in Bethesda. We're so supportive of the job they do for our community and they deserve our thanks and respect. We plan to thank all the local Districts again this year, like we did throughout the pandemic and the previous 2 years. Check this space to join in our commitment of thankful celebration of our law enforcement officers and staff.

Open next Saturday

Saturday Open, 10 AM to 2 PM

Need Yard Signs & Campaign Material?

Our all-volunteer staff can help you with political signs, literature and candidate material. MCGOP Headquarters will be open Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Come by to donate, discuss issues, drop off or pick up Republican material. 

From 12 to 1 Meet Delegate Candidate Frank Nice and State Senate Candidate Anita Mpambara Cox for District 19.


For other times email us at [email protected] to see about hooking you up with the material you need to support our candidates. Yes, of course, donations help defray the cost of the campaign material. Thanks for your generosity. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>

MCGOP, 15833 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855

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