Montgomery County Creaks Open

According to a press release from the County government, Montgomery County has moved toward implementation of a phased approach to reopening that will allow students and teachers back in the classroom safely, expand business opportunities and restore recreational and social activities in a way that does not unduly jeopardize public health.

High School Football gets the Punt by the County Council

By Laurie Halverson

Public high school football players, poms students and cheerleaders were upset to learn that the County Council, on March 12, decided that when they shared plans of lifting some restrictions for restaurants, businesses, and most sports, the high risk sports restrictions were not lifting. So, the word got out quickly about a protest outside the County Council building on Sunday, March 14.

A Questionable Question

By Janine Frazier

At the end of October 2020, true to form, that year handed me an unexpected challenge to find a new job as my company eliminated my position due to COVID-19 impacts on the hospitality and real estate industries. Anticipating a difficult and long search process, I launched my search immediately.

GOP at Asbury Club Egg Hunt

By Karol Smith
The first GOP Easter Egg Hunt was held rainy Wednesday, March 31.  We have a covered, climate-controlled walkway joining several buildings - a perfect setting and worrying about the weather conditions was thus eliminated.

40 pictures of numbered eggs from 1 1/2 inch tall to 3 inches tall were tucked sticking out a little behind pictures, on railing struts, and in or partly under decor on open shelves and furniture.

All is Lost – Or is It?

By Bill Richbourg

Which one of you, in your wildest imagination, would have believed that we would wake up on November 6, 2020 and discover that through an obviously rigged election, Americans had put into office a demented, clueless and dangerous president, who in a matter of days, would employ some 40 executive orders – with no regard for the damage many of these would cause – simply to destroy his predecessor’s programs, many of which were well on their way to making America Great Again?

Is Your Child On the List?

By Sheila Weiss

Montgomery County Police Department's secret list of freedom loving children. Children who dare to express their opinion or question the progressive dogma. Who don't subscribe to the morals, values and political beliefs taught as fact under the guise of progressive and "anti-racist" classrooms. This is really happening. Now. In Montgomery County.



Are Today’s Liberals Intolerant?

By Karol Smith

Dictionaries define Liberal as:  Open to new behavior or opinions; in education, concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience. Virtually every value liberals have held for a century is now held by conservatives and scorned by leftists.(1)   The days are gone when liberal intellectuals loved open-ended debates thinking they could win people over with their intelligence and wit.

Thoughts on Progressives

By Paul Agle

To understand the cancel culture, you have to understand Progressives.

 “Godless communist” is an epithet in most of America, except for “West Wokistan” (California) and “East Wokistan” (DC).  “Secular progressives” are best understood as the successors to the “Godless Communists.”

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