By Lori Jaffe

If Marc Elrich gets his way, soon you will no longer be able to choose the type of vehicle you will drive in Montgomery County.

But most Americans want freedom, and they don’t want electric vehicles. Although the cost of charging an EV remains low, range anxiety, long charging times and vehicle cost make buying and owning an EV problematic. And because most Americans don’t want electric vehicles, car companies are reducing production. Automakers Delay Electric Vehicle Spending as Demand Slows: “Growth is brisk but slower than expected, causing automakers to question their multibillion-dollar investments in new factories and raising doubts about the effectiveness of federal incentives.”

In the 2023 Montgomery County Civic Federation video (19:39), Richard Madaleno, Chief Administrative Officer, said that our County Executive, Marc Elrich, was invited to go to the Global Conference in Taiwan “to present our climate action plan because we are seen not just as a national leader amongst local governments with what we’re doing to fight climate change but as a global leader…” The County’s Climate Change Action Plan says “Zero-Emissions Vehicles are an important part of Montgomery County’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 80% by 2027 and 100% by 2035.”

But even as the demand slowed, our County Executive continued his push for EV ownership (1:15). According to, the Niro, featured in Elrich’s video, takes anywhere from 43 minutes to 57 hours to charge! That’s assuming that you can find a charging station.

Marc Elrich wants to run for a third 4-year term as County Executive in 2026. But he doesn’t want you to have the freedom to choose your car. Do you feel the County Executive listens to your concerns, and takes your wishes into account when making decisions? Please volunteer to hold him to two terms!


Lori Jaffe is the Party Secretary for the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, volunteer coordinator and Member of the Executive Board. She can be reached at [email protected]


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