A Message from the Chairman

A Message from the Chairman

This has been a challenging year for many of us. I hope you and your family are safe from the effects of COVID-19, and from the economic effects of the countermeasures. Fortunately, many of the dire healthcare predictions have not arrived, but the left never lets a crisis go to waste, and we need to be ready to resist them.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and we are happy to do the work – but we need your help keeping the lights on. The pandemic, and the restrictions to slow its spread, have prohibited many of our normal means of raising funds to fight the liberal agenda and we need your contribution to the cause now more than ever.

In these uncertain times, local politics is more important than ever.  Will you please help continue this important mission by sending a generous donation?



What we’ve done for you this year…

While you are focused on COVID-19 and trying to keep your family and employees healthy and safe, we remain focused on pushing back on tax increases in Rockville. At a time when unemployment claims in Montgomery County increased by 4,717%, the County Executive proposed increasing property tax rates 4.5% to collect an additional $63 million from Montgomery County property owners this year! In April, we drew the attention of thousands of county residents to Mr. Elrich’s proposal, and the County Council’s procedural moves to facilitate it. And then, in May, we called out Mr. Elrich again for secretly – and illegally – attempting to circumvent the County Charter and raise property taxes by $5.2 million. Coordinating with like-minded groups, our activists advocated against this mind-boggling increase and won. Our failure to give the County Council the benefit of the doubt offended some on the Council and in the press, but this sneaky and illegal scheme by Mr. Elrich showed that we are correct to be alert and to encourage the public to hold our elected officials accountable. We will continue to do so.

We resisted Marc Elrich’s dangerous policy of non-cooperation with ICE – and not just with press releases and numerous media interviews – we organized the largest gathering of conservatives at our Rally in Rockville in front of the Council building, where we outnumbered the hired leftist counter-protestors 2 to 1. In Rockville! Our pressure forced grudging concessions from Mr. Elrich. I hope you saw his TV interview from the scene. Oh boy, was he sweating. He could not have imagined – until that moment – that there would ever be political consequences for him.

We organized opposition to the unnecessary and expensive 12th Early Voting Site at White Oak. We testified against it at the local and state boards of election and before the legislature, revealing the hypocrisy of the County Executive and Council and their antagonism towards the real underserved minority community in the County – Asian Americans. The entire Montgomery County Delegation to Annapolis supported a bill to override the Board of Elections and force the creation of the White Oak Site. But we won! We worked with our allies across the state and the bill died in committee.

We even threatened litigation against an uncommonly silly bill to ban the description of school districts in real estate advertisements – a clear violation of the First Amendment – and the County Delegation backed down and withdrew the bill.

What we can’t do for you this year …

Sadly, social distancing requirements have forced us to cancel our two largest fundraising events of the year:

  1. Annual Montgomery County Republican Convention — the forum where you meet candidates, learn about the coming year’s efforts, listen to national political leaders, and caucus with your Republican neighbors.
  2. Annual Lincoln Day Dinner —the time to savor a delicious meal, enjoy time with your Republican friends, and hear a United States Congressman speak about tax policy.

Cancelling these events means we must find other ways to fund the important political work our Party normally does throughout the year – especially during an election year!  In these uncertain times, local politics is more important than ever.  Will you please help continue this important mission by sending a generous donation?


It costs $20,000 per year just to keep the lights on at MCGOP. Even though we can’t invite you to a wonderful event any time soon, we still have headquarters expenses, service subscriptions, and campaign materials we must order for the upcoming general election.  We need your help to hold the line and turn the tide against progressive measures that drive away jobs and hurt property values. 
What we want to do for you in the coming year 
We’ve refused to let the left control the narrative. Conservative speakers show up to public hearings to castigate the Council and our delegation. They can no longer say that they act with the full support of the electorate. And in just the last six months, our arguments have appeared repeatedly in the press.

Independents and moderate Democrats are starting to wake up to the fact that the leftists running our County couldn’t care less about them, and only care about their extreme agenda. We have to be ready to show them that we are a serious alternative.

Regardless of your position on accessory dwelling units, that issue showed just how out of touch our County Council is. It did not matter to the Council that dozens of homeowners’ associations were against it. It didn’t matter that tens of thousands of homeowners were against it. It did not matter that there wouldn’t be enough street parking for long-time homeowners in their own neighborhoods or that property values could plummet. No, all that mattered was checking off another box. The Council voted for it unanimously because they know – as long as the major unions and the liberal beltway elite are with them – angry constituents cannot vote them out.  We’d like to do something about that…

Remember that the next time we vote for representatives in Annapolis or for County Council, we will have new lines drawn after the 2020 census. And we need to be ready to fight for new, winnable districts. Let’s not let these upcoming opportunities go to waste, or else some winnable seat will go to a “moderate” democrat for the next 30 years, while we bemoan our lack of preparation.

And all this is in addition to all the other work we do. Identifying, recruiting, training, and campaigning for Republican candidates are all monumental jobs in themselves.  They are vitally important, not only for building our Party, but also for promoting accountability among the Democrats. Organizing and staffing the polls during early voting and on Election Day helps Republicans know they are not alone and gives many voters the courage to come out in liberal Montgomery County to vote Republican!


Alexander A. Bush, MCGOP Chair

"Thank you for your support of the Montgomery County Republican Party"

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