April Chairman Message

Our local government continues on a far left trajectory, but they are hearing us and they do learn. Apparently they’ve learned that the term “Defund the Police” does not appeal to voters; that we want the SRO’s in public schools;  that we want our schools, restaurants and houses of worship open; that we want reasonable distribution of the Covid vaccine and that we want common sense in our local Government. You can see that they're afraid the local Council elections will remember their failed tactics in 2022.

April Mondays with MoCo

"Mondays with MoCo"



Monday, April 12th  7:30PM


McKenzie Allen is the Executive Director of the Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools. A former public-school educator, Teach for America alumni, and education policy expert, she has a BA from Purdue University in elementary education, a MA from The George Washington University in political management, and an MBA Certificate from Michigan State University in strategic business. McKenzie has worked for the past 10 years in education policy and advocacy for charter schools, political campaigns, Leadership for Educational Equity, Association of American Educators, and the Office of Maryland State Senate President Ferguson. 

Calling All Volunteers

An unprecedented twelve new volunteers participated in the March 2021 MCGOP Volunteer Orientation. 

"We've never seen numbers this big - even before the Pandemic!," said long-time presenter Dan Cuda from LD15.

Want to Hear a Joke?

"Why did the Republican get a sunburn? ...Because the sunscreen instructions were to apply liberally and she was unwilling to compromise!"

Do you have some pleasant and funny Republican humor? Send it to [email protected] If we use it you'll get an MCGOP T-Shirt, suitable to wear to any restaurant that serves Republicans.

Great Republican Leaders


Ann modestly reported that she had little to say about her personal experiences.  I beg to disagree with this most interesting member of the Central Committee.   Ann traveled the world prior to her marriage.  

She had four careers, all involved in a variety of ways working with conservatives celebrating our cultural heritage and engaging in the culture wars.  She retired from the federal government in 2009.

We Need Your Help Today

Why is Montgomery County important to the GOP? And why should you donate to support our mission?

MoCo to Open Mass Vaccination Site

Montgomery County will have a new mass vaccination site to distribute large quantities of COVID-19 vaccinations at the Germantown campus of Montgomery College starting the week of April 5. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the establishment of the site on March 23.

Advance Notice May Mondays with MoCo

Advance notice of May Mondays With MoCo Zoom Seminar - May 10, 7:30PM - "Educational Quotas - The Real Racism Against Asian Americans"

Montgomery County Council Seeks Applicants for Three Seats on Public Election Fund Committee

ROCKVILLE, Md., March 24, 2021—The Montgomery County Council is seeking applicants to fill a partial term on the Public Election Fund Committee and to fill two news seats. Letters of interest must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, April 12, 2021.

Looking for Candidates

Are you a leader in your community, a civic activist, PTA member or citizen concerned about the future of Montgomery County?  We are seeking knowledgeable and experienced individuals willing to commit some time to improving the lives of all county residents. There are a variety of leadership positions available.  Both partisan and non-partisan local government and board offices, state and county offices that may be just right for you. Email us at [email protected]Thanks, we'd like to hear from you!

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