2023 Summer Soiree

The Montgomery County Republican Party’s

2023 Summer Soiree

“Defending Freedom”

Saturday June 24, 6 - 8 PM

Freedom of Speech and Religion

Gene Schaerr, Attorney and former Clerk for Justices Burger, Scalia and Judge Ken Starr


Standing and Celebrating Liberty

Nancy Schulze. Founder Republican Congressional Wives Speakers


Wonderful summer buffet from our local, patriotic Mission Barbecue

$75 Per person

$100 per person day of event

$125 per Couple


$100 Patriot Sponsor Soiree plus listing as Sponsor

$1,000 Defending Freedom Sponsor 2 Soiree tickets and Major Sponsorship notice

$2,000 RED WAVE Sponsor 4 Soiree tickets and Thanks from the Chairman at the Event

In association with the Montgomery County Young Republicans, The Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club, The Potomac Women’s Republican Club, The Upper Montgomery Women’s Republican Club and the Rural Women’s Republican Club.


Peter Huessy was elected and sworn in as a new Member of the Maryland Republican Central Committee from Montgomery County at the May meeting last week in Rockville. Mr. Huessy is from Potomac. Chairman Del Lamiman administered the oath of office.

Looting the Bethesda CVS

Looting the Bethesda CVS

If you Defund, Disrespect and Devalue the Police. If you excuse crimes and send a signal of entitlement without consequences. If your schools teach "social activism" instead of social responsibility you reap a whirlwind of unrest. Check out this video of the looting of a CVS Store in Bethesda.

Tell Marc Elrich to support the police and put an end to crime and lawlessness.

Tell us what you think at [email protected]

MoCo Crime Beat 5-15

By Amalia Chua Halikias
As the weather heats up, we're staring down the barrel of the impending Crime Season. Statistics show that both household property crimes and violent crimes significantly increase in the summer.
That's a trend already visible with the uptick in thefts of and from vehicles — these thefts have soared in April and thus far in May compared to prior months. The question is whether violent crime will follow suit. 
In addition to a spate of armed carjackings, here are some recent highlights: 

Great Republican Stephen Moore

Cut taxes, Unleash prosperity!

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

As County Executive Elrich and the County Council burden residents and businesses with tax increases, we celebrate tax cut crusader and economist, Stephen Moore, a Montgomery County Republican. Steve Moore advocates for a better method to increase tax revenue - reduce tax rates to unleash prosperity so businesses can create jobs and economic vitality.

Steve Moore is well known nationally as an economist, writer, television commentator and conservative organizer. He is a happy warrior who communicates often with humor. Recently his “Patriotic Millionaires Press Conference” went viral on Twitter as he pointed out the hypocrisy of “tax and spend” Democrats in Congress. See the video HERE>

Moore was influenced early in his career by Julian Simon,

Help Us to Register Voters

Your friends, neighbors and the Republican Party encourage you to become official Voter Registrars so you can personally help people register to vote and you can send in the registration form. This will help us Get Out The Vote in the next election.

If you would like to participate, please follow these steps:

1. Send an RSVP to [email protected] by May 19
We will send information about the group session scheduled for June 3 (11am-12pm) to review the training (see link below), sign Affidavits to be Voter Registration Volunteers, and receive Voter Registrar Volunteer Cards

2.  Take the online training HERE> 
Thanks for helping to advance Democracy!

Please Sir, May I Have Another! Part Trois! “Le Trifecta de Whammy”



Kevin, Kevin, Kevin!

Kevin is getting tired of receiving his initiation rites to live in Montgomery County! Aren’t You?

Last week, the Council voted in BIG INCREASES in YOUR Transfer and Recordation Taxes.

Please see Part Deux of our series: “Please Sir, May I Have Another!”

Here is Part Trois—What are Impact Taxes and how did I get here?

County Executive Marc Elrich

We Stand With You

By Dennis Melby

Part of our American Experience is welcoming legal immigrants. So many are now Republican voters. And so many are confused. They often fled horrible circumstances in their home country-fleeing socialism, communism, one party dictatorship, failing schools, crime, poverty and perverse government policies.

And now many of them are perplexed – what are you doing to your own country, they say. Hatred based on skin color, gender, income, religion and so much more. It’s what we left and you’re encouraging that same hatred and division here.

We get the same stories from new Republicans from Africa, China, North Korea and throughout the Latino and Hispanic world. And we hear you. We’ll stand up for what’s right, what’s true and what’s good. And if we have to stand alone so be it,  …but that’s not the case. More and more folks are joining us and standing up to those who’d like to “reimagine America” out of existence.

Thanks for joining us and standing with us.

We stand with you.


Dennis Melby is the Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Maryland Republican Party and can be reached at [email protected]

More Crime in MoCo


MoCo Crime Beat
Throughout Montgomery County, the elevated rate of thefts from vehicles continues to pose a major problem. In the dozens of thefts reported in a one-week span, hardly any include suspect information. Thefts and attempted thefts of the cars themselves have also skyrocketed. Fourteen of these occurred in the 4th District (Wheaton) alone. 

The number of reported residential robberies also appears to be rising, with three taking place in Silver Spring between April 23 and April 29.
Some recent highlights:

Please Sir, May I have Another; Part Deux !

What Marc Elrich, “Senator” Will Jawando and Kristin Mink, will cost you in CASH when you buy a home.

Can’t get enough of Kevin Bacon? Neither can we. But wait, there’s more!

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