2020 Election Results

Call The Election Now!

There’s a process for electing President, and here in Maryland we’re sticking to it. It’s not complicated and it’s spelled out.

You get to vote for whomever you want. Then your vote is counted by the State. After they’re tabulated and reported by the State, parties can mount challenges in State Courts and then Federal Courts, perhaps even the Supreme Court. You can cite irregularities, mischief and allegations of fraud, etc. In this election both sides made it clear they were prepared to do that. Those cases will rise or fall on their merits. After that the State certifies the results and alerts the chosen Electors for that party to meet in December in Annapolis to vote for the winning candidate. Those votes are then sent to Washington, counted by the Senators and Representatives under the direction of the Vice President. With the result announced then the President is chosen and sworn in in January.

You noticed that FOX or CNN was not included in that process? That’s right. While TV anchors can crow and folks can demonstrate in the streets it doesn’t change the election, we follow the law and the Constitution. We’re doing that now. I know many find it messy, even disconcerting but the system will play out and we indeed will have a winner when the time is right.

I have faith in the Constitution, faith in the process and support the will of the people to count every legal vote. I know you do too and look forward to a final outcome we can all have confidence in. Stay tuned.


Reimaging Public Safety

In the last election while there was no great blue wave the way the pollsters were hoping for, but it doesn't mean that Montgomery County is not a far-left beacon.

Here voters chose to go with the recommendations of the left and gave the county authority to raise taxes and increase the size and expense of government.

One example is the push to Defund Police and Reimagine Public Safety. Because of a lack of support by politicians cops are leaving the force in droves in many areas, leaving their citizens vulnerable to crime and unrest. There's even a push to remove School Resource Officers, cops in schools to protect students and staff from violence.

In that vein the county government is pushing a survey. They'd like your comments. Here's the survey, take it by November 14 and be as honest as you can. To open the survey CLICK HERE. If you think the police funds should be taken from them and given to social service agencies here's your chance to weigh in. I know my answer....NO.


Safely Returning Students to the Classroom

In Maryland and in Montgomery County many folks want their kids to return to in-person learning as soon as it's safe. There are costs to in-person and costs to screen-only learning.

The MCGOP Headquarters has yard signs if you'd like to weigh in on the subject.





DC Marches for TRUMP this weekend

This Saturday November 14 there are two rallies supporting President Trump. Both in DC, 7 AM and Noon. 

The Million Maga March starts at 7 AM and The TRUMP March starts at Noon.  Click the title for the details.




Our Toys for Tots Drive

We are in the process of planning our annual MCGOP Toys for Tots Campaign. Our target date is December 6th subject to Montgomery County health regulations  More to follow.


Thanks For Your Support

We so much appreciate your support for the Republican party and the causes we uphold. At the grassroots volunteer level it's particularly gratifying that so many folks have stepped up with donations during 2020, our year of the pandemic. We truly appreciate it.

Final 2020 Pre Election

Choose Our Leaders, Vote, Vote, Vote!

Democracy, freedom, prosperity, and safety. It’s all on the ballot. Maryland is open and waiting for your vote – every day until 8 PM November 3. Make your voice count. In this general election, this federal election, your country needs your authority to choose leaders in the White House and Congress, Judges and important questions. Here’s another copy of our Advisory Ballot. It's who and what we support!

Where To Vote

Republicans are Active!

Do Me A Favor…

The last day of elections is Tuesday, November 3. If you have a Trump yard sign please take it to your closest polling site Tuesday and place it as a friendly reminder of our support. I’ll tell you why.

Some of the folks on the far left have been stealing our signs for some time. The ones in our neighbors yards disappear at night, and the ones we put up at early voting polling places the same. It’s certainly not all the Democrats, but enough of the “peaceful protestors” are not that friendly to different views – and seek to stifle ideas and opinions that they don’t hold. It’s happening all over the State.

Many signs are torn down, defaced and broken, but most just taken. There’s been a steady line at Headquarters of folks replacing their signs. leaving us very few for election day. We’ve told them for a while to take them in at night and install them again in the morning – that seems to work. Obviously we can’t do that at the voting sites. So that morning, the polls open at 7 AM, just drive by and put up the sign (in a friendly manner, not in front of anyone else’s material). It’ll be a great way to show your support. We’ve distributed thousands of signs but it’s been hard to keep up with the theft.

Thanks for your support, on to victory election night.


Check your ballot

If you vote in person and choose to use the electronic ballot please make sure you check at the end to see your choice has been made correctly. Several people have said they voted Trump but checked the paper printout right before depositing it and it says Biden. Voters from several different sites have reported the same experience, told the judge and adjusted the ballot prior to finally casting it. Just make sure one last time it marks it correctly. The Board of Elections is monitoring the situation. 


We're working hard for you.

We keep printing more Sample Ballots. We've distributed over 35,000...and may need more. A couple of polling places ran low and we were able to replenish quickly. It’s remarkable the talent we have, with so many going beyond what’s expected. Door knocking, telephoning, texting, working the polls, literature handouts, in person greeting, working the office, delivering signs and material, contributions and support, the list goes on and on. 

The folks from the Board of Elections have been remarkable, with quick answers and efforts to look into issues. I know this change is daunting, but going pretty well – like all of 2020 it’s the first time doing things this way, less sites and a huge amount of absentee ballots.

Yes, you can still volunteer to hand out literature at the polls, call MCGOP at 301-417-9256 to leave a message. This weekend continues to be busy with Pennsylvania bound folks, a beltway car caravan and continued voting. We’re committed to the reelection of the President, the passage of 9D for fairer representation, a new Republican Congressman and the reelection of the professional sitting judges. We’ll accomplish it all, and that’s the best type of victory.

I’m so glad to be with such a group of passionate, loyal and hard-working Republicans. Thank you for all you do. Get ready for our major push next Tuesday – and look forward to our well won resulting victory!

Remember the pundits predictions in 2016? They were all wrong. Do you think the same will happen this year?

We want to hear from you. Email


October Letter from the Chairman

Although election day is November 3, we Marylanders have been voting for some time. With absentee/mail in ballots and early voting the bulk of the choices will be cast before the first Tuesday in November.

We have real choices for all the contests, and this is a crucial election for us all. Supporters and detractors alike describe Donald Trump as “a bull in a china shop!” He’s led the United States through a turbulent time, forging a strong economy for every sector of society…only to have a pandemic arrive from a distant shore that required an almost total shutdown of the country until we understood what was happening.  For America, for a return to prosperity and safety we choose Trump and the Republican Party.

This election has been like few others. After a year of drama and civil unrest we crave normalcy, public safety, and prosperity. Respect and civility are in short supply – the social media is not very sociable right now, and many citizens don’t feel valued by society as equals for their contributions and history.  The status quo is not acceptable; indeed, we can always do better, this is America.

So, let’s try. Dignity and respect. Differences sure, but we are so much more alike than we are different. Indeed, Montgomery County is one of the most unique places on the planet, and we should honor each other’s strengths and achievements while we work to make our shared home a model for the rest of the nation.

Thanks for taking our society and our government so seriously. Thanks for voting, for making your voice heard and striving to make Montgomery County, Maryland, and the United States of America a shining place for the rest of the world.

Are you with us? Write to

October Campaigning

Neil Parrott Campaigning

Sharon Bauer, president of the Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women, and Eva Gao door knocked for Neil Parrott. Neil is running to unseat David Trone in Congressional District 6.

To volunteer to sign wave, door knock, address envelopes or campaign text Sandy Tuttle at 301-919-7277.


9D Flash Mobs

Folks from the entire community, Republicans, Independents and Democrats are pushing for fair representation in this million-plus county.

With a new twist on an old theme, Nine Districts for MoCo “Flash Mobs” popped up at key intersections throughout the county during September and October to urge citizens to vote for Question D and against Question C.   Hundreds of volunteers were buoyed as drivers waved, honked and gave thumbs-up

Congressional Candidates Forum

Virtual Political Forum, CD 6 & 8 Races

The incumbent House members from Congressional Districts 6 and 8 and their Republican challengers will appear remotely at a virtual Political Forum sponsored by the Men's Club and Sisterhood of B'nai Israel Congregation in Rockville. It will run from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 18.

Here is the schedule:

  • 10:30: Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-8th District)
  • 11:00:  Aerospace Engineer Gregory Coll, Republican challenger in the 8th District
  • 11:30:  Del. Neil Parrott, Republican challenger in the 6th District
  • 12:00:  Rep. David Trone (D-6th District)

Registration is required at: gj5FTeanUHXULsNyf.  You then will be sent a Zoom link for the event. 

Each candidate will have about 30 minutes to answer questions submitted by the audience.  The event is open to members of the congregation and the community.

Headquarters for Signs

To volunteer for campaigning, distribute literature at the polls, pick up a sign or make a much welcome donation contact Brad Botwin, our MCGOP Republican Organization Chairman at either 240-447-1884 or

Ask about our humongous TRUMP signs, 4 X 8 feet - so big you need a truck! They're HUGE!

We need Republicans to work the polls distributing literature for early voting and Nov 3. Can you do it? Call and volunteer.

MCGOP, 15833 Crabbs Branch Road, Rockville, MD 20855.  (O)301-417-9256   Office Election hours Monday through Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM. Off hours call for an appointment.

Losing your TRUMP signs at night? So are a lot of folks, just take them in and put them out again the next day. (That way your neighbors will have to get their own!)

Republicans October 2020

Electoral College member Ruth Melson honored

Republicans turn out at Walter Reed




Editorials October 2020


By Anne Koutsoutis


By Hessie Harris


By William Richbourg

Chairman's Message 9-11

I don’t remember when political violence was part of the social landscape in America. Ballots not bullets was always the theme for our democracy. A change like that should give us all pause.

When the President gave his speech last month at the White House accepting the nomination of his party for re-election, many local Republicans were invited to attend. Certainly the elected delegates from DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery had a great turnout.

There was some concern during the speech, but as the attendees left they were told there were exits unavailable because of crowds, and to be careful on the streets.  As you might have seen on the evening news there was mayhem.  Just a few miles from Montgomery County in our Nation’s Capitol people were attacked, threatened and spit on because of their political beliefs. Republicans, and many non-Republican guests were called names, intimidated and shoved. Women called the B-word, threatened with harm and sexual assault, and worse. Senators, Congress members, the handicapped and elderly were all set upon.

Several groups were protected by the few police and security folks available, and the black officers and attendees were specially targeted by this crowd of “peaceful protesters” from BLM and Antifa. Many were called the N-word, punched, objects thrown at them to injure them. The term “you’re a traitor to your race” was used. What irony. On these same streets over 150 years ago that term was yelled at the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln, just yards away by those in the pro-slavery party. Yes, the streets were cobblestone, the Willard Hotel was where it is today – but the mob was on a different side.

We’ve always taken for granted that we’d be able to participate in our political events without fear. When Barack Obama was our President he had many great State Dinners. Imagine if his guests had been assaulted on the streets outside the White House when they left, by people who disagreed with his politics? We certainly would have denounced it—although perhaps here in Montgomery County we’d just tolerate it and call it “Re-imagining peaceful protest”.

Many of our neighbors, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, don’t like the way social discourse is going. I talk to so many new Americans, immigrants who’ve come here for all that America has to offer, and they are aghast.  Time after time they tell me “This is what I left. Don’t you know what comes next? I’ve seen it.”

If you don't remember 9-11 I'm sure you studied it. After we were attacked America came together. 3,000 people died, all creeds, sexes and colors. Our first responders, the police and firefighters died too, yet deliberately went into the flames to rescue everyone they could find. In the flames and smoke it was hard to see the sex or race of either the victim or the rescuer, because it did not matter. They all worked together, as Americans do in trying to preserve our precious human lives.

It seems like so long ago. Yet if we did it once we can do it again. Change here comes through democracy. A campaign and then a vote. Let’s not reward hate speech and actions to politically intimidate our neighbors. We’re better than that.

Send me your comments to

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Now that the Conventions are over the real campaigning begins. Do you want to volunteer?

  • Display yard signs 
  • Hand out election literature at the polls
  • Make phone calls
  • Work at Headquarters
  • Go door-to-door (canvassing) 
  • Attend Zoom training classes 
  • Help on specific Congressional and other campaigns
  • Help with social media 

Contact Brad Botwin, at 240-447-1884 or

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Yes, we have them at the office. And getting more every day. Contact Brad Botwin to coordinate a time to pick-up. 240-447-1884 or  

Don’t be intimidated by your liberal neighbors. Show your support for President Trump, our GOP Congressional candidates, judges and ballot question initiatives. Display a sign proudly in your yard.

Know who you vote for

It's important to know who represents you and who you can vote for. With political gerrymandering the house across the street might have a different Congressman.

Click here to find what District you're in!

Vote YES for Question D

Volunteer for the Parrott Campaign






Sign waving is fun and great for social distancing. Call or text Sandy Tuttle at 301-919-7277 or Shaohanah at 320-321-3458. Help defeat David Trone.

Headquarters looks like Campaign Time!

Want to get Trained to Call for Trump?

If you want to get involved by making phone calls for the Trump campaign, click here.


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