Not One Democrat Stood Up

Not one elected Democrat on the Federal, State or County level has stood up and supported our citizens who are asking for their kids' freedom from sexualized content in "storybooks" taught by union teachers in the MC public schools.

Not one.

American citizens, newly immigrated or here for generations, are disappointed that the 7 women who make up the all-Democrat Montgomery County Board of Education won't honor the parents' religious right to opt-out their kids from sexualized education in the public elementary schools. Asian, African, European, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and others are denigrated by the all-Democrat political establishment in Montgomery County. One Councilmember uses degrading terms like "White Supremacists" and "Zionist Jews" to describe those who disagree with her.

"It's not about being anti-gay" said one mother. "It's about reading and talking about sex to my little kids without my knowledge or consent!"

Watch this video of their most recent plea at the Board of Education. We're sure you'll see someone who looks like you demonstrating their disappointment at the way the School Board's all Democrat members - as well as all the elected local and state Democrats, ignore their pleas to stop the public schools from using sexual content "storybooks" to sway their kids and turn them against the religious and moral teachings of their parents and grandparents.

NOT ONE elected Democrat has come to their defense or backed their viewpoint. They expected so much more from this land of democracy that they live in.

Not one.

Perhaps they should ask Terry McAuliffe of Virginia if he's changed his mind about whether Parents and Guardians should have a say in their kids' education. Governor Glenn Youngkin knows the answer.

The Republican Party of Montgomery County, Maryland

Most of these parents are Democrats, yet they're being either ignored or insulted by their own elected representatives. Tell us what you think at [email protected]

From our August Breakfast With Friends!

The Republican Breakfast Club

We had a great August Republican Breakfast in Rockville with Congressional candidates Heath Barnes and Tom Royals, and discussion by Vice Chair Dennis Melby. It's great to meet so many non-WOKE folk in one room!

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Moms for Liberty Montgomery Chapter Chair Lindsey Smith spoke at the August Young Republican Mass Rally to protect kids in Montgomery County Public Schools

A packed house and filming by FOX 5 greeted the August meeting of the Montgomery County Young Republicans in Rockville.


Meeting will take place in September

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While we toughed out the July heat, temperatures continue to rise in our communities due to policy decisions being made by County Executive Marc Elrich, the County Council and the Board of Education.

Here are a few of the HOT topics:

Property tax increase effective July 1. Despite complaints from residents, Realtors and business owners, the 4.7% increase was approved - and then we were told how much money residents saved since it wasn’t the 10% increase proposed by the County Executive Marc Elrich! We have voiced concern about the excessive budget spending, the lack of fiscal discipline and how we will hear the same story again next year about a budget deficit. MCGOP opposed the property tax increase, double digit recordation tax increase and a huge increase in impact taxes.

School Board Denies Parents Rights. The MCPS Board of Education is not allowing parents to opt their children out of classes and books relating to sexuality and gender. There have been three rallies to protest this decision and MCGOP has been there to support the parents.  

Rising Crime. Residents are becoming increasingly concerned about vandalism, assaults, car jackings and shoplifting---much of which is committed by young teens. How can this get turned around with the soft-on-crime laws enacted at the state level and a reduced police force in our county? We must all continue to speak up (call, write and show up at hearings). MCGOP “Backs the Blue” and continues to push for policies that help law enforcement do their job.

Road Diet “Driving” Motorists Mad. The road diet includes converting car lanes to bike lanes. If you have driven down Old Georgetown Road or through downtown Silver Spring, you experience what the road diet has done for the motorist--frustration, confusion and traffic jams during rush hour. MCGOP ran ads in MoCo 360 and on social media to put the spotlight on $80M in the county budget for bike lanes.

Taxpaying residents are frustrated and that is reflected in our declining population (even after counting the illegal migrants arriving). The direction of this county needs to change. We ask for your support so we can continue to push back and fight for common sense policies and a sustainable direction for MoCo.  Please donate now and let us know if you will volunteer.  

With Gratitude

MCGOP Finance Chair

Contact me at: [email protected]

Thanking The Democrats

We received so many comments after last week’s newsletter on A World with No Republicans. Frankly the notes were surprising, most from registered Democrats who wanted to make sure that there was a moderate choice out there for them to make. Many almost apologized, but felt they had to maintain their Democratic registration simply because of the overwhelming registration in the community and a fear that elected officials might withhold support from non-Democrat voters.

We understand.

It’s hard to look at what the politicians on the extreme left are saying and doing and not be chagrined. On high taxes, on more expensive energy, on school policies, on defunding cops, on crime and theft, exposing little kids to drag performers in public libraries and so much more, they’re not considering the wishes of the common person on the street, only the elite liberals from Takoma Park.

Thanks for writing, keep it up. We understand that in your school, in your neighborhood, in your government job it’s hard to tell folks what you truly believe. They often respond with vengeance.

We’re here for you. We’re here to stand up to bullies in power - with common sense. And yes, we won’t out you. We’ve seen the anti-religious and racists comments by Councilwoman Kristen Mink about folks she disagrees with. We’ve seen the virulent anti-cop rhetoric of Councilman Will Jawando, the defund the police budgets of County Executive Marc Elrich, and the anti-religion and anti-family values talk of the school board. Add to that the fact that the press gives them the microphone and the bully pulpit.

Thanks for your support, it's good to know you’re out there.


Watch the Miss Them Yet? video here.

Read last week's editorial here.

Tell us what you think at [email protected]


Great Republican Mike Gonzalez

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

This month we celebrate Mike Gonzalez, a Montgomery County Conservative and nationally recognized writer and public speaker on critical race theory, identity politics, diversity, and multiculturalism.  As a youth in Cuba and later as an international journalist in Asia, Latin America, and Europe he witnessed the impact of Marxism and Fascism in destroying trust in government.  He sees the United States under the same threat and is committed to exposing it as a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, in his books and in articles that appear often in the Restoring America section of the Washington Examiner.   

Gonzalez writes as a former journalist with facts and context on topics few others are willing to touch.  In his most recent book, "BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution"  he exposes how the George Floyd riots were not spontaneous.  It took organizational muscle and ideological commitment built over the years to mobilize some 12,000 demonstrators and 633 related riots.  His book examines BLM’s leaders, delving into their backgrounds and exposing their agendas – something the media has refused to do. He exposes them as avowed Marxists who say they want to dismantle our way of life.

August 1 Was National Night Out

Bonnie Glick and Republican Committeeman Paul Foldi joined officers and the community in celebrating National Night Out in Bethesda, bringing cops and the community together to create safer neighborhoods.

Montgomery County Republican Party