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Freedom of Discussion

By Anne Koutsoutis

One of America’s greatest achievements has been the maintaining of political freedom and government by discussion. The roots of this achievement go back to Europe, especially England, but the United States has successfully adopted and added to this heritage of liberty.  At its best, the American political system makes it possible to use public discussion and free expression as a means of education, finding the answers to new and difficult questions, and avoiding any anti-libertarian movement that might seize power in moments of panic.  At times seemingly wasteful and slow-moving, democracy has always held within itself the possibility of growth, and this growth has been made possible because of free speech.

In the age of big government, censorship by big tech, a biased media and cancel culture, freedom of thought and discussion is difficult to maintain, but it must be maintained. There is no guarantee that the right answers will be found at the right time. It is, however, the best hope for continued American progress. Open debate plus constructive listening and criticism is the key to maintaining a free society. The simple fact is that censoring speech is a recipe for illiberalism and regression. That is, and always has been, the reactionary way.

The so-called “tolerant” left, which preaches acceptance and understanding toward all people regardless of race, gender, and religion, is not so tolerant when it comes to our free speech and political affiliations. This is a toxic sentiment that seeks to tear down our country symbolically and literally. 

In “The Friends of Voltaire,” published in 1906, Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote the phrase: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.” 

Today, there is much work that needs to be done. We must be willing to point out the hypocrisy and discrepancy that runs rampant in the left’s ideology. It is only through conversation, not cancellation, that we will be able to expose the left’s hypocrisy, unify America and restore American patriotism.

Now, let us get to work.

Anne Koutsoutis, First Vice Chair, MCGOP, President, CCWRC

Communist Brainwashing and CRT

Roots of Critical Race Theory

I am sure that many of you recall that during the Korean War hundreds of American Servicemen who had been captured and held by Chinese communists in North Korea and China. After the Armistice most were returned to the United States. Considerable efforts were made to investigate the experiences of these men in order to obtain a full understanding of the tactics and techniques employed by the communist captors.

Three years after the end of the conflict, a report was released which focused primarily on Chinese efforts to obtain “false confessions” from the American prisoners, of which approximately 50% complied. These confessions were obtained, not by physical torture which most of the prisoners feared, but by the manipulation of the beliefs, statements, and conduct of the prisoners.  Why did the Chinese want these false confessions? Because, over time the repetition of false confessions actually convinced the prisoners that they were actually guilty,  and this over time, bred self-loathing and self-resentment. In the end the captives were turned into compliant pawns. 

The Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949 established standards of international law for the humanitarian treatment of combatants during war expressly prohibited any form of  “coercion to secure information, etc. and went even further to state that POWs who “refuse to answer… may not be threatened, insulted, or exposed to any unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind.”

Isn’t it curious that in the United States today, we do not hold ourselves to a similar standard of conduct toward even our own citizens but abuse them in ways prohibited by international law.  Partisan hacks and Leftist ideologues use threats, insults, and unpleasant treatment of American citizens who happen to believe, think, speak and act in ways that do not comport with the standards of the Left.

The truth of the matter is that there is an entire industry in the US that is paid to employ these same coercive and manipulative tactics against the American people. That is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry  which is apparently seeking to actively shape compliance of American citizens, including federal employees and members of the armed forces. It is said that this industry is one of the greatest threats facing Americans today because it is steeped in critical race theory, a dangerous and divisive Marxist based philosophy.

Why are taxpayers funding this industry?  Why do we allow that industry to thrive? Why aren’t our leaders in the Executive Branch, in Congress, and in the military standing up against this? How is it that we have become so compliant so quickly?  Why is it that our news media talks incessantly about things such as transgender bathrooms or Confederate statues. Why is it that our education system focuses on wokeness  racism, transgender bathrooms, and wrecking women’s sports to the detriment of actual learning? Nothing like this is heard in China as it strengthens it position as the world’s leading power. The Chinese don’t make the mistake of constant haggling about identity politics. They know it is a waste of time and are likely instigating brainwashing efforts to turn Americans into “compliant pawns”. 

When are we going to demand the press, and our politicians focus on things that are not a waste of time?


William Richbourg is a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.



Looking for Candidates July Draft

Are you a leader in your community, a civic activist, PTA member or citizen concerned about the future of Montgomery County?

We are seeking knowledgeable and experienced individuals willing to work toward improving the lives of all county residents. There are a variety of leadership positions available on the state and county levels that may be just right for you.

The Republican central committee is hosting a series of candidate orientations about the operations and issues before the Montgomery county government for potential candidates. The first session held on May 23 brought together two dozen Republicans with county experts. Those interested in discussing opportunities should contact [email protected].

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MCGOP is looking for experienced computer and technology savvy Republicans to help support our growth and outreach to the voters in Montgomery County. The successful candidate will be a professional team player with a "can do" attitude and have exceptional English reading, writing and grammar skills, internet and computer skills, organizational abilities, availability of 6 hours per week and be reliable. Responsibilities include design, writing, video production, posting and tweeting in support of MCGOP initiatives. This is the non-compensated volunteer opportunity to get in on the growth of the party and the start of bringing common sense back to Montgomery County.  Please contact: [email protected]

Maryland Republican Convention

It is good to see so many Old Friends: a look back at the Spring MDGOP Convention

The members of the Maryland State Central Committee gathered a couple of weeks ago in lovely Hanover, Maryland the Live Casino and Hotel.  Governor Bob Ehrlich kicked off the festivities Friday night with VIP Reception celebrating the release of the Gov’s fifth book.  There were over one hundred people in in attendance for the Friday night affair.  After the reception Maryland Republicans cut loose at Nicolee Ambrose’s karaoke party.  Corine Frank, MDGOP Executive director got things kicked off with her rendition of the 1983 Journey Classic Separate Ways, not to be overshadowed but the showstopper of the evening had to be the the Duet of Del. Metzgar and Del. Thaim, recreating the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s Ebony and Ivory.  Perhaps we will have the Singing Delegates perform at our next MDGOP Convention much like the Singing Senator. 

As much fun the MDGOP Convention we do gather to conduct serious business.  We had several bylaw amendments passed by the central committee.   MDGOP passed several key bylaws changes on being in heaven forbid another lockdown where we can’t gather in person, we will be able to now do a virtual convention.  Our last virtual convention was made possible by a rule change by the Republican National Committee.  In addition, now counties that don’t have provisions on filling vacancies, after 90 days the Chairman can make the appointment, however in counties like ours we have a process in place, so for us nothing has changed.  

Convention adjourned early and we accomplished much.  We will do it all over again in October in Western Maryland at Rocky Gap, not only will we see the changing of the colors, but we will also have another opportunity to see our friends from around the state.  Also photos from our convention can be viewed at 


Dwight Patel is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee and Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party Technology Committee.

Volunteers Needed for MCGOP Booth at County Fair

Volunteers Needed for MCGOP Booth - Montgomery County Ag Fair - August 13-21

Many supporters have been contacting MCGOP HQ asking about opportunities to volunteer their time to publicly promote our conservative issues and candidates. Your time has arrived, so mark your calendars!  The MCGOP will be hosting a "Welcome Center Booth" at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair (MCAF) in Gaithersburg, August 13 - 21.  We will be distributing MCGOP issue flyers, candidate literature and treats, signing up new members and taking donations, registering new voters, as well as answering questions on key issues (with our help) and why we are proud to be Republicans!  
The MCAF is open from 10AM thru late evening, so we will require numerous volunteers to handle morning, afternoon and evening shifts. We will soon be posting a "Signup Genius" link on website where you can select the days and hours which fits your unique schedule. Help the MCGOP make this a successful event and enjoy the MCAF while you are there! For questions or information about how to volunteer contact Martha Schaeer at [email protected]

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