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Maryland’s Education Debate: Blank Check vs Accountability

By Mark Uncapher State spending for public education under Governor Larry Hogan has reached a record $5.8 billion, fully funded previously adopted distribution formulas. Maryland’s average spending per pupil now totals over $15,000. Record funding, however, far from satisfies the Maryland State Education Association, the state’s primary teacher union. MSEA and their political allies insist that our state and counties both write even bigger checks, but also accept even less accountability for performance.

Brian Frosh’s Terrible Record on Combating Sexual Violence

By Mark Uncapher Democratic New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was forced to resign earlier this year when his acts of violence against four of his romantic partners became public.[1] The women said that Schneiderman had repeatedly choked, hit or violently slapped them, all without their consent. Since President Trump’s inauguration, Schneiderman has filed scores of lawsuits and administrative actions against the Administration.[2]  Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge, chairwoman of the Republican Attorneys General Association, called Schneiderman the “ringleader” of anti-Trump activist AGs fighting the president in the courts.  

Letter to the Editor: Just Cause Evictions Ill-Advised

By Harvey Jacobs Candidate for State Delegate, District 15 We are writing in response to the Local Opinions Dated August 19, 2018 entitled “Landlords in Montgomery should have to give just cause for evictions” by Matthew Losak. The legislation Mr. Losak refers to (House Bill 995) was withdrawn by the Montgomery County Delegation last March as an Ill-advised usurpation of private property rights, among other deficiencies.  This bill, sponsored by the all-Democrat Montgomery County Delegation, would have prohibited landlords from non-renewing residential leases, absent a showing in court of “Just Cause.” The bill enumerated 11 vague circumstances that would constitute “Just Cause,” allowing a landlord to either evict or refuse to renew a lease at the end of its stated term. 

My Political Life

By Patricia Fenati Candidate for State Delegate in District 14 It was not typical for a woman to major in math in the 1960s, nor was it typical for a woman to serve president of the student body at a co-ed college. But there I was, the first female Student Government President at Jacksonville University graduating with a BS in Mathematics … And there I was again in New York City, working in the burgeoning computer industry, where I was usually one of only a handful of women in the room. But I loved what I was doing, which throughout my career included programming, consulting, sales, teaching and network simulation for large businesses, military and government agencies.

Dr. Politics: What You Need to Know About Events

By Dwight Patel Just because you send out an email to 1,000 people about your fundraiser doesn’t mean they will actually show up.  In this issue of Dr. Politics, we’ll do a recap on the topic of Events. When you’re having a fundraiser, you need to do a couple of things in the era of modern campaigning.  One is to send out email invitations to prospective attendees. But don’t stop there.  Take your event to the next level by creating a FB event and inviting your FB friends.  You aren’t done yet – Just keep going.  You’ll tweet out your event to your followers as well and have them re-tweet your event.  Contact your party organization to email your invitation to their lists in your district. 

Sometimes It Takes a Mom

By Martha Schaerr Candidate for State Delegate, District 19 In raising seven children, I’ve thought about principles and have created rules that Annapolis needs to apply to make government work better for everyone.  I’m running to help Annapolis—and especially Governor Hogan—move Maryland in that direction. One of these principles is fairness.  Our family rule that “the person who cuts the pie gets the last piece” prompted very careful cutting and equal-sized pieces.  In Annapolis, however, a few pie-eaters cut and choose their pieces first.   

Governor Hogan in Poolesville Day Parade on Saturday, 9/15

Poolseville Day Saturday September 15 th Governor Hogan will be participating Join Us in the Parade !  Sign Up Here     Other Republican candidates will participate. Volunteers are needed.

Ben Jealous Has Finally Jumped the Shark with his Sales Tax Proposal

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman Those with a good political memory will recall Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s claim that: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."    The comment captured in amber a politician’s cynicism in trying to evade the truth and in trying to have it both ways on an issue. 

Grand Opening of the Montgomery County Hogan Campaign Offices

Tuesday - September 25 -Please Arrive by 5:00 pm Join Governor Hogan at the MoCo Campaign Office Grand Opening In Bethesda Sign up to attend click here Refreshments will be provided

Labor Day Parade Pictures

Great fun at the 2018 Kensington and Labor Day Parades in Montgomery County See some of the photos from both parades here: Firefighters for Hogan


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