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In the Belly of the Beast, So You Don’t Have to be There

By Katie Holland GOP Precinct Coordinator, LD 20 During the past couple of weeks, requests have been flowing in for signs and literature about our Maryland Republican candidates. The Central Business District (CB2) in downtown Silver Spring may not come to mind as a repository for such information about this blue state’s Republican Party,

Bill Day, Candidate for House of Delegates from District 16, Wants to Bring Commonsense Solutions to Annapolis

As a father, husband, small business owner and attorney in Rockville. I often listen to concerns of parents about their children, healthcare, the quality of our schools, traffic gridlock and the increasing incivility in politics. My wife, Michele and I have three wonderful children who attend local schools and are active in sports.

Laurie Halverson’s Campaign for State Delegate in LD 15 is Focused on Common Sense Solutions for Maryland’s Problems

By Deborah Lambert Laurie Halverson’s campaign for State Delegate in LD 15 has increased voter awareness of how valuable her experience would be, especially in the field of education. (Her website at contains a detailed rundown of her experience and goals.)

It’s about Maryland, Stupid -- Craig Wolf Closes the Gap on Brian Frosh for Attorney General

By Mark Uncapher A new Gonzales Research poll in the past week has shown Republican candidate for Attorney General Craig Wolf closing in on Brian Frosh.  In less than a month, Wolf has slashed Brian Frosh’s lead by 23%.  When undecided voters are asked to make a choice, the difference between the candidates drops to just 6%.  Frosh is at 40% and Wolf at 34%.  

Dr. Politics – Do Not Engage

By Dwight Patel It’s getting close to Election Day, and that means another round of good-hearted volunteers bravely covering polls for Republicans all across the Great and Awesome State of Maryland. BTW, thank you Governor Hogan for putting the Great and adding the Awesome to the State of Maryland. 

Rule of Law, Not Mob Rule

By Gail Weiss With determination and some trepidation, I went to Capitol Hill this week to help lobby for Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. We thanked a number of senators, among them Lindsay Graham who along with Susan Collins, stood up to mob rule and rolled back the malicious tactics displayed by far-left Senate Democrats during this nomination process. Bravo to Senators Graham and Collins as well as McConnell and Grassley!

Are MoCo Republicans Angry Enough?

By Marc A. King, Candidate for House of Delegates, LD 15 The activities and actions of the past few weeks concerning the Kavanaugh nomination clearly reflect the ugly underbelly of politics and how the Dems will stop at nothing to regain power. There is nothing new in that general statement, since certain TV and radio pundits have been consistently making this observation to describe the actions and reactions to the attacks on Kavanaugh and his family.

2018 Sample Ballot

Vote for the Team Hogan 2018 Sample Ballot! Print out a copy of the Team Hogan Sample Ballot, please vote for Governor Hogan and these statewide and local candidates!  Share with your friends and family.  Please post/share on your social media accounts!

David Trone: The Swamp’s Candidate for Congressional District 6

By Mark Uncapher MCGOP Chairman Usually a repeated history of legal scrapes with both regulators and law enforcement effectively disqualifies a would-be candidate from running for public office.

Is Montgomery County a Hopeless Cause for Republicans?

By Dwight Patel Candidate for State Senate, District 20 I am a big believer in hopeless causes, I know the naysayers will go on about how Montgomery County is a hopeless cause for Republicans. But I have in my 46 years on this earth I have lived through many hopeless causes.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 12:00 PM
Normandie Farm in Potomac, MD

CCWRC October Luncheon

Join the Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club (CCWRC) in Potomac

Guest speakers: 

Karna Small Bodman, author of “Trust by Verify” a political thriller that takes place in the White House

And Jae Hwang, candidate for MoCo Sheriff who will make a brief presentation on MS13 gangs


Please RSVP to Susan Warren at (301) 493-6489  

Reservations are confirmed when you indicate your choice of entree (chicken tarragon salad OR sautéed tilapia) to Susan Warren

DO NOT MAIL CHECKS -- Payment will be made at the door by check written to CCWRC or cash ($38.00)

Cost to purchase book, TRUST BUT VERIFY is $20.00. (Cash or Check) paid to the author.  (NO CREDIT CARDS)


Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 05:30 PM
LD 18 Area

October 17 Door Knocking w/ Linda Willard

Join Us Door Knocking in LD 18 area!


We will be Door Knocking for Linda Willard (LD 18 State Delegate nominee), Governor Hogan and other GOP candidates

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 06:30 PM
Wyngate Elementary School in Bethesda, MD

October 17 Wyngate Citiz Assn candidate Meet&Greet


Candidates Meet & Greet potluck social

Bill Day LD 16 State Delegate Nominee will be participating

Hosted by Wyngate Citizens Association


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