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Have you been following the scandals in the Montgomery County Public Schools?

Suffice it to say that the same School Board that said "Trust Us" we won't let the schools sexualize your kids - apparently allowed a school principal to sexualize his teachers, staff and students for over a decade...and then promoted him!

"Trust us" doesn't cut it with MCPS.

While people are innocent until proven guilty and the allegations in a major paper like the "Democracy Dies in Darkness" Washington Post aren't always true, the story is so detailed with so many sources and specific complaints it's even caused the School Board and County government to take it seriously.

  • No wonder teachers and staff are afraid to speak out.
  • No wonder Parents are demonstrating by the hundreds regarding "opting out" their kids from "storybooks" about sex for K-5th graders.
  • No wonder STEM education takes a back seat to social activism at MCPS.

It is utterly amazing how the seven Democrat women who run the MC Board of Education and the Democrat woman and Prince Georges County resident who is the MCPS Superintendent neglect situations like this while pursuing political agendas. Do they care about educating our children at all?

We must pay attention to public education. Even if you don't have kids, it's where our citizenry comes from. Are we turning out great citizens supportive of each other, or kids who see themselves as confused victims with little or no skills who demand more from society than they provide?

2024 is a School Board election year,  stay informed.

Read a synopsis of the allegations in MoCo 360 here, and below.

Tell us what you think, or what experiences you have had with MCPS at [email protected]

Grab a Front Seat to the Election

To get the inside story - go to a top level insider! 

Who better to tell us than Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff, former Chair on the Republican National Committee and 2024 Chair of the Republican Convention Host Committee.

You want to know:

  • How will we take back the White House?
  • The Senate?
  • Expand our majority in Congress?
  • Capture mail-in ballots better than the Dems do?

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September Hispanic Heritage Month


The Democrats have recently engaged in some crazy behavior to court the Hispanic vote. They've made up an insulting term LATINX to use in their official communications, they've accused the overworked, largely Latino, border guards of racism and whipping migrants, and they've assumed opening our southern border would appeal to every Hispanic and Latino in America - whether here for generations or those who recently immigrated legally and have helped to build our great country. We've asked a number of our Members to write about the Latino community - here's a sampling.


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