The Republican Party of Montgomery County Maryland

Your Montgomery County Republican Party (MCGOP) is fighting to:

  • End One Party Rule in MoCo government. Currently, all elected MoCo officials -- County Executive, County Council and school board – are Democrats.  County government has become tone deaf to citizens, overspending, raising taxes and imposing local policies that hinder job growth in the county.  Frustrated county voters passed term limits for county elected offices in 2016 by a whopping 70%. Now it’s time to End One Party Rule, let’s elect Republicans to local county office!
  • Elect MoCo Republicans to the Maryland General Assembly.  The MoCo delegation to the Maryland General Assembly is all Democrats.  Last year, and in 2019 they are supporting state legislation that would make Maryland a Sanctuary State.  It remains to be seen if the MoCo delegation will support the Governor’s efforts to redraw the state’s districts to better represent voters in Congressional District 6.  We need to work hard and smart in order to turn this around and to elect Republican state legislators from MoCo to the Maryland General Assembly in 2022.
  • Reelected Governor Larry Hogan in 2018!  One of the nation’s most effective, inclusive and popular governors in America.  Governor Hogan has turned Maryland around by eliminating job-killing regulations, moved our state to sound budgeting and eliminated unnecessary taxes while providing record funding for K-12 education, for bridges and roads, and for the state’s rainy day fund. Governor Hogan was re-elected in November 2018 so now he can continue moving Maryland forward and finish things like redistricting reform so you the voter are better represented.

Please join us!   Together we can elect Republicans to state and local office who will promote conservative principles of freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility. 


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Montgomery County Republican Party