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White's Ferry is STILL Closed



Even when we had Kings and Trolls, roads and transportation were state matters, and today is no exception.

The MoCo Republican Party says ACT!

It appears that the owners of both sides of White's Ferry can't cooperate for the good of the residents and businesses. It's time for the governments to step up and be an active part of the solution and make things right, fix the problem and restore public transportation at Whites Ferry. The Montgomery County Government must get together and use whatever means necessary with the Virginia landowner and/or Governor’s Office or VDOT to complete the Ferry Landing side.

Stop the isolation, stop the long-distance trips and high gas mileage, and spend the tax money generated by the greater Poolesville area to fix this problem. No more separated families, no more lack of commerce and jobs, and no more canceled simple summer trips for MoCo city folks. 

Buy the ferry, buy the dock, open up the town and reopen the way of life for upper MoCo. Do it now, two years is long enough.

If we had Republican officials, it would be done already. It took Republican leadership to open the ICC, look at what a boon it is today. Let's stop ignoring Upper Montgomery and fix this problem. READ MORE HERE>


Republicans Push Back on Tax Hike



May 21, 2023 MCGOP Central Committee

Contact: Stacey Sauter

[email protected]


Rockville, Md. – A coordinated Republican campaign throughout Montgomery County contributed to the Council’s ultimate decision to scale back a proposed property tax increase from 10% to 4.7%. The Montgomery County GOP, along with the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors and Empower Montgomery, was a major opponent of County Executive Marc Elrich’s excessive, hoped-for tax. Between the testimony of former county executive candidate Reardon “Sully” Sullivan, and the pressure from phone calls, emails, and physical protests of Republican voters and other sensible citizens, the Council ultimately settled on a rate increase that was less than half what Elrich proposed in the 2024 budget.

Stop Teaching Racial Hatred

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Date:  August 25, 2021
Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  301-417-9256

Opposing the teaching of racial hatred in our public schools

Testimony of Amy Waychoff

Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

To the Montgomery County Board of Education August 24, 2021

 Thank you for this opportunity to testify. I have lived in Montgomery County  for 33 years, and all three of my children graduated from MCPS.  

 In a recent viral video, a man in Colorado, who happens to be descended  from slaves, convinced his school board to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) with  these words: “I can think of nothing more damaging to a society than to tell a  baby born today that she has grievances against another baby born today simply because of what their ancestors did two centuries ago.” Derrick Wilburn was  referring to one aspect of CRT that is being taught right here in Montgomery  County.  

 CRT posits that White people are inherently racist, from birth, while Black  people and other minorities are victims, oppressed by the white supremacy that supposedly permeates everything.  

 MCPS will deny that its schools are teaching CRT. But this Marxist  ideology goes by many euphemisms, and one undeniably used in MCPS is the  doctrine of becoming “antiracist.” No matter how it is phrased, however, it is  racism. Earlier this year, some of our fourth and fifth graders read Tiffany Jewel’s  “This Book is Anti-Racist.” The author states,  

  • Non-White students should “go to the head of the line,” but if you are White,  “step aside.”  

 By these metrics, school board members who are White should resign immediately. Are you planning to do so? If you do not, then by your lack of action you agree that CRT is insane and absurd. 

 Also in Jewel’s book,  

  • We must “fracture the very foundation of our racist society” and “shake it all up so it can crumble.” This is a revolutionary statement.  

 Last year, Cabin John Middle School had its ENTIRE COMMUNITY read a  book coauthored by Ibram X. Kendi, who asserts that “the only remedy to racist  discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination  is present discrimination.”  

 There are many Black Americans who disagree with Kendi. Derrick  Wilburn testified that “I’m not oppressed and . . . putting CRT in classrooms is not  combating racism. It’s fanning the flames of what little embers are left.” I agree  with him: “let racism die the death it deserves.”  

Thank you for this opportunity to present my views. 


To read the entirety of Ms. Waychoff's written statement click HERE.

Ban Critical Race Theory

Montgomery County GOP Urges Government and MCPS to Ban Critical Race Theory

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee affirms our opposition to the use of county property or public funds for the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its insidious academic movement by progressive activists to restructure perceptions and education of our students with distorted views of race in our schools.

Reopen Montgomery County Schools

Mont. Co. Republican Central Committee supports fully reopening public schools.

Rockville, MD - The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee has announced it is backing an appeal from the “Coalition of Maryland Parents and Students” (COMPS) to fully and immediately reopen Maryland’s public schools. COMPS represents 20 Maryland Counties, 22,000 families and 800,000 students.

Joint Statement with Del. Mark Fisher on Democratic Hypocrisy regarding HB 655

For Immediate Release    Reardon Sullivan
March 8th, 2021


[email protected]


Joint Statement of
Delegate Mark Fisher (R-Calvert County)
and the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Rockville, MD -- The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, on behalf of over 105,000 Montgomery County Republicans, wholeheartedly applauds Delegate Mark Fisher (R-Calvert County) for exposing the hypocrisy of our Democratic elected officials in both Annapolis and on the Montgomery County Council, during the debate over House Bill 655.

Statement on Today's Violence at The Capitol Sent

Statement from MCRCC Chairman Reardon Sullivan:

Today's rioting and violence in our nation's capital is an absolutely devastating development during a time of historic upheaval and unrest.

Marc Elrich's Secret Tax Hike

Rockville, MD -- Since 2008, the "Ficker Amendment" to the County Charter has protected property owners in Montgomery County from all but unanimous property tax hikes by the County Council.

Silent Tax Hike – Montgomery County Council sneaking in a 4.5% property tax increase

Rockville, MD -- At a time when unemployment claims in Montgomery County have increased by 4,717% since the first week of March, our County Council has agreed with County Executive Elrich to give notice that they are “considering” an increase in the property tax rate “4.5% higher than the constant yield tax rate [which] will generate $62,978,926 in additional property tax revenues.”

The High Cost of Political Theatre

Rockville, MD -- This July, County Executive Mark Elrich proudly announced the most restrictive policy on non-cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the D.C. metro area. At the time, I said that this was a “political stunt all about opposing a President he hates, even at the risk of the safety of Montgomery County residents." Sadly, Mr. Elrich has taken every opportunity since to prove me right.


Montgomery County Republican Party