There wasn’t a dry eye in the room last Saturday. Tom Homan, former ICE Director was telling of his experiences at the southern border.

  • kids sold into the sex trade
  • kids who had died in trailers abandoned in the sun by smugglers
  • women and girls who had been sexually abused again and again

I looked around the table, around the room and folks could not believe the stories, that we were encouraging people to go though this at the southern border – the death and the suffering is inexcusable. Yet it goes on.

Director Homan was giving a report on his term as the Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and his relationship with former President Trump. He wanted us to know how important it is to return to the policies of welcoming immigrants through proper channels, and not through the arms of the criminal cartels.

It is important to return to apprehending and deporting criminal illegal aliens - instead of allowing "sanctuary counties" like Montgomery to not cooperate until other horrendous crimes have been committed by those we should have been deported many times.

This election is important. Illegal immigration is only one of the important issues. There is so much more we have to do to return to normalcy.

Primary voting has already started, they’re actually canvasing Primary ballots today in Germantown. Please take your vote seriously and once you’ve decided, cast your ballot. We encourage you to vote by mail. If not, early vote. If not, then make sure you vote by election day. Most votes are cast before then.

We need to right this ship. I know that by working together we will.

God Bless America

Dennis Melby

MCGOP Chairman

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