Reprinted from September 2020

Katja Bullock, American Patriot

By Deborah Lambert

All in all, life has been good to Katja Bullock, and her lifetime of multiple career achievements is a testament to the unrelenting work ethic of someone who loves what she’s doing.

In 1965, as a 22 year old college graduate with a pharmacy degree and a deep curiosity to find out about America, she immigrated from Germany to the U.S. and planned to stay here for a year to see what the country was like.

However, it didn’t take long for a series of life-altering opportunities and good fortune to make her realize that she might have to change her plans. READ MORE HERE>


We are sad to inform you that our dear club President Katja Bullock peacefully passed away yesterday afternoon August 6, 2023. Information on arrangements will be forthcoming. Please continue to keep Katja and her family in your prayers. - Anne Koutsoutis -  for the Chevy Chase Women's Republican Club.

Take a Stand: Say No to Extending Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury’s Contract

As discussed before, Maryland State Department of Education's Superintendent is the one behind all the craziness mandated in our schools. He is also the one behind the bill last year and we'll see again this year, which would give him the ability to mandate what's taught in all public schools in Maryland. If school systems don't comply then he would have the ability to cut state funding to that system.

Here's a great petition to NOT extend Maryland State Superintendent Choudhury's contract. Please take time to read and send an email with a click of a button.  Afterwards, share with your email lists to help us bring sanity back to Maryland. 
We are in a crisis in MoCo and our school system is spiraling downward. Here's your chance to help solve one of our issues with the education system.
Remember, even if you don't have students in our schools, your tax dollars are paying for all this!

Read about the controversy and make your wishes known HERE>


Talking Politics in Leisure World August 15

Come by Clubhouse 1 at 1:30 PM. Meeting in the Chesapeake Room. The Leisure World Republicans are meeting and socializing.

It's a chance for you to get to know other LW Republicans, Independents and even moderate Democrats! They're looking for new members.

Contact President Bob Kammer for info at [email protected]

Heath Barnes for Congress

Who am I? I was raised in a small farming community in Southwest Missouri, the grandson of two United States Army Veterans, one who was also a dairy farmer and the other a special education teacher after they left service. I attribute my work ethic and perseverance to those two men. I settled in Woodsboro, MD several years ago after my company relocated me here and after meeting my spouse who is a Woodsboro native stemming back many generations. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and often can be heard talking about my 9 nephews and nieces who are my biggest pride and joy. I am particularly proud of my 19-year-old nephew who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. My family and my in-laws are very important to me, which is one of the main reasons I am running for this office. I want to do my part to make this country and state an even better place for them to live and raise their families.

Do You Miss Them Yet?


By Stacey Sauter

Perhaps you miss them now: the slate of Republican candidates the MCGOP put forth in last year’s County Council election, plus Reardon “Sully” Sullivan for County Executive. Especially given that in just over six months, the Democrat-controlled County Council has passed multiple bills that are bound to cost residents in MOCO billions more in taxes and fees.

The GOP 2022 candidates are highly successful, talented folks who fought valiantly to break the leftist juggernaut in Montgomery County. They tried to bring us individual prosperity, economic growth, balanced budgets, lower taxes, a strong police force, and better schools with stronger parents’ rights. Unfortunately, the current Council prevailed, leaving us to be governed by the most hard-nosed, progressive members in its entire history. This includes the socialist democrat County Executive Marc Elrich (or, better yet, “Marxist” Elrich). 

Maybe these sobering facts will inspire you to realize what a difference any one of our GOP candidates – even just one of them -- would have made by helping to stop any one of the highly controversial, expensive bills the Council recently passed. Since their December 5th, 2022 Inauguration Day --  just 239 days into the new council’s term -- these “Marxist” bills have become MOCO law:

Reardon "Sully" Sullivan
County Executive Candidate

Dan Cuda
County Council Candidate
District 2

Cheryl Riley
County Council Candidate
District 4

Kate Woody
County Council Candidate
District 5

Viet Doan
County Council Candidate
District 6

Harold C. Maldonado
County Council Candidate
District 7


An Anonymous Note from an MCPS Teacher

"Thank you for the newsletter.  I’m glad to hear that the parent protest was peaceful and respectful.  I am an MCPS teacher and Christian Republican who does not want to read the LGBTQ text to my class. I am not comfortable with speaking out publicly against my employer so I have not attended any protests. MCEA, the local teachers union, does not support me.  

There are plenty of other teachers who, like me, love all our students but want to stick with teaching academics and steer clear of any politically charged topics."

Please don't use my name.


To the Anonymous Teacher

You are not alone. We receive many notes from teachers, parents and teenage students dismayed about the direction of the public schools. So many experience shaming by their peers; they suffer in silence. We're here for you and we're here to stand up to the school bullies and the establishment.

Thanks for reaching out.


Concerned about MCPS policies and what school kids are exposed to? Write us at [email protected]


The Montgomery County Young Republicans held a meeting and discussion last week at the Mission BBQ in Germantown. The packed house heard from a number of speakers and candidates regarding the extreme WOKE policies of the Montgomery County School Board. See the Ad below for their next meeting.  Contact the YR's at [email protected]

The National Night Out Tomorrow Night

Several Gaithersburg Neighborhoods To Participate in ‘National Night Out’ Campaign Against Crime

On Tuesday, August 1, these neighborhoods will hold events to increase drug prevention awareness, generate support for anti-crime programs, encourage residents to be involved in their communities, and send a message that neighborhoods and businesses are organized to fight back against crime. The NNO programs help bring together residents, law enforcement agencies, local officials, civic groups, and neighborhood organizations. Participating neighborhoods will be posted closer to event. Tell Me More>


In-person voting on election day with voter ID is the best method of a free and fair election. Emergency and Military voting is necessary, but in person is the best. The more electronic methods are used in voting the greater the likelihood of a questionable result. Any on-line resource can be hacked, any computer program can be interfered with. Maryland is controlled by a Party to which ballot harvesting and universal mail-in ballots lend a huge advantage.

The Maryland Voter Integrity Group is committed to making sure that all valid votes are counted. Join them HERE>

Planning for August

  • Local National Night Out events in your neighborhood
  • Next Republican Breakfast Club - Tuesday August 8
  • MoCo Ag Fair starts Friday August 11
  • Next MCGOP Open House - Saturday August 12
  • YR Pool Party Rockville - Saturday August 19

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