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The Hidden Opinions of Conservative Students - Stuck in the Liberal Dominated Educational System 

At a time of hyper politics and social media, the younger generation has never been so informed and a part of the political conversation, despite not being able to vote. Yet our world has never been so divided, making, and breaking relationships across the United States as political parties become more divided and super sensitive to every subject.

Many argue that the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election sparked “emotions and rage” throughout the world, and it continues to pick up a pace faster than the autobahn. One study claims that the world’s sea levels rose 2 feet due to the number of tears shed on that election night! 

This uncompromising, liberal dominated, media driven world we live in today makes it extremely challenging to voice your opinion, especially if they happen to go against “popular belief”. 

Being a Republican in a liberal dominated area is hard enough. Now add on attending a liberal dominated institution such as The Landon School for Boys, where Republican ideas and beliefs are deemed unacceptable and racist. Most teachers and students at the school lean left and shun anyone who has even a toe over to the Right. We are banished from their lives and characterized as an unintelligent cult with a propensity towards sparking violence.

In the Landon world students are very much afraid to express their conservative ideology and beliefs in fear of getting a bad grade from liberal teachers and concern for being singled out and berated publicly.  In the Landon Young Republicans Club a poll was taken that found 100% of students will skew their opinion when writing or speaking in class to follow the popular liberal line of thought in hopes of getting a better grade. These actions not only teach kids to lie, but also ignite fear of voicing their opinion on most topics. This also teaches them that being a Republican and going against the popular belief is unacceptable and they will be penalized for doing so. 

Being located in the DC area makes Bethesda a hotspot for politics and fills neighborhoods with politically oriented flags and signs. It is very difficult and stressful to hide in a community when your views challenge those dominant in the area. Republicans know full well that our signs
don’t last long in yards or on vehicles. Going directly against the Landon School Honor Code, as interpreted by liberal teachers and administrators, has similar repercussions for Republican students.

The idea of standing out is not one that ends well for many students. How sad that students must essentially lie about their beliefs to get the A, pass the class, or be favored by the teacher.

Earlier this year one student, a senior, was asked to cover up his tattoo to continue playing on the Landon water polo team. The tattoo which reads “Make America Great Again” is located on the upper leg thigh and not visible during games in the pool. No matter, it was found unacceptable
and triggering for opposing the political beliefs of the Landon School, team, and coaching staff.

The student refused and as an act of courage decided to stand true to his beliefs and sacrifice his position on the water polo team. This is a situation no student should be put in.

Shame on the Landon School for persecuting those with different political views.


The writer is a student at The Landon School for Boys in Bethesda, Maryland and chooses to remain anonymous.

Democrats and the Race Card

Chairman's Message

The only weapon the Democrats have left is the “Race Card”. 

I recently learned of a Democrat tactic to galvanize minority voters through a text message comparing voting rights efforts to “Jim Crow 2.0.”  With no support for such an outrageous assertion, Democrat leadership at both the national and local levels are turning to their last remaining hope to pull voters back to their charade, the race card. Is the Democrat Party such an abject failure that they are left with nothing but to fan the flames of hatred with baseless lies in the hopes of further dividing people?

As a Black man living in Montgomery County and the Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, I can confidently state that the Republican Party is not passing “Jim Crow 2.0.” and I am offended by their assertion on many levels. The Republican Party is actively reaching out to voters of all races, nationalities and religions and these voters are listening to our message of clear, common-sense solutions aimed at one goal – making their lives better.

The Democrat Party’s continued reliance on inflammatory rhetoric through social media to spread lies and intimidate the opposition is abhorrent and is wholly inconsistent with our shared American values. Those who do not agree with their extreme views are “canceled” or labeled “racist,” and ultimately silenced. I take great exception to tactics that put a premium on labels and name-calling over civil discourse and debate of the issues of the day. 

The Democrat Party is well-versed at creating a problem, taking no responsibility, and then patting themselves on the back when they discover the solution which the Republicans long ago arrived at. This tactic is stale and no longer resonates within Montgomery County or this Country. 

I am a Republican because I am tired of business as usual in Montgomery County. I am tired of these divisive tactics and lames excuses aimed at creating new problems instead of solving existing ones.

Regardless of your party affiliation, I’m  asking YOU to join with us and to say “NO!” to the insanity that has been pushed upon us and taught to our children. 

Come join us and be part of the RED WAVE in Montgomery County - Be Silent No Longer - stand up, speak up and together we will make a difference!!

MoCo's Energy Emergency


With John Kotek of the Nuclear Energy Institute and Maryland Delegate Reid Novotny 

Monday, April 11, 7:30pm, Mondays with MoCo Zoom Seminar, Register HERE>

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put a spotlight on the importance of reliable energy supplies. Germany and neighboring countries are awakening to the fact that being dependent on Russian natural gas, or frankly anything else, doesn’t seem to make economic or political sense after all. Especially for the Germans, who unilaterally decided to turn off their extensive nuclear electric power operations in late 2022 for “environmental reasons”. 

The Biden Administration’s “green lighting” of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany added to this foolish dependency folly.  Biden further added to Europe’s dependency woes by nixing support of the proposed Israel/Cyprus/ Greece natural gas pipeline into Southern Europe. Energy choices and competition are a blessing - not a sin.

Biden energy policies have failed on the home front as well. America has gone from energy independence and being a net exporter of energy, to energy dependent in less than one year. 

Stopping oil and natural gas pipeline construction, adding burdensome rules and regulations to inhibit the private sector from exploring and drilling for energy as well as refining has caused oil and gas prices to skyrocket, well before the Ukraine crisis.  

Shocking $5 and rising gasoline and even higher diesel fuel prices are the new Biden normal. As the inflation level rises to record heights the manufacturing, agricultural, transportation, and almost all other sectors, will see further increased energy and feedstock costs, which of course will be passed on to the consumer.   

Biden is not alone in his misguided energy policies.  When asked about the need for energy independence Maryland Congressman David Trone said the following:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding energy independence. I believe that investing in sustainable, renewable energy will make a huge difference in our reliance on oil from places like Russia, especially considering their recent unjustified violence in Ukraine. We must reduce our use of fossil fuels to make this a reality and we do so through actions like closing the Keystone XL pipeline.  I am committed to implementing and increasing green technology and renewable energy. As a business owner, I know that this isn't just good for the environment - it's good for business.  -David Trone-

Sounds like Congressman Trone has been raiding his Total Wine inventory for fuel needs and relying on electric power generated from his wind energy hat instead of developing real world energy policies for Maryland and the nation!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space on the other hand stated, "Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures. Obviously, this would negatively affect Tesla, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to make up for Russian oil & gas exports.”

Musk followed up with: “Hopefully, it is now extremely obvious that Europe should restart dormant nuclear power stations and increase power output of existing ones," Musk tweeted. "This is *critical* to national and international security." 

We can do the same in Maryland by expanding the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Facility in Lusby, MD as part of an industry/government partnership.  


John F. Kotek, Senior VP, Nuclear Energy Institute

John Kotek is the Nuclear Energy Institute’s (NEI) senior vice president of policy development and public affairs.  He is responsible for providing policy and public affairs leadership on financial, economic, tax, electricity market and environmental issues related to the nuclear energy industry.

Previously, Kotek was appointed in January 2015 to the position of principal deputy assistant secretary for the Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE), was the managing partner of the Boise office of Gallatin Public Affairs and served as staff director to the Blue-Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, which recommended a new strategy for managing nuclear waste in the United States. He was also deputy manager of the DOE’s Idaho Operations Office.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois and a master of business administration from the University of Maryland.  

Reid Novotny, Maryland House of Delegates

Is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing portions of Montgomery, Howard and Carroll counties. Appointed last year by Governor Larry Hogan he serves on the Appropriations Committee, the Subcommittee on Education and Economic Development and the Oversight Committee on Pensions. As a solid Republican he volunteers for many Party activities and is also a Member of the Howard County Central Committee. He holds degrees in Computer Security and Strategic Communications, is a Colonel in the Maryland National Guard and previously served in the US Air Force and as a staffer on Capitol Hill. He and his wife Lauren have one daughter and live in Howard County.

Delegate Novotny recently announced his candidacy for the Maryland Senate.


Dennis Melby is former Party Chairman, Town Councilmember and Association President.

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R.I.P. Bipartisan Democrats

R. I. P. Bipartisan Maryland Women’s Legislative Caucus, 1972 – 2022

The Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women applauds the actions Republican lawmakers took last week in response to the shameful and disreputable actions of the group formerly known as the Women Legislators of Maryland (the Caucus).  

Formed in 1972 for bipartisan advocacy of “agendas that represent the interests of women and children,” the Caucus, consisting of women members of the Maryland House and Senate, has Democrats vastly outnumbering Republicans. In fact, during the 50 years of its existence, Republicans have been president of this organization only five times. Recognizing this disparity, members of the Caucus had agreed that every third president of the organization would be a Republican.  This year, 2022, was the year for a Republican.  Defaulting on that agreement, the Caucus last week installed a Democrat as its new president, rather than the Republican who, under the terms of the agreement, should have been installed.    

The original mission and bipartisan nature of the Women’s Caucus was to improve public policy that affects women's lives and to increase the number of women elected and appointed to public service in Maryland.  The Caucus’s installation of another Democrat president, in violation of the bipartisan agreement that had been reached, demonstrates that the majority of the Caucus has abandoned its original mission and bipartisan nature.  

Republican members of the Caucus then had a choice to make. They could ignore the violation of the agreement, the abandonment of the bipartisan mission, and the disrespect shown to Maryland Republicans, thus lending undeserved credibility to the organization.  Or they could acknowledge all of this and refuse to be a part of it or to play along.  

They chose the latter course of action: the Caucus’s eleven Republican members resigned from it, and demanded the Caucus change its name to reflect the mission it has clearly adopted: the Maryland Democrat Women’s Caucus.   

We applaud this necessary action, and hope Maryland’s Republican Women Legislators remain united in their determination to advocate for the best interests of Maryland’s women and children.  

For our government to work properly as designed, it must represent the citizens of our state.  That requires cooperation across the aisle. The Democrat members of the Women’s Caucus showed their short-sighted partisanship when they chose to violate their agreement and bypass Republican Delegate Lauren Arikan (R-Harford), and instead install a “progressive” Democrat to fill the spot.  Its Democrat members have demonstrated that a Republican cannot be the President of the Caucus unless she shares their political views.  For a Democrat President, apparently, no views are too far left.   

As women in Montgomery County, we expect to be represented in the Maryland House and Senate, and in the Caucus consisting of the women members of those legislative bodies.  While Montgomery County’s female legislators are all members of the Democrat party, they should nonetheless represent all people in their constituency. Like big tech and social media, however, they suppressed the views of conservatives, independents, and even moderate Democrats when they chose to take such aggressive action against Delegate Lauren Arikan, a woman who is respected in the Republican party.

It is sad that, as the Caucus celebrates its 50 years of Democrat and Republican members serving collaboratively in the interests of Maryland’s women and children, the Democrat members chose to strike a death blow to the organization.  

We look forward to a new Maryland Republican Women’s Legislative Caucus working together with the solid support it has in Maryland Republican voters, to advance laws that truly reflect the interests of Maryland’s women and families.

Laurie Halverson
President, Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women 

February Chairman's Message

We are making a difference!!!

This past week the Montgomery County Council again delayed their “Vaccine Passport Mandate.  Most of the public speakers, Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliated voters were in strong opposition to this measure, saying it would do more damage to the businesses and the citizens of this great County.

Make no mistake… We are in a WAR for our County!

We must work together. With local businesses still shuttered, schools still closed, our police being defunded, “ghosts” on our voter rolls, the teaching of CRT in schools, we face the largest tax increase in recent history. 

If there is ever a time to stand up an make a difference, the time is now!!


We Changed the Playing Field - Now Let's Win!

We Changed the Playing Field: Now Let’s Win!

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

Major changes have taken place in recent years that present Republicans with unprecedented opportunities to help our floundering county.  Thanks to Republican activists, especially an army of Republican women, and thousands of residents paying attention, there is a completely new playing field in the 2022 election.  Savvy candidates have unprecedented opportunities to run for County Council or Delegate and win.

We’ve won two rounds and it is up to us to make it three. 

Feb Mondays with MoCo

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"Are 'Transgenders' The End of Women's Sports? - Equating Biology with Gender Identity DOES NOT WORK!"

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Build Back Badder

Build Back Badder

By Patricia Fenati

Montgomery County Republican Party