In-Person Events

They're Back!

We're planning to see you in person! Vice Chair Anne Koutsoutis has gathered together the events planning volunteers to start planning real, in-person events after 2020, the year that wasn't. Stay tuned for announcements, fun and important gettogethers as we ramp up to Town elections this year and Federal and State elections in 2022.  We'll see you soon.

Don't Defund The Police

Tim Scott and "Uncle Tom"

By Dennis Melby

Senator Tim Scott, a great and important Republican Senator, recently was attacked by the far left for giving a follow-up response after President Joe Biden’s address to Congress. The media, social media and some left-wing Democrats called him an “Uncle Tim”. They thought it was a clever slur meaning he was an Uncle Tom, a term they often use to deride folks like Justice Clarence Thomas and Secretary Ben Carson.

Here in Montgomery County, we Republicans remember Josiah Henson, the character “Uncle Tom” is based on, as a hero.

Mask-free Memorial Day?

We are going gang-busters! The pandemic is rapidly in the rear view mirror. Wouldn't it be great it we could have a "Mask-free Memorial Day"?

Maybe we can, those who've been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus are now a majority of the population. However he did it, President Donald Trump managed to have Operation Warp Speed deliver the vaccines so rapidly no one can doubt it's been great for America and rapidly for the World.

Wouldn't it be great if our Republican Governor Hogan was able to remove the mask mandate in order for folks to enjoy a normal Memorial Day holiday? We'll see.

Oh, BTW, don't assume that if that happens we'll share in that freedom here in the Workers Paradise of Montgomery County. Control surpasses optimism, too many Union, Left, and Equity sign offs to think about that right now. 

But maybe...hope springs eternal!

Help Lead The Party

The Republican Party through its elected board, the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee (MCGOP) is currently recruiting qualified applicants to fill a Committee vacancy for Legislative District 16 (the greater Bethesda area). Eligible individuals must be registered Republican voters who reside in LD 16.  You may check to confirm your LD by Checking here.


Party Headquarters Spring Clean Up


Spring was in the air and our Republican leaders have been spritzing up the Headquarters to welcome folks back to real in-person events. Former Chairman Alexander Bush, along with Committee Members Jamie Greedan, Paul Agle, Martha Schaerr and Party Secretary Lori Jaffe spent a couple of days painting, plastering and fine tuning. Martha & Gene Schaerr provided extra plaster and electric work to get in shape, and new carpet was provided by great supporters. We can't wait for you to see it, and thanks to our dedicated and hard working volunteers.

Save the Filibuster

By Bill Richbourg

The legislative filibuster is one of several unique features of the Senate. The House of Representatives has representation based on population; the Senate has two senators per state. So, a state as small as Delaware has the same representation as California.

Remember, the Senate was intended to be the voice of the states, and minority rights matter here.

This Month's Joke

Want to hear a joke?

"No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session."

1866 - Gideon Tucker

Do you have some pleasant and funny Republican humor? Send it to [email protected] If we use it you'll get an MCGOP T-Shirt, suitable to wear to any restaurant that serves Republicans.

Faith Communities

The Republican Party thanks and honors our local communities of faith for stepping up during this pandemic to share with and help feed their neighbors.

April Chairman Message

Our local government continues on a far left trajectory, but they are hearing us and they do learn. Apparently they’ve learned that the term “Defund the Police” does not appeal to voters; that we want the SRO’s in public schools;  that we want our schools, restaurants and houses of worship open; that we want reasonable distribution of the Covid vaccine and that we want common sense in our local Government. You can see that they're afraid the local Council elections will remember their failed tactics in 2022.

Montgomery County Republican Party