Conservatives Need Safe Spaces Too!

By Sharon Begosh 

About 15 years ago, I started noticing a change in the world around me. It started out very subtly: a movie with an obvious liberal slant – the media, schools, government and even churches pushing social justice themes whenever they could slip them in without ruffling too many feathers. But this insidious march toward an unremitting takeover of our social fabric and American culture was never obstructed or even mildly opposed.

As with most things in life, the reasons for the success of this situation were multi-faceted. Conservatives by nature are respectful of individuality and others’ opinions. We are the true advocates of “coexist.” Therefore, even after this gradual takeover had taken root, we didn’t feel it was our place to marginalize their personal expression. Also, since the newly emerging culture started interpreting anything that could even be marginally critical of minorities as racist, it slowly became the law of the land. This put an almost total halt to any resistance to the takeover of our culture. 

Now fast forward to the present.

Impeachment -- or Dog and Pony Show?

By Patricia Fenati

I am standing outside the arena where the National Dog and Pony Show is taking place behind closed doors. There are no reporters allowed in the arena, nor is the public invited. Only judges and specific animals are invited, without any handlers. We hear from different judges as they leave each event, who in turn relate different outcomes of the event.

Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, in the sacred Halls of Congress these days, the mock impeachment hearing is this type of a dog and pony show.

Friday, September 13th was an Unlucky Day for Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council

By Brad Botwin, Director,

For MC Executive Marc Elrich and the nine current members of the Montgomery County Council, Friday, September 13th was truly an unlucky day. Why? Because more than 250+ concerned citizens and legal immigrants converged on the County Council Building in downtown Rockville to let our elected officials know that public safety and enforcing the law are priorities, and that the security of our children, families and neighbors are priorities.

Marc Elrich Can’t Read, Or Maybe He’s Just a Liar

By Alexander A. Bush, Chairman, MCGOP

Last Friday, many of our elected officials in Montgomery County held a press conference to defame our Board of Elections for doing the right thing: voting against creating an unnecessary twelfth early voting (EV) site in White Oak. 

Councilman Hucker took the podium and condemned the Board for ignoring the wishes of the County Council. Of course, he got his facts wrong, but that’s not surprising since he hadn’t cared enough to attend the public meeting where the Board made their decision. In fact, only seven members of the Council had asked for the proposed new White Oak EV site; Councilmembers Andrew Friedson and Craig Rice did not support it. This is probably because they represent the north and west 2/5ths of the county.

September 13 2019 Rally Video

Watch the Video click here

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We, the undersigned, urge County Executive Elrich to rescind the July 22, 2019 Executive Order which dangerously restricts the ability of Montgomery County agencies to cooperate with ICE and/or DHS on illegal immigration matters.  Montgomery County has become a hotbed of illegal alien criminal activity that threatens residents; especially the most vulnerable – women and children – from immigrant communities! County law enforcement needs their handcuffs removed now!   Allow Montgomery county law enforcement and all county departments to work with federal government agencies including ICE to rid Montgomery County of criminal illegal aliens.


Top Ten List of Sanctuary Cities and Counties with the Worst Crime Rates

By Deborah Lambert

If you think it’s unusual to see a Top Ten List of the “worst” in a category, you’re not alone. However, The Washington Examiner recently provided some important information, especially for those of us who live in the Washington, DC suburbs, by releasing a list of Sanctuary Cities and Counties with the Worst Crime Rates, which includes three counties located right outside our nation’s capital.

The TOP TEN communities on the Immigration Reform Law Institute list are as follows:

Montgomery County’s Illegal Immigrant Crime Problem

By Deborah Lambert

During the past several months, Montgomery County citizens have expressed a growing sense of frustration and anger toward Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, whose response to the fact that a growing number of illegal aliens had been charged with sex crimes was to sign an executive order that banned Montgomery County employees from asking about anyone’s immigration status.

Why Don’t MOCO Officials Practice What They Preach?

By Gail Weiss

At the community picnic in Wheaton that I attended on Sunday, September 22nd, I stopped by a booth that had a brochure on “Hate Violence” from the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights and Human Rights Commission. In this brochure it describes what a “hate crime” is, as well as “hate-motivated acts” that do not rise to the level of a hate crime but is an act that still leaves one feeling victimized, so says the brochure. “Name-calling” is one example they give.

If we are to believe that this county policy is sincerely held by our county officials, then how do they reconcile referring to their own county citizens as “neo-Nazi sympathizers” in their September 5th press release just because citizens spoke out against a very controversial  (and possibly unconstitutional?) county policy of giving “sanctuary” to illegal aliens?

An Immigrant’s Story

By Josephine Wang

The setting was a courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, where new immigrants were sworn in as American citizens. This ceremony is probably repeated every day, somewhere in America.

In 1953, the United States of America was still savoring the sweetness of the World War II victory over tyranny. General Dwight Eisenhower was regarded as the conquering hero who deserved to be our 34th president. The Times Square photo of the sailor kissing a white uniformed nurse became an iconic example of the joyful and patriotic sentiments of that era.

Conservative Happy Hours

By Gail Weiss

In case you hadn’t heard, Montgomery County conservatives have been holding regular happy hours every month, all around the county!

The longest running one is held in Rockville, which was followed by one in downtown Silver Spring, and the newest location is in Clarksburg. Check the “Events” tab on the MCGOP website every month for details of times and exact locations, as they sometimes change.

Montgomery County Republican Party