Check out the notice in Events announcing a Mass Rally at MCGOP Headquarters September 6. Hear from a public school teacher about the questionable curriculum the teachers are forced by the Board of Education to impose on the kids in public school. You'll find this a riveting presentation.

Bring canned or non-perishable food items we can distribute to the local food pantry to help families in need.

Biased Piece by Jewish Men's Club

By Brad Botwin

This past July, the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) hosted their annual conference at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. Also sharing the venue was the Moms for Liberty (M4L) organization for their “Joyful Warriors National Summit”, which included guest speakers, former President Donald Trump, FL Gov. Ron DeSantis, former SC Gov. Nikki Haley, Cong. Byron Donalds and more.

The FJMC event supposedly focused on family, attracting younger members, fighting antisemitism, supporting Israel, and other non-political topics. However, reporting out of the event was anything but.  An article published in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency newsletter and then shamelessly republished in the Washington Jewish Week highlighted disparaging remarks from FJMC members, use of “Hitler” and “Nazi book burning” references, support for the sexually graphic version “Diary of Anne Frank”, and attacks on all conservatives and Republicans.

As a fellow Jew, and the new MCGOP Jewish Community Liaison, I was stunned and disheartened by the hateful energy expended by FJMC members.  What follows is my letter to the FJMC President regarding the event:

Katja Bullock Resolution

Whereas Katja Bullock immigrated to the United State from Germany in 1965

  • Became an American citizen.
  • Served the Administrations of US Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump
  • Served the Administration of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
  • Became a great wife and mother.
  • Along with her husband Al Bullock served in many leadership positions for the Montgomery County Republican Party
  • Most recently served as President of the Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club,

Be it hereby resolved that we recognize her service to this Nation, this Party and this Community as a leader, a friend and patriot.

The Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Passed unanimously August 22, 2023

First GOP 24 Debate

Will former President Donald Trump show up at the first Republican Presidential debate in Wisconsin? Many people, both Republicans and Democrats feel the United States is in trouble, crime is spiraling out of control. Illegal immigration is fueling already desperate homeless numbers; violence is rampant across the country with more police officers being killed or injured in the line of duty; cost of living prices have sharply risen; food and energy inflation and public pessimism are rampant - and citizens are eager for demonstrable, reliable leadership.

The first televised debate featuring the most popular Republican candidates is Wednesday at 9 PM on FOX. President Trump so far has stated he won't participate, but there's a very diverse slate of candidates who will. Republican voters can compare old and young, male and female, people of different colors and religions - all offering their vision for a better America.


From The Washington Post - We’ve gathered some reputable organizations accepting donations to help those affected by the wildfires: READ MORE HERE>

Ag Fair Fun, Friends, New Faces

By Laura Benson

The MCGOP had a highly successful week at the 74th Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and we thank all of you who stopped by to visit. We were there to encourage people to get involved and help us continue our quest towards positive change and outcomes at the local and state levels. We greeted thousands who passed our tent; raised awareness of the MCGOP and the 2T petition; met many new people of various faiths, ethnicities and political affiliations; and of course, got an earful from angry and frustrated MoCo residents and taxpayers. Some of the most popular questions were 1) How can I sign the 2T Petition?; 2) What is going on with MCPS?; 3) Why don’t the Democrats have a tent at the Fair? (because they are broke, owe the IRS back taxes and have a leadership crisis?); and, 4) Did you ever think you would see such corruption in our government?

A family at the MoCo Ag Fair having fun with face-masks of the Presidents

The week was filled with both familiar and new faces and we did our best to encourage each other and share a laugh. There were also those moments that make time stand still such as the visiting Brazilian family each asking for a flag and then chanting “USA, USA” and a family whose three children serenaded us with the Star-Spangled Banner. We also were visited by some very impressive young conservatives who are trying to figure out these strange times and expressed how the school system has let them down. The good news is that they are very focused on charting their own path forward and not letting the social justice static deter them. TELL ME MORE>

From the Non-partisan Committee for Better Government - Watch the Video

Do you feel the County Executive listens to your concerns, and takes your wishes into account when making decisions?  Watch this video and volunteer to hold him to two terms!


The “Committee for Better Government” was formed to limit the number of consecutive four-year terms that the Montgomery County Executive may hold. Currently, the County Executive can have three consecutive terms before he/she is term limited. The purpose of this ballot petition is to secure enough signatures to get the question on the ballot for the 2024 election.

We want to ensure that no Montgomery County Executive serves more terms than the US President or the Maryland Governor. If it's good enough for Reagan, Obama, and Hogan, isn’t it good enough for our County? The two four-year term limit is consistent throughout most of the counties in Maryland. TELL ME MORE>


Wednesday August 23 is Poll Worker Recruitment Day

In all the major democracies people watch each other to make sure the vote is fair and honest. Republicans have to do the same. Registrations in Montgomery County are almost 6 to 1 non-Republican. If there aren't enough Republican workers they'll still have the election, just pair up Independents with Democrat poll workers. Not the best option. We NEED folks to work.

Although these are volunteer positions they pay a stipend for the work. Though it’s typically a long day, shorter shifts and many different jobs are available. You should find something you can do - to help guarantee the vote is fair, all legal votes are counted and the ballots are secure. We NEED you.

Check HERE, see what you can do and sign up with the Board of Elections to help run a free, fair and timely election. Visit a MoCo Library on Wednesday August 23 to find more info.

The Montgomery County Republican Party


The direction of this county needs to change. We ask for your support so we can continue to push back and fight for common sense policies and a sustainable direction for MoCo.  Please donate now and let us know if you will volunteer.  

MCGOP Finance Chair

Contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks so much for chipping in!


If you'd prefer to mail a check, send it to MCGOP, 15833 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Presentation Sept 13: Freedom From Child Sex Trafficking

Montgomery County Republican Party