Jan Chairman Message

Dear Republican Party supporter,

It is coming up on a new year, which brings new opportunities.

Although predicting the future is a fool’s errand, I am predicting a strong Red Wave in 2022 as Americans grow weary of CRT and the liberal dumbing down of our schools, the defunding of our police, the failed Biden “pullout fallout” in Afghanistan, stagflation, spending bills that will effect generations to come, and mandates from ivory-tower political wonks. I have yet to see a “Built Back Better” hat.  

Glenn Youngkin was the tip of the spear. In 2022 we need to reach out to ALL voters with a simple common sense message of hope. A message that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge and we demand our country back.

Let us resolve to work together to move the needle to the right direction. Let’s work to elect candidates that will refund the police, support election integrity, promote teaching of the basics in our schools, and spend our taxes wisely without the social engineering and pork that Montgomery County is now known for. JOIN US and get involved and actively support our local candidates, help to sign up new voters Voter Registration, donate your time, talent or treasure to local candidates and causes that are working to protect our liberties. 

If you are interested in running for office or helping behind the scenes supporting those that do, please contact me personally. We can use a few more good people!!! 

Above all, the MCGOP wishes you and your family safe travels and a Happy New Year.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Please send me a note at [email protected]. Your notes mean a lot to me.

Reardon "Sully" Sullivan, PE


Jan Welcome Committeeman Herman

In late December Mitchell Herman was elected as a Member of the Republican Central Committee. Here, with Chairman Sullivan and Party Secretary Jaffe at his swearing-in, Mr. Herman is eager to get started.

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December Chairman's Message

Late last year, a friend bought me a shirt that read “January 20,  2021 – The Beginning of a Mistake.” I never imagined how prophetic that saying would be.

This year has been a dreadful experience for our country and for Montgomery County. At the national level we had the tragic Afghanistan pull out; the invasion of our borders; the unprecedented spike in the cost of living; concerns regarding election integrity; and supply chain issues. At the local level our Democratically controlled leaders push to defund the police, sanction the teaching of CRT in our schools, impose indiscriminate masking, lockdowns and vaccine passport restrictions, while continuing their rampant spending and pushing for “Thrive 2050.”

However, I predict that 2022 will be the year of the Republican Resurgence.

Montgomery County Republican Party