By Dennis Melby

We're like people everywhere. We welcome others into our homes.  That means folks whom we invite in, like new family members - by birth or marriage and friends of friends. But when people barge in, whether just off the street or from around the globe, to threaten the family and community we've built and resources we provide them, we draw the line. And when violence ensues, we expect the government, our government, to help us.

We're facing a crisis. In Montgomery County for years our one-party government has made it a point to not protect us, to not work with those responsible in the federal government to keep us safe. We've been declared a "sanctuary county" and protected criminals from the penalties of their actions.

But even this government seems to have had enough. With a spate of high profile actions by folks here illegally who've committed crime after crime - they're relenting just a little. The recent murder of a young toddler in Langley Park by an illegal alien criminal who had been arrested and let go time after time finally changed things. After all these years of crime and mayhem the County government has started to work with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to alert them when they release criminals into our neighborhoods again - so ICE can pick them up FIRST and jail or deport them.

One party rule, no diversity of political thought, a search for political power by pitting group against group leads us down a dangerous path.

Let's hope this recent trend toward public safety lasts. I pray it does.

Dennis Melby

MCGOP Chairman

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From WMAR 2 News

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