Asian voters are shifting to Republican. So are Hispanic Latino voters. Most recently Jewish voters supported Democrats by about 70% That tide is turning as they see there is not the reciprocity by many members of that party to support them. Why do you think this is occurring? Let us know at [email protected]

The Charter Review Commission Seeks Input of Residents on Possible Revisions to County Charter

Charter Review Commission Seeks Input of Residents on Possible Revisions to County Charter

The Montgomery County Charter Review Commission is soliciting public comments on what matters the commission should consider for possible revisions to the County’s Charter.   

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Currently the voters cannot recall an elected Montgomery County official for any reason. With the public schools serving us poorly, you can not recall a School Board official. And currently our Montgomery County Executive can serve more terms than the Governor or the President! Although the Charter Review Commission is controlled by Democrats, they might want to hear your opinion on these and many other issues.

Wreaths Across America 23

The Upper Montgomery Republican Women’s Club (UMRWC) and the Rural Women’s Republican Club (RWRC) will participate in Wreaths Across America on Saturday, December 16 starting at 12:00 Noon. Please plan to arrive around 11:30 am at your chosen location to park and meet and greet - parking gets scarce! Everyone is invited to attend.


Darnestown Presbyterian Church, 15120 Turkey Foot Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 The church provides light refreshments and warm beverages in their Gathering Room at 11:00am in case you want to arrive earlier.

Monocacy Cemetery, 19801 West Hunter Road, Beallsville, MD  20879. The Monocacy Cemetery, which dates back to 1747, is a new location for Wreaths Across America, and is more convenient for those living up county.

The UMRWC has donated five wreaths to the Darnestown Presbyterian Church and RWRC has donated five wreaths to the Monocacy Cemetery.

After a short outdoor ceremony, we will walk through the historic cemetery and place our wreaths on the veterans' graves.

Everyone is invited to participate - friends and family are welcome!




From the Non-partisan Committee for Better Government - Watch the Video

From the Non-partisan Committee for Better Government

Do you feel the County Executive listens to your concerns, and takes your wishes into account when making decisions?  Watch this video and volunteer to hold him to two terms!


The “Committee for Better Government” was formed to limit the number of consecutive four-year terms that the Montgomery County Executive may hold. Currently, the County Executive can have three consecutive terms before he/she is term limited. The purpose of this ballot petition is to secure enough signatures to get the question on the ballot for the 2024 election.

We want to ensure that no Montgomery County Executive serves more terms than the US President or the Maryland Governor. If it's good enough for Reagan, Obama, and Hogan, isn’t it good enough for our County? The two four-year term limit is consistent throughout most of the counties in Maryland. TELL ME MORE>



The Jews are an indigenous people of the Middle East. The left wing can't accept this fact.

Anti-Israel critics say that the Jews are foreign invaders in the Middle East who have displaced the native people. This is the core of their argument, and they repeat this argument constantly.

But the fact is that Jews have always lived in the Middle East. Its just that they were historically a minority group scattered throughout the Arab countries and Iran.
The Jews didn't move to the ME from somewhere else. They were always there. They're indigenous to the ME.




The Montgomery County GOP Central Committee stands in firm support of Israel in its fight against Hamas-sponsored terrorism, plus the battle against anti-semitism here and abroad. Each week we will continue to remind our readers about the hostages held captive until they are all accounted for and safely returned home. Please keep them in your thoughts, conversations, and prayers. "Never again" is now.

UPDATE: Margalit was released November 24.

Giving Tuesday

Thanks for your support throughout the year. November 28 is Giving Tuesday. If you'd like to give a small gift to the Republican Party to help with our events, lectures, political signs, material at the polls, paper sample ballots for the 2024 election and more, it will go a long way in supporting the work of the Party. Click HERE to donate.

....And THANK YOU for supporting the Republican Party in Montgomery County

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Montgomery County Republican Party issues resolution in support of Israel and in opposition to Anti-Semitism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rockville, MD – The Montgomery County Republican Party  

On November 14, members of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee participated in the March for Israel on the National Mall. That evening at its monthly meeting the full county Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to adopt the following resolution: READ MORE HERE>

The "Democracy Dies in Darkness" Washington Post calls Moms "pregnant people!"

From the Thanksgiving edition. If they do a follow up story on pregnant men we'll let you know. As far as I know it's just pregnant women, but what do we know...we're just Republicans!

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