Spotlight on Dan Cuda

Expanding our Party - It’s Our Time

By Dan Cuda

Nobody is happy where Montgomery County is headed.  Even the down county politicians around Takoma Park recognize we’ve stagnated over the last twenty years.  Even if they’ve run the county for fifty years, they take no responsibility,  and offer no accountability for flat economic growth, declining schools and rising crime.

When did these politicians believe they could demoralize our police and not pay a price?  When did Montgomery County schools start believing they could raise children better than their parents.  Why did Amazon not even give Montgomery County a second look?   Why did Clark Construction move its headquarters to Virginia?  Why did Discovery Channel leave Silver Spring?  

For our flat economy,  the reason why is this - it costs too much money to bring and sustain jobs to Montgomery County.  Down-county politicians add to these costs with their special interest priorities and pay only lip service to economic growth. 

We all want a clean planet, but when their down-county priorities add costs to business that Virginia or the District don’t add, jobs go elsewhere.  It affects all of us.  That’s why I want to be a new voice on the County Council from District 2 – the up-county. 

I want to challenge the assumptions and priorities of the last twenty years.  I stand for the accountability and transparency of Montgomery County government and schools to parents and families for their curriculum and priorities.   I want to build an up-county voting coalition that can provide new leadership for our County.

My district is built around Clarksburg,  Germantown,  Poolesville and North Potomac.  If you are in Montgomery Council District 2,   I ask for your vote this Fall. &

Message from Nahid Khozeimeh

A Message from Nahid Khozeimeh

President of the Montgomery County Board of Elections

The security of our elections depends on good, honest folks participating and sharing in making sure our elections are free, fair and honest.

Montgomery County is in need of Republican election judges. Many positions are open, even part-time. Volunteers will be paid for completing training and working during early voting or on Election Day. We offer several different positions, all-day and part day, as advertised at To apply, text SERVE to 77788 or 

Board of Elections (

For more information, visit and select the Election Workers’ link, email 

[email protected]

Or call 240-777-8533

Coverage of Reardon Sullivan

Coverage of Reardon Sullivan for County Executive

Media Blitz

Do you really want another four years of Marc Elrich?

I am committed to bringing common sense, cooperation, and compromise back to our local government so we can tackle the County’s most pressing issues.

We must stop disrespecting the police and allow them to do their jobs. We must provide for SROs in our schools. We must allow our teachers to excel in education, instead of pushing radical social ideas. We must bring business back to the County. We must improve transportation including 270 and the American Legion bridge.

We must get away from identity politics and archaic views based on skin color, party affiliation and gender, and get our County back using common sense for the common good.

Click on the videos below to get a taste of our vision for Montgomery County.   - Reardon "Sully" Sullivan -

Click Pictures for Videos

Click HERE to reach the Sullivan campaign.

I Can't Vote for NIXON's Party

By Dennis Melby

August forty-eight years ago I was a Republican candidate for Montgomery County Council. I was President of the Student Body at Montgomery College, full of beans and vying for county-wide office. Here’s the kicker, all of my Democrat friends and associates told me “No. I could never vote for a party that had Richard Nixon as their President” In Montgomery County our local politics is national!

I wasn’t elected and since life is amazing I went to college in the West, worked for the government, ended up as a low level staffer in the Carter White House, worked for Gerald Ford, for the Congress, a Think Tank, as local REALTOR® President and even former Chairman of our Montgomery County Republican Party. But local politics are still national – plenty of our candidates today (on both sides I might add) are told the guy at the top of the ticket colors their vote for every office.

Think of Trump and Biden.

In my case Nixon had just resigned after years of national attention. The country was divided.

Living here there’s never been a Republican friendly press, radio or TV. Even more so then, the Washington Post was a major player in the anti-Republican narrative, as it still is today. And, as today, the entire media market was either anti-Republican or in the best case simply tolerant.

But there’s been another way. Most of my career was non-partisan. During my American Enterprise Institute work I ran for and was elected to the Friendship Heights Village Council. Friendship Heights’ 5,000 residents skew heavily and overwhelmingly Democrat, but all our local city council’s are non-partisan. Even though they knew I was a registered Republican they re-elected me, by my fourth term I was the top vote getter!

Certainly as REALTOR® President you need to work with the elected folks to do the best for your members, and again on the Board of Directors for Chestnut Lodge Psychiatric hospital in Rockville, we were non-partisan to work with the all-Democrat County and State government. For the past 50 years I’ve heard the phrase “The winner of the Democratic primary will go on to win the general election in November.”

Maybe not today. Even 48 years ago - despite the vehement rhetoric against Richard Nixon – my Republican friend Jim Gleason, our first County Executive, was elected to a second term!

Today our local Party has great candidates – and many incumbents are unfortunately doing a terrible job. I’ve seen over the years one-party government isn’t best for policymaking. You need new ideas, compromise, and fair representation. We had to fight hard to get more members on the County Council, to limit the terms of incumbents, and to redraw representative maps to give more areas a fair chance at representation.

 I’m optimistic about Republican chances, it's time. And I’m prepared to work hard to support our good folks to make that happen.

Tell me what you think at [email protected]


  Dennis Melby is Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Maryland Republican Central Committee.

Kathy Gugulis Spotlight


Yes,  You DO Matter!

By Kathy Gugulis

I am running for Maryland Delegate in Legislative District 14.  I am constantly asked, “do you really think a Republican can win in Montgomery County?”  

Usually that question is prefaced by something like, “My vote doesn’t matter.  Why should I bother?”

Well, folks, guess what.  You are 100% right that if you don’t vote, your vote doesn’t matter.  As Charlie Brown would say, “good grief.”

On the other hand, consider this.  A higher number of Republicans, almost 15.3% more, voted in the 2022 primary than in the 2018 primary, even though there were fewer Republicans registered. The number of Democrats voting was stagnant between 2022 and 2018.  What does that mean?  Republicans are motivated and Democrats are demoralized.  Why else would the Democrats invite Joe Biden and Wes Moore to a rally in a blue stronghold like Montgomery County?

The Launch of Artemis

By Joseph Gillin

Excitement has been growing for the launch of Artemis I at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, scheduled for Monday morning, August 29 at 8:33 AM (though don’t be surprised if weather or technical issues cause delays).  This launch (uncrewed) is a test flight of some of the hardware that will return humans to the Moon within a few years.

After several fits and starts over the decades and several administrations since the Apollo program implemented the goal of Pres. JFK for the US to land astronauts on the Moon within a decade, the Artemis program was approved by Pres. Trump and championed by VP Mike Pence and NASA Admin. Jim Bridenstine (a former GOP Rep. from Oklahoma). This is one Trump initiative that Pres. Biden has allowed to proceed.

The massive Space Launch System (SLS) rocket was actually mandated years earlier by an act of Congress. It is controversial even within the space community because of its high cost and lengthy delays. (The political history of the SLS is described at Because of its high cost, the SLS will likely be gracefully retired in a few years as commercial heavy lift rockets come on line. The SpaceX Starship vehicle is already contracted to be the system that will take the astronauts from lunar orbit down to the surface and back on the first human landing mission.

Controversy or not, this week’s launch is generating excitement and national pride. Hotels in central Florida are booked and local officials are planning for traffic gridlock.

Most residents of Maryland don’t realize how much of a role this state plays in the space industry. The Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes, along with other Earth and space science missions, were developed and are operated out of Maryland centers. One thing that Sen. Barbara Mikulski got right was recognizing that, in proportion to population, Maryland is as much of a leading space state as Florida, Texas, California, etc. (GOP candidates and elected officials, take note!) Thousands of Maryland residents work at various government, industry, and academic facilities involved in space. The growing NASA and commercial activities at the Wallops Island spaceport near Chincoteague, VA have a positive economic impact on the Maryland eastern shore. Families will even have more frequent opportunities to combine viewing a space launch up close with an Ocean City vacation!

So, even if I’m not in Florida this week, I’ll figuratively hang a note that says “Out to Launch”. If the Artemis I launch hasn’t already occurred by the time you read this article, you can watch it live at


Joseph Gillin is former Party Secretary of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, a former Lockheed associate and long time advocate for manned space exploration.

Support Dan Cox & Gordana Schifanelli

After a well fought Republican primary, the voters have chosen Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli as their Governor and  Lieutenant Governor team. Every Republican must support them in the face of a far-left WOKE and well-financed “progressive” ticket of Wes Moore and Aruna Miller.

Moore and Miller want to turn Maryland into a poster for far left ideas. Put public safety on the back burner, defund and disrespect the police, continue support for masking, opening us up to vaccine passports and continued Zoom schooling of our kids. They propagate the heightening of racial tensions and gender confusion in our schools and continued rhetoric in the business community that will cost us jobs.

While Moore wants to use the office for national attention, Miller wants to use it for equity, radical transformative programs to make us the envy of our decaying west coast. They feel no qualms about the decline of public safety, prosperity, wage growth and educational excellence. They will just redefine and reimagine to suit their agenda.

But there’s another way - as our neighbors in Virginia have shown in electing Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears - we too can reverse this trend. The majority of Marylanders also want a less radical, center-right approach. Folks who’ve arrived to join our country from all over the world know that what we have is best, and they all know why they left their rapidly failing countries.

We have the chance in our Montgomery County to catch our breath, halt the slide to the decaying left, and vote for Republican candidates across the board. All of Maryland is counting on us. We have a duty to secure our values and blessings of our liberty. Through our elected representatives we, together, have to ensure equal rights under the law for all Marylanders regardless of anyone’s race, gender or national origin. Our values are universal. Our candidates are not extreme, no matter what some say.

As one people under God, it is our sole responsibility to ensure that dangerous progressive ideologies do not destroy what our forefathers fought to secure. Your participation in the General Election is essential. Your vote for all Republican candidates up and down the ticket is essential. Our children cannot afford that we lose this election, and we must do everything in our power to mobilize every freedom-loving person regardless of their race, religion, or party affiliation. We need your vote.

The Republican Party of Montgomery County, Maryland

Frank Nice Spotlight

I am a pharmacist currently self-employed as a small business owner and President of
Dr. Nice Products LLC. I'm blessed to be the father of six and grandfather of 11.

I am running for Legislative District 19 Delegate in Montgomery County. I am a healthcare and
family activist who has spent five (5) decades as a pharmacist working with underserved families
on issues that cut across numerous areas of family life. I have been on the ground in Haiti 24
times serving the poorest of the poor. Twenty-five years ago, I began an orphanage and a K-13
school in Haiti, which I continue to fund and support to this day. More than 550 students each
and every year are helped with housing, food, safety, and an education. It is a true joy to have
watched almost 1,230 grow, mature, and graduate to have a chance of a healthy and relevant life.
Many now give back to their same Haitian community.

The Biden Catastrophe

The Biden Catastrophe

By William Richbourg

My purpose here is to remind my fellow citizens of the damage the  “Biden Catastrophe” has done and continues to do to our country. I want to emphasize that, although many of you are focused on our local elections, it is absolutely critical to recognize that wherever democrats win at the local level, it emboldens those at the federal level to continue their destructive policies. Do not be fooled by soothing words from Democrat candidates. The Left is ecstatic that President Brandon…Biden has given them everything they wanted and you can quote me on this; Democrats in Montgomery County fully support the policies of Joe Biden’s administration and, no doubt, if elected will double down on the most destructive policies put forth by this administration. For example:

  1. The left likes (loves) inflation. Not since former President Jimmy Carter has a Democrat been so insistent on inflating the money supply.  The rich who have money don’t really feel it; the poor who don’t have any money, suddenly do and the middle class gets screwed! 
  2. The left is finally executing its dream to dramatically force fuel prices up to force Americans to abandon petroleum products and transition to renewable energy. 

Biden drank the “koolaide” and is either too dumb or evil to even consider the damage such a premature move can cause to our economy and ultimately our way of life. He has done more than any other Democrat to ensure fossil fuels were unaffordable

-He canceled federal energy leases. 

-He shut down drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

-He canceled pipelines and warned the oil industry its days were numbered. 

3) The Left always wanted unlimited illegal immigration to ensure massive illegal immigration as part of its dream of flipping red states blue by changing the demography Biden agreed , appointed his dimwitted VP as border czar and opened the Border. 

  • In less than two years, nearly 3 million illegal aliens have surged into the United States. Nearly all of them arrived unvaccinated, untested, and inadequately vetted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Record numbers of Americans are dying from drugs pouring across the border. 
  • Cartels are richer and more powerful than ever, while child traffickers operate with impunity.

4) Biden, without warning and apparently without serious planning simply yanked all U.S. troops from Afghanistan and abandoned a $1 billion new embassy, a $300 million refitted U.S. air base, and $80 billion worth of sophisticated arms and equipment.

In other words, Biden has done than any other prior Democrat to ensure the United States was grievously humbled abroad.

5) Biden was the first president to promise in advance that his vice-presidential running mate and his Supreme Court appointee had to be both black and female. For his cabinet picks, Biden ignored most criteria of prior experience or specific expertise, but instead ensured that his administration was “diverse” and almost totally devoid of appropriate qualifications and experience.

No prior Democratic president has been so beholden to identity politics or so consistently used de facto racial, gender, and sexual identity quotas in his presidential appointees.

6) The Left for years has railed about the criminal justice system. It believes punishment does not really deter crime, which is instead a result of racism and a toxic capitalist system.

Biden agrees and has appointed Federal attorneys who have practically ripped the blindfold and smashed the scales from Lady Justice” who enforce the law largely according to party affiliation.

7) No prior president has managed to weaponize the Pentagon, the FBI, or the CIA in ways that have transitioned them from traditional institutions to woke avatars of social revolution.

Now close to 70% of the American public appears to be eager to oust Biden or at least ensure that he does not dare seek reelection in 2024?

Biden’s current record and unpopularity are due not just to his unmistakable cognitive decline. Instead, the administration has damaged itself with a terrible agenda. The public detests $5-a-gallon gas and recoils in horror at 9.1 percent annual inflation along with extensive supply chain shortages to say nothing of near record annual increases in murders and other violent crime.

I believe the public is irate that the Biden cabinet never responds to these disasters but either denies the crises even exist or blames its own self-created messes on the Russians, or Trump, or their own Democratic senators who balked at printing more trillions of dollars.

The Left now appears to be looking for a younger, more charismatic replacement to advance their stale and unpopular agendas.

But since when has changing an inept messenger ever changed a DISASTEROUS MESSAGE?


William Richbourg is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Fair Pix 2022.2

Politicians and Party Members under the Big Top

Dan Cox, Reardon Sullivan, Neil Parrott, Greg Coll and so many more candidates joined MCGOP volunteers under the Republican Big Top for the annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg.

Our volunteers were amazing, our contacts and conversations were wonderful, and the food, drink and rides were great and satisfying.

Montgomery County Republican Party