Editorials October 2020


By Anne Koutsoutis


By Hessie Harris


By William Richbourg

Chairman's Message 9-11

I don’t remember when political violence was part of the social landscape in America. Ballots not bullets was always the theme for our democracy. A change like that should give us all pause.

When the President gave his speech last month at the White House accepting the nomination of his party for re-election, many local Republicans were invited to attend. Certainly the elected delegates from DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery had a great turnout.

There was some concern during the speech, but

Volunteer Opportunities

Now that the Conventions are over the real campaigning begins. Do you want to volunteer?

Editorials September 2020

Happy Labor Cartel Day

The Six Stages of Moral Development

Great Republicans September 2020

Katja Bullock, American Patriot --By Deborah Lambert

All in all, life has been good to Katja Bullock, and her lifetime of multiple career achievements is a testament to the unrelenting work ethic of someone who loves what she’s doing.

In 1965, as a 22 year old college graduate with a pharmacy degree and a deep curiosity to find out about America, she immigrated from Germany to the U.S. and planned to stay here for a year to see what the country was like.


We Support the Sitting Judges

Judicial Elections: Fifteen Years of Consequences

By former Chairman Alexander A. Bush

Most of us spend little time, if any, thinking about judicial elections. The candidates rarely campaign and the judges appointed by the Governor almost invariably win.

This year could be a tragic exception. For the first time in living memory an unvetted candidate has won the Democratic primary

Trump Top Ten

Hello Fellow Republicans,

Now that the DNC has wrapped up their convention of platitudes, it is full steam ahead to the RNC Convention. In the coming week, Americans will hear about the countless results that President Trump has delivered for the American people.

Along these lines, I am very excited to share with you our new Trump Top 10! With all the results the President has produced, it is a challenge to narrow the list down.

Our hope is that this one-page “Trump Top 10” is resource for you. Print it out, enlarge it on foamboard, 

Four More Years

I join you as we celebrate the Republican National Convention. Times are so different, four years ago it was the DNC and RNC Conventions, then the Summer Olympics in Brazil, on to Labor Day and the election. (All the media outlets knew who would win – the voting was just a formality)


It's Time to get Involved in the Trump Campaign

By Josephine Wang

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” still ring true during the pandemic of 2020! A perfect example is our MCGOP speaker from the last meeting we held at Lahinch restaurant. April Wang spoke passionately about how she came to the United States legally, and

Kim Klacik in Baltimore

Kim Klacik loves Baltimore

Watch the video

All Black Lives Matter



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