March Chairman's Message

I know you’ve had enough snow! On to Springtime. We’re all ready to move forward.

In this newsletter, we say:

Let’s make sure Montgomery County doesn’t go through what Texas did by validating that our energy resources are available winter through summer, affordable for all of us, and not here to serve political agendas. Read in this newsletter about Montgomery County’s far-left climate agenda.

How Rush Limbaugh Influenced the Growth of the GOP

By Deborah Lambert

There’s no doubt about it. Talk radio came into its own during the reign of Rush Limbaugh.

Today, both political parties readily acknowledge that Limbaugh provided major league momentum for the Republican Party’s transformation from 1993 into the Trump era. President Trump himself, who honored Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, came forward with congratulatory comments, noting that the positive words from Rush provided him with the necessary momentum to conquer the crowded field when he ran for president.

Reopen Schools

The school-age children of Montgomery County are suffering due to the steadfast refusal of Montgomery County Public Schools to reopen our classrooms for full-time, in-person learning. Our special needs, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged communities are unfortunately bearing the brunt of this misguided decision and consequently suffering needlessly.

We are approaching one entire year of remote learning in MCPS. Since closing down last March, our leaders have repeatedly said we will “follow the science” on when it is safe to reopen. Yet now that a scientific consensus is emerging in favor of reopening schools the teacher’s unions and special interests have bullied MCPS leadership into ignoring any science or data that does not support keeping schools closed.

Want to Hear a Joke?

It was so cold last month I saw County Councilmembers with their hands in their own pockets!”


Do you have some pleasant and funny Republican humor? Send it to [email protected] If we use it you'll get an MCGOP T-Shirt, suitable to wear to any restaurant that serves Republicans.

March Mondays With MoCo Speaker Series

"Mondays with MoCo"



Featuring Bruce Thornton and Congressman Andy Harris

Monday, March 8th  7:30PM


  Bruce S. Thornton, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and a Shillman Journalism Fellow of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, grew up on a cattle ranch in Fresno County, California. He received his BA in Latin from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1975, as well as his PhD in comparative literature–Greek, Latin, and English–in 1983.

Janet Rankin - the First Woman Elected to Congress and a Republican

The First Congresswoman Elected to Congress Was a Republican.

Jeannette Rankin’s status as the first woman elected to the national legislature yielded extensive press coverage across the states. This front page, above-the-fold article in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Journal Gazette with a colored illustration describes “Our First Congress-Woman” as “a grey-eyed, slender girl with the enthusiasm of a zealot, the simplicity of a child and the energy and fire of a race horse.”

Pat Shaver - A Great Republican Woman

Pat Shaver has been a member of the PWRC since the late 1960s.  She served as our president from 1982-1984, and during her 50+ years of membership, she has served in every board position and worked on nearly every political campaign.  She currently serves the PWRC as Chaplain and is the foremost authority on the history of our club, the longest serving member in PWRC’s existence, perhaps even state-wide.

Lincoln Project: More Like Stinkin Project

Meet Two Montgomery County Republicans


One of our youngest committee members, Matt, is 20 years old.  He was born and lives in Silver Spring.  Matt attended St. John the Evangelist, a Catholic elementary school, and Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. Living near the Metro station was a big advantage making his travel around the city much easier. He loves being a city boy as he describes himself.

CPAC in Orlando

By Lorraine Kuchmy

Lorraine Kuchmy, MCGOP Committeewoman with KT McFarland, former Deputy National Security Advisor, and FL State Delegate Fiona McFarland at CPAC in Orlando, Florida.

CPAC is traditionally held in the Washington DC area.  This year because of restrictions, the organizers took the show on the road to sunny Florida.  If you’ve never attended CPAC in person but only viewed online, I’d really recommend that you try to make it next time.  We who live in Montgomery County, where one party rule and cancel culture run rampant, can easily forget that there are millions of people throughout America who share our conservative values.

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