In the Beginning

First, they came for the President of the United States

And I did not speak out

Because I did not vote for that President of the United States


Give Us the News

The MCGOP is always looking for news items or great editorials. If you’ve got news of your Republican organization or club, or an item you think would be of interest, please send it to us at [email protected].

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Board of Elections Update

By Jim Shalleck

This Presidential Election was like no other in our County. Notwithstanding completely new voting locations, drop box locations, mail-in voting procedures and extended early voting hours, 536,706 voters cast their votes in this past election, 79.52 percent of registered voters.

Open Our Schools

The MCGOP, parents of impacted Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) K-12 students, and other concerned citizens want our public schools opened immediately. The Governor of Maryland released a recent letter instructing all county run school systems to do just that:

Chairman's Message 2020

The other day I was talking with a reporter, comes with the territory. She wanted to talk about women stepping up to run,

Editorials December 2020


Thanksgiving Newsletter


2020 Election Results

Call The Election Now!

There’s a process for electing President, and here in Maryland we’re sticking to it. It’s not complicated and it’s spelled out.

You get to vote for

Final 2020 Pre Election

Choose Our Leaders, Vote, Vote, Vote!

Democracy, freedom, prosperity, and safety. It’s all on the ballot. Maryland is open and waiting for your vote – every day until 8 PM November 3. Make your voice count. In this general election, this federal election, your country needs your authority to choose leaders in the White House and Congress, Judges and important questions. Here’s another copy of our Advisory Ballot. It's who and what we support!

October Letter from the Chairman

Although election day is November 3, we Marylanders have been voting for some time. With absentee/mail in ballots and early voting the bulk of the choices will be cast before the first Tuesday in November.


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