Alex Fahmy Spotlight

Meet Alex Fahmy, the youngest person who ran for Montgomery County School Board in this year's election:
By Jean Alexandra Tuttle
Tell us a little about yourself: 
I was born and raised in Damascus, MD. I graduated from Towson University and went to I work for the Washington Nationals Front Office and Vanderbilt Athletic Department. I currently organize autograph signings, negotiate partnership deals, and set up football and basketball camps for current and former professional athletes. I also work with a sports venture capital firm evaluating pitch decks and business plans for pitch competitions that we host virtually. 

What made you decide to jump into the race for the MC school board: 
First, it was the illegal mandates and fighting to keep schools. I felt strongly, that the MCPS would continue to get away with imposing the lockdowns, covid vaccines, and mask mandates on kids and teachers against their will. I was the only candidate who was endorsed by Stand for Medical Freedom because I didn't think vaccination status should impact a job or a child's education, MCPS became more focused on testing for covid than testing to see if students were able to solve math and read at their grade level (which they couldn't). As I started campaigning and talking to teachers, I became aware of the agenda MCPS was trying to push in the classroom - divisive curriculums, brainwashing kids to hate themselves and others who did not look like them, and most importantly, hiding it from parents. I don't know anyone who think it's right to tell a child to pick their gender and hide it from their parents.  This, all the while the current board of education voted against implementing financial literacy for students. 
My opponents sought to diminish my campaign because I did not have children in MCPS like they do, yet I saw all the CRT and gender delusional curricula that they thought didn't exist in MCPS (see my Facebook). It was difficult for me to share, as my Twitter account was suspended for posting MCPS approved books, yet Twitter flagged these books as child pornography and suspended my account!  Parents have no idea. I know a lot of teachers who have left MCPS and are thinking about finding a new career because the focus has turned away from the kids and education, and the good teachers are threatened if they speak up against this indoctrination. The focus has been on confusing children and developing social justice warriors. For example, MCPS was teaching kids there were two pandemics: a covid-19 pandemic, and a social justice pandemic. I also learned that there are MCPS students who identify as a cat. When I do have kids, I learned enough that I would not send my child through the MCPS system. 
Can you explain your thinking behind your tag line? 
 My tag line was "Children Above Politics" for the simple reason that children are two years behind, and MCPS is failing to properly educate an entire generation because they want kids to be social justice activists.  If a teacher or student did not agree with the extremely evident political views being pushed by MCPS, staff would see their job in jeopardy or the students' grades would drop. There is no reason to talk about politics after kids were trapped in their rooms being forced to learn through a screen 8 hours a day. There's a lot of work that needs to be done just to get kids performing at their own grade level, and I thought talking about politics did nothing to prepare children for success in the real world.
 In one of your postings, you mentioned "MCPS Grooming Children."   What does this mean and how did you find out? 
 By definition, grooming is defined as "the predatory act of maneuvering another individual into a position that makes them more isolated, dependent, less likely to trust, and more vulnerable to abusive behavior." Here is the MCPS system: Lockdowns and forcing children to learn through a screen in their room; forcing children to wear a mask and be isolated from their friends. Medical procedures and secrets from parents. CRT - stress, division, and hate. Gender Theory (body dissatisfaction and disassociation).
After the race, you have said that "I'm not going away.'  What role do you see yourself playing over the next several years? 
Simply, we are at a crossroads of "Good vs Evil" and there is an entire generation at stake. To that point, I want to continue to bring transparency to parents and share everything that is going on in the classroom. My biggest concern right now is the fact that I caught a Quince Orchard High School Teacher attacking me, and when I went through his social media posts, I saw pornography all over his Twitter account. The Quince Orchard Principal knows about this and has done nothing so far. I am also in the process of coming up with an alternative to public education. You can answer this survey here: 
I think I made a big impact in a short time, and now I want to offer a solution. I see myself opening my own homeschool academy and would love your help and support in doing so. I am also extremely proud and honored to have been endorsed by the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Dan Cox. He was the only candidate who took the time to meet with me, and understood what has been happening in the education system. It was really encouraging to have his endorsement as a first time candidate. Now, I am dedicated to making sure Dan is the next Governor of Maryland because he is the only candidate who is fighting for school safety, medical freedom, transparency, parental rights, and fighting to end CRT and gender delusional curricula in the classroom.
You have Champion Story Time coming up shortly.  Can you explain when it is and why you are promoting it?
Champion Story Time is something that I am extremely proud of coming up with. Over the duration of my campaign, I was made aware of very disturbing events that were taking place throughout Montgomery County. I do not agree with Montgomery County, or any county supporting Drag Queen Story Hour. which is exactly what it sounds like: a drag queen comes in and reads a gender delusional book to children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. What the heck is a drag queen doing around children? Why are parents bringing their kids to this? I was called a danger to the LGBT community for saying that drag queens should not be around 3 year olds. I found that to be pretty ironic. Instead, I wanted to come up with a better, more meaningful, and more safe alternative for children: Champion Story Time. I came up with Champion Story Time because we need real role models reading to children. On Sunday, August 7th I am having my first Champion Story Time with College Basketball and Villanova legend Kris Jenkins. He will be reading 'Paul Learns to be Polite.' This is not just for kids, anyone who wants to meet Kris and get his autograph is welcome to attend. It will be at the Clarksburg Tavern restaurant at 5 PM. Every Champion Story Time will have a champion guest speaker, whether it's an athlete, a police officer, a military Veteran, etc. Kids need to look up to real role models, not drag queens.
Jean Alexandra Tuttle is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

Coming Civil War?

Coming Civil War Part I

Recently fellow conservative, Kurt Schlichter posted an article in Townhall asking the question, “Are we looking at another Civil War?”

Before laying out the myriad of reasons, he observes that, “while the chance of civil conflict is low, violence is not only possible but it has repeatedly been used by the left as a means of making political change in America”. He then spells out the long synopsis of the evidence that the left clearly remains open to using violence to achieve its goals. 

I have to agree that the “chance of civil conflict is low” but if one looks at the extended reactions of the Left to Donald Trump’s election, up to and including the left’s more recent hysteria concerning the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, one has to ask “how can we not have a civil war”.

Let’s looks at the signs:

  • The left is increasingly resorting to violence whenever they lose on the political battlefield; 
    • Burning, looting, tearing down statues after George Floyd incident)
    • Vandalizing and firebombing 23 Pro-life organizations after the Dobbs decision.
  • The Left’s relentless demands to change the election system when they lose;
    • They immediately propose new and novel ways of electing public officials (jungle primaries, ranked choice voting, more allegedly “non-partisan” ballots;
    • Democrats’ abandonment of bipartisan election oversight 
  • Constant push by Democrats to cancel, shutdown or even incarcerate their opponents
  • The Democrats’ toleration and promotion of vilence against their opponents.

The only thing keeping American from devolving into civil war is the refusal of conservatives to emulate the violence of the ANTIFA cells and the BLM organizers across the county. 

We, then, have to ask what will it take to release the bottled-up rage of the Right? We have to assume tolerance of injustice and oppression is not infinite. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence were clear on that….”It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new Guards for their future security….”

The question is, can we pull out of the long decline of America at the hands of corrupt, incompetent, and terminally foolish ruling elite that controls our major institutions without bloodshed?


William Richbourg is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Looking for an Angel

We're Looking for an Angel

After so many years and so much activity our Republican Headquarters entrance and lobby floor is all the worse for wear. We have a donor who will contribute the flooring but we need to pay their cost for the removal and installation - about $840. If you can help us out contact former Chairman Dennis Melby at [email protected].  If a Club, Organization, Business or super supporter could help out we'd appreciate it.

Chairman's 4th of July Message 2022

One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

There’s more on our minds this Fourth of July than fireworks and cookouts. While areas around our great County may light up the night skies in remembrance of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we must also acknowledge that we are living in complicated times that require deeply thought-out solutions. 

Whereas we may have come from diverse backgrounds, via different pathways, purporting different occupations, and speak different languages, we must be united by belief in a simple truth: that we are all created equal, that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

It must be noted that our Government is unique in that it is a Government of the people. It MUST represent their will. Its officers may sometimes go astray, but that is not a reason for abandoning the principles of our Government. The heart of Government rests with the heart of the people. It is from that source that we must look for all genuine reform. We must work together to improve public safety in the County; to move our education system towards concentrating on science, technology engineering, arts and math, to prepare our student for the jobs of the future; and work diligently to bring jobs back to Montgomery County. 

As we are coming up on the primary elections, I am reminded of the historical lessons of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The pair became estranged after a bitterly fought presidential election, ultimately won by Jefferson, and the founding fathers ceased to talk. But after years, they set their differences aside, and began writing letters to each other about things other than politics. 

We must come together

I believe that together we can make the future of Montgomery County our best years, but we must rise above cynicism, doubt, and identity politics to perfect this County we love so much.

Since 1776, the Declaration of Independence has shaken the globe. We must acknowledge the work that started in the 1700’s continues to this day. We all know that Government cannot solve all of our problems and that all citizens are keenly responsible for the success of this County. Let us continue to move forward together to make positive change in the County.

Have a happy, safe and blessed Independence Day!!!

Some Thoughts On Gun Control

Some thoughts on Gun Control

14 Republican Senators recently voted for gun control legislation. While on the surface this is the betrayal grassroots Republicans have learned to expect from establishment politicians, if the legislation is being accurately portrayed by the media a more nuanced response is called for.  Perhaps this is a good time to look at the premise for gun control. 

What does the constitution say about gun control?  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  What is the militia?  Every able bodied man in the US.  In fact the states were supposed to arm and train them.  The US is supposed to be like Switzerland where many homes have an automatic weapon.  Any gun control legislation in the US is flat-out unconstitutional.

The traditional response to a mass shooting is an “assault weapon” (rifle) ban.  What do people use rifles for?   Something more than 100,000,000 varmints are killed each year in America.  I know – I helped kill them.  A varmint is a nuisance animal smaller than a deer (although technically deer could be classified as varmints).  Given that 7.5 million deer are killed each year, 6 million by gun and 1.5 million by car, the number of varmints killed annually could be higher than the population of the US, since there is no legal restriction on varmint hunting.  Less than 1 out of every one million rifle rounds fired for hunting purposes is used on the wrong prey (people).  American civilians burn through about 9 billion rounds of ammunition each year (almost 30 rounds per American).

As a side note it is much cheaper to kill deer with a rifle than to kill them with a car, and much safer.  Only city dwellers and suburbanites exclusively kill deer with cars. People in rural areas have more brains than that, they use rifles.

There were 21,570 homicides in 2021, a 5% increase from 2020.  2020 was a 30% increase from 2019, fueled by BLM riots and COVID.   Further, the murder total was 14,249 in 2014 and has risen since then every year there was a major BLM riot, or Biden was president, and declined every year there wasn’t a major BLM riot and Joe Biden wasn’t president.  Letting Joe Biden steal the election has caused the murder of more than 1500 Americans.

About 360 people are killed with rifles each year (about 1.5%) so banning rifles is pointless.  And what about “assault weapons”?  In 2014 out of 11,961 murders only 39 used an “assault weapon” (AR-15, AK-47, or similar weapon).  Only 0.33% of murders are committed with an “assault weapon”.

Another side note:  Anti-gunners like to quote the number 45,222  for annual gun deaths in the US.  The CDC says that in 2020 there were 24,292 suicides, 19,384 murders, 535 “unintentional”, 611 law enforcement involved, and 400 “undetermined circumstances” gun deaths.  Given that there were only 21500 murders in 2020, and 34% of murders (FBI UCR) are committed with non-gun weapons this blurb from the CDC is highly suspect.  Further a number of these deaths were officially recorded as dying of COVID.

The largest share of gun deaths are suicides.  Only 52.83% of suicides, a little more than half,  in 2020 were committed with firearms. If the Anti-gunners think they will stop suicides by banning guns they are sadly mistaken.  Greenland achieves 6 times our suicide rate with far fewer guns.  8% of their population dies by suicide. South Korea exceeds our suicide rate relatively gun free.  And Japan had a higher gun-free suicide rate, but they are improving. And the progressive driven cultural disruption is responsible for many of the suicides, which have risen steadily in the US since 2000.

They missed on an assault weapons ban this year, but did decide to raise the age to buy a rifle, mandate storage requirements for gun owners and increase bump stock regulations.  There is a argument to be made that the new regulations don’t infringe on the right to keep and bear arms (unlike an “assault weapons” ban) but it is a weak argument.  Biden’s attempts to tax or limit ammunition are a more direct threat to 2nd amendment rights.  

Let’s see how effective these measures would be in Uvalde.  Raising the age limit would have delayed it for three years assuming the shooter had no friends and couldn’t borrow weapons. Storage requirements and bump stock regulations would have no effect. The legislation wouldn’t fix the unlocked door the shooter used to enter the school.  The legislation wouldn’t fix the 75 minutes that law enforcement dithered while children were shot.  The shooter could have killed more than 19 people in 75 minutes with a single semi-automatic handgun or a katana.

So what do we do about mass shootings?  What if there was a way to stop 20-30% of mass shooting deaths overnight with a single piece of legislation?  A solution used by other countries to combat mass shooting? This solution exists.

The solution is a complete blackout of news coverage of mass shootings.  Mass shootings tend to happen in clusters because of the copy-cat effect.  And the mercilessly milking of any mass shooting by the backers of gun control just makes it worse.  But we can stop the backers of gun control from needlessly killing Americans with a press ban.

Given that the current press is dishonest and hopelessly biased “freedom of the press” does more harm than good.  The press is no longer a “guardian of democracy” but one of the forces working to undermine it.  They are allied with the bureaucracy and support them rather than oppose them.  So it is impossible to understand why Republicans haven't proposed a press blackout to stop 20-30% of the carnage.

We need some solid research on why mass shootings have increased in the last 30 years.  What is causing this?  Is it the dissolution of the family?  Is it SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)? Is it corruption of the culture by godless communists aka secular progressives aka “Wokies”?  Is it modern progressive (“Woke”) psychology?  Is it “Gun free zones” and failures by law enforcement?  Is it all of these?

Uvalde, where 21 people died instead of 3 or less, occurred despite the lessons learned from the  Parkland shooting (17 dead).  This would indicate there are some low hanging fruit on the law enforcement side of the equation.  And we could just ban the “gun free zones” where these tragedies inevitably occur.

As far as the progressive side of things, if it would cut the number of mass shooting deaths by even 10%,  it is worth banning Wokeness (radical progressivism).

SSRIs have been tentatively linked to mass shootings.  There is no excuse that the health records of mass shooters have not been thoroughly mined to establish whether their mental health treatment is linked to their actions.

There has been a knee jerk reaction to ban guns in response to these incidents instead of exploring other ways to violate the constitution that would be far more effective.  A press ban and a progressive “woke” ban (a ban on corrosive philosophy that is destroying America), would be far more effective than a gun ban.  And the research to find out whether there is a link between shooters' drug history or progressive psychology, and mass shootings, should start immediately.

We need to ask why establishment Republicans side with the enemy instead of proposing innovative legislation.  Legislation that would aggressively target the root causes of mass shootings (the press, mental health care, cultural disruption, etc.)  Legislation with beneficial side effects that would improve society.

Let's go Brandon. God Bless America.

Paul Agle is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Left Coast becomes Less Woke

The Left Coast becomes a little less WOKE

On the far-left coast and in the most-woke city of San Francisco the Red Wave is visible. You can see it from Nancy Pelosi’s well stocked freezer. First, this Spring in the nearly all-Democrat City they voted out 3 of the WOKE school board members (members who had debated taking Abe Lincoln’s name off schools and making sure not too many Asian Americans could get into particular schools based on merit – instead of debating when to open doors to all students).

But they weren’t done, last week they overwhelmingly voted out WOKE left District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who they felt was more protective of the criminals than the victims. Boudin, the son of convicted murderers, was voted out by the Democratic super majority. Seems the homelessness, filth, lack of public safety, rampant theft, open drug use and lack of civility was too much even for the Center of the Progressive movement.

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t we “San Francisco on the Potomac”? How about us? Well, go to the grocery store and talk to folks about the price of food. Go to the gas station and put gas in the truck. Ask how the truck driver delivering your food and goods can afford to put gas in their tank. Go to the drugstore and ask the moms about formula, go to the schools and ask the dads picking up their kids what the kids are learning…is it reading and writing or is it genderism and racial hatred? Finally, work late and see if others worry if you’ll be home safe…and if the cops will feel supported by the WOKE Left County government if they come to help you if a crime occurs.

Yes, when even the WOKE Left coast starts reconsidering their choices you could see that change come here - quickly.

The Primary is July 19, early voting before that. Get ready.


Juneteenth Statement from RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel:

“Although Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation more than two years earlier, it wasn’t until this day in 1865 that Union General Gordon Granger was able to get to Galveston, Texas to let those remaining enslaved Americans know the Civil War was over and all slaves were free. The Republican Party will always be proudly connected to Juneteenth because of President Lincoln’s leadership, and we enthusiastically welcome its adoption as our newest national holiday after President Trump called for it last year (2020). Mindful of the special importance Juneteenth has for Black Americans, it should also be a source of pride for Republicans and every American. The RNC will continue our efforts to expand engagement with the Black community because our party remains the party of freedom and opportunity. On Juneteenth we vow to never forget the evils of slavery while we continue the work of perfecting our Union. Our new federal holiday is a reminder of what we can achieve when we appeal to our nation’s highest ideals and come together as Americans.”

Bottom Line: Emancipation and Juneteenth will always be a part of our heritage as a Republican Party. This holiday is an opportunity for all Americans to learn, unite, and celebrate as we continue to work to create a more perfect union, and the RNC proudly joins in that celebration. 

Fighting Feudalism

Fighting Feudalism

By Paul Agle

Many people are alarmed and concerned about what is happening in America.  But if you look at things from a thousand foot level (or even better – look at things from orbit) a picture emerges.

In a feudal society there are nobles with all the rights, there is an implementation class (knights, sheriffs, and such) with some rights and privileges, and serfs who are basically serfs.  This is the traditional top-down form of government.

The unique US constitution enshrined a different form government, bottom-up.  The constitution shackled the government with heavy chains to keep it under control and gave control to the common man through the ballot box.  "A republic, if you can keep it."

The elites and the establishment political class have been trying to break those chains for 240 years and recently their already too successful campaign has gone into overdrive. To destroy democracy isn't easy.  A Constitution which limited the Federal Government, a moral Christian culture, the family, an aggressive and vigilant news media, and an apolitical bureaucracy that fairly implemented passed laws made this the greatest country on earth with unparalleled opportunity.  But the elites weren't thriving.

To turn a democracy into a feudal society the rights to all assets must be taken from the people and given to the nobles, the implementation class (the “bureaucracy”) must loyal to the nobles, the population (the serfs) must not have access to accurate information or militarily useful weapons, and the vote must be turned into a pro forma exercise.

About 50 years ago the poorest 99% had control of most of American assets and money.  In the post war period the wealth of the 99% increased while the wealth of the top 1% was stagnant.  Since then the wealth of the 99% has decreased while the wealth of the 1% has steadily increased.  Government policy is transferring wealth to the nobles.

During the medieval period information control was achieved by not teaching the peasants how to read.  Information control in the modern era is achieved by ensuring that everything you read is inaccurate propaganda, by indoctrinating the bureaucracy and the children, and gagging anyone who speaks out.

The bureaucracy has been openly politicized and is being used as a tool to attack the right. The spying, police state tactics, and two tier enforcement of law (one for the right and one for the left) has gotten out of hand.  And the Woke are used as an American “Tonton Macoutes” to terrorize the population.  

The attacks on guns will continue until they are taken away.

Elections in large cities were never honest (Chicago has been said to have a 10% fraudulent vote since the 60s), but COVID-spawned changes allowed trafficking in ballots to reach 7% of the mail-in total in swing states, and allowed the mail-in vote to be a majority of the ballots.  Trump won the legitimate vote in the key swing states.  Unfortunately he only got legitimate votes.  In Maryland Biden got 20% more mail-in votes, than Trump got votes period.  And the crowd overflowing the border is an attempt to dilute the vote of real Americans.

America is declining because establishment politicians let it happen.  The Babylon Bee had an article about a Democrat pilot and a Republican co-pilot arguing over whether to fly their Boeing 747 into the ground at 700 MPH or a more responsible 600 MPH.  If you name the pilot “Brandon” and the co-pilot “Romney” the picture is complete.  What is worse is the dishonesty and corruption inside the beltway appears to be endemic.

How can you tell that a Republican is an establishment politician?

  1. They didn't vote for funding the border wall and negotiate amnesty for some or all illegals.
  2. They don't back anti-DEI and anti-CRT legislation
  3. They don't believe in, and defend to the death, free speech.
  4. They don't believe there is vote fraud and won't investigate it.
  5. They believe that climate change is a threat.
  6. They will vote for gun control measures.
  7. They were supportive of COVID policy.
  8. They are unwilling to end Obamacare.
  9. They read the Washington Post and the New York Times and believe what they are reading.

A lot of the problem is “dark money” (untracked funds) from overseas hostile governments, and overseas and local billionaires that advocate for policies harmful to America and Americans.  This makes it easy and lucrative to ignore what best for the American people.

America will continue to decline until we get rid of establishment politicians, all of them.  We need to elect politicians that are honest and will work to improve the lot of the working and middle class.  This means:

  1. Ending illegal immigration
  2. Defending Free Speech
  3. Defending honest elections
  4. Defending the 2nd amendment. 
  5. Defining people as binary (a simple fact).
  6. Removing people with Cluster B personality disorders (the Woke) from the education system and the bureaucracy, and ending their pernicious evils (like the “Cancel Culture” and CRT).
  7. Reducing government spending
  8. Restricting Federal agency actions against Americans and depoliticizing the agencies. 
  9. Reducing regulation and government interference in the lives of Americans.
  10. Bringing industry and mining back to America.
  11. Ignoring Climate Change except for adaptation measures.
  12. Ending green initiatives.  Any “green” initiative if viewed at close range is a tax on the 99% for no benefit.
  13. Reducing healthcare costs.
  14. Promoting traditional morals and ethics, and only supporting pro-family legislation.
  15. Reducing crime for all Americans where ever they live.

We must stop the march toward Feudalism. The Republican Party (and I would hope the opposition) must to turn away from policies that are destructive to the working and middle class and work to increase the wealth and security of the 99%.

What is good for them is good for America.  

God bless everyone, and God bless America.


Paul Agle is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

UARE Needs U!

We are in need of volunteers to hand out the Blue Book Ballots during early voting. Now's the time for everyone to step up to the plate and help us get these ballots into the voter's hand.

Registration Deadline Nears

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For Immediate Release:  Friday, May 27, 2022


Is your voter registration up to date?  Is your residential address current? Is your political party affiliation, correct?  Do you wish to change your political party affiliation or make any other changes to your voter registration? Montgomery County citizens who wish to vote in the 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election need to complete and submit their voter registration application no later than Tuesday, June 28, 2022, by 9:00 p.m. 

Maryland holds closed party primaries. Only registered voters affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties receive a ballot for that party. Unaffiliated voters will vote only for candidates for the Board of Education.


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