The Republican Party was founded before the American Civil War to counter the Democrats' demands to continue and expand Slavery in America. During the great conflict that followed over 600,000 troops lost their lives - as well as untold civilians. When southern black Americans were finally emancipated by the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln and given the right to vote, they registered and voted Republican - until the Democrats regained power in the South and took their rights away for decades.

The following story recalls how the black residents of Charleston gave a dignified burial to the Union Troops, honored their sacrifice and respected the memories of their fallen emancipators, years before Memorial Day was proclaimed. It was called Decoration Day, and those soldiers' remains were later moved to a national cemetery in Beaufort, S.C.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE>


Republican Chairman Dennis Melby installs Maurice Ward, recently elected by the Central Committee as a Member from Legislative District 17. Mr. Ward had previously served on the Central Committee.


June 15 Noon

Former President Donald Trump's birthday is Flag Day. Come the next day and celebrate with us at MCGOP Headquarters on Saturday June 15 at noon. We'll have a cake and coffee, you can sign his birthday card to wish him well, hear speeches, meet our Delegates to the GOP Convention in Milwaukee, take pictures with "Trump", pick up campaign signs and memorabilia and more. 

Buy tickets HERE.

At MCGOP, 15833 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville 20855  301-417-9256  We appreciate your support of this fundraising event and hope to see you at the party!

Donations accepted for great TRUMP signs, flags, stickers and gear.

If you can't attend, buy a ticket and write your wishes in the "remarks" section. We'll put it on the cards we send to Mar-a-Largo.


MCGOP will have a tent at Taste of Wheaton!

The event is June 2 in Wheaton at 11 AM. This is a great opportunity to meet potential voters and educate them about our principles.

Please join us to celebrate Wheaton and Republicans in Montgomery County! If you would like to help, please contact: Joan Pleiman at [email protected]  Thanks for helping us!

The Huessy Report May 27

The OBiden Administration

Foreign policy experts pointed out that the same types of staffers for Biden’s former boss who are holding his feet to the fire also make up his own administration.

“In some respects, they’re all Obama alumni, with Biden’s senior officials having served as senior officials during Obama. Sullivan was on the secret trip to Oman to start the Iran nuclear deal talks. McGurk was a senior architect of Obama’s Mideast realignment. Bill Burns was a key architect along with Wendy Sherman (now departed from the Biden administration) in cementing the interim nuclear deal with Iran, and then Blinken was instrumental in securing the final nuclear deal,” Goldberg said. 

“The vice president’s national security advisor was also part of the JCPOA dream team. Let’s not forget Colin Kahl at Department of Defense until recently, another Iran echo chamber key actor. Oh, and lest we forget Rob Malley was appointed by this president to be special envoy for Iran – working with his close childhood friend Tony Blinken.”

Ready for a Trump - Harris Administration?

Western journal has discovered that well Shazam that is possible!! Interesting scenario.

Race to the Bottom: The State Competing with California to be the 'Left's Progressive Utopia'



By Lori Jaffe

County Executive Marc Elrich has big plans for us. He is very proud of his work on climate change. He recently visited China to try to establish business relations. But does he represent our values? Is he really a leader, or merely a follower of the Left? You can help the Committee for Better Government limit him to two terms, but you must act soon. Ten thousand valid signatures must be gathered by August 2024. (See below).

In 2021, Elrich unveiled his MoCo Climate Action Plan. “The urgency of climate change inspires Montgomery County to serve as a model for other jurisdictions,” he said. “Collectively, communities across the State of Maryland, the country and the world must tackle climate action at the scale that is necessary to curb the cataclysmic social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change.”

Last month, Elrich mocked (0:44) those who don’t see climate change as an urgent issue. “66 years of ignoring stuff,” “…I think it’s really hard to ignore things that are in front of your face for that long.” Yet, he is currently courting China’s (13:45) biofield and industrial groups. If he brings technology from China, what will we be supporting through our tax dollars? What is Elrich himself ignoring?


Dear Council President Friedson,

In light of the recent Montgomery County School Board budget crisis, I urge you to listen to the Montgomery County Taxpayers League’s call to work with state legislators to establish an independent Inspector General at MCPS. At this time, it appears that MCPS may be undergoing a Reduction in Force as a result of a $33 million budget deficit. This would be a terrible blow to our students and teachers.



Congratulations to all the successful Republican candidates for November.

  • Donald Trump for President
  • Larry Hogan for US Senate
  • Neil Parrott for Congress
  • Cheryl Riley for Congress

What hard fought races and great opponents, on to victory in November!

All our folks running as Trump Delegates were chosen to go to the Milwaukee convention, and in the non-partisan race conservative Brenda Diaz looks like she’ll go on to the Board of Education run-off. 

Thanks to all our hard workers – during early voting and at the polls on a rainy election day. Organization Chair Ann Hingston and Outreach Chair Brad Botwin were great, as were our polling site coordinators and so many folks who staffed the polls greeting people, installing signs and working the office.  It was amazing.

Volunteers got so many Democrat and Independent sign-ups for the 2T Charter Amendment, it was heartening.

Yes, I heard you, so many days of early voting is a waste of time and money. If you’ve got a great campaign story, please tell me.

Thanks for being a great American, a great Republican and a hard worker. 


MCGOP Chairman

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  • May 21 Back the Blue Bethesda
  • May 25-26 Rockville Hometown Holidays
  • May 27 Memorial Day
  • June 5 Back the Blue Gaithersburg
  • June 11 Republican Breakfast Club
  • June 11 PG-Darrell Issa



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