MAY 2-14, 2024

Check out these candidates, Republican and non-partisan, running for office-


Nikki Haley for President

Donald Trump for President

US Senate

Robin Ficker for Senate

Larry Hogan for Senate

John Myrick for Senate

US Congress District 6

Dan Cox for Congress

Chris Hyser for Congress

Neil Parrott for Congress

Mariela Roca for Congress

Tom Royals for Congress

Brenda Thiam for Congress

US Congress District 8

Cheryl Riley for Congress*

Michael Yadeta for Congress*

MoCo Board of Education

Sebra Evans for Board of Ed

Sharif Hidayat for Board of Ed*

Bethany Mandel for Board of Ed

Fitzgerald Mofor for Board of Ed*

Ricky Mui for Board of Ed

Local Office

MC District Circuit Judges

Marylin Pierre for Judge

Out of MoCo

Sean Flaherty for City Council

Jaime Brennan Frederick Board of Ed


-If you're a Republican or non-partisan candidate running in Maryland, send your website or contact information to [email protected].  

*As candidates send us their campaign websites, we'll include them.


Montgomery County Republican Party