by Susan Baker

The first Back the Blue (BTB) event of 2024 was held on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Being my first one, I learned that all the Republican Women’s Clubs (Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rural, and Upper County) and the MCGOP Republican Central Committee have actually been involved in this effort supporting our police for the past five years. I arrived at Police District 4 with several others and helped them set up, bringing food, drinks, snacks and signs of support for the police.  

Officers and staff came and went. Some stayed a bit, and we mingled and talked with them with happy spirits all around. I had an especially good conversation with three officers with whom I shared my experiences taking the MC Police Citizens’ Academy. They all said how pleased they were that I had attended, enjoyed, and learned so much about the work they do, and that I am an alumna of the Academy (I had my badge on). I shared an exciting conversation with one of the officers about community household security, the available systems, and the physical aspects. I learned a lot. I goofed and ate a cookie, and the Officer I was talking with said that it was OK that I had eaten their cookie… "It is a good thing" … as he patted his belly. 

Photos were taken among small groups, and then a large group photo at the end. All the Republican Women’s group attendees signed the BTB placards. It seemed that no one wanted to break up the event, but everyone was mindful that these officers had real work to do, so we hustled out, leaving them to the bounty of food, treats, and drinks and the job ahead of them.

We were surprised, rather sad, and yet very proud to learn that the GOP Women’s groups and the MCGOP Central Committee were the only groups that did these kinds of events! These officers put their lives on the line every day they don the uniform. It is only fitting that they be supported by the residents of this county. We also learned that the county is going to have a series of retirements, which is concerning given that recruitment is down, and crime is going up.

There are approximately 7 more Back the Blue opportunities - the next one is Tuesday, April 30th. If you have an opportunity to volunteer and attend a Back The Blue event, please do so. Not only was it an encouraging experience for me, but I could see how much it meant to our Police. Please be on the look out for fliers regarding event information. Thank you so much.


Susan Baker is a member of the Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club


Montgomery County Republican Party