Al Phillips, A Sound-Minded Conservative Candidate for State Senate, District 39

By Deborah Lambert

For Al Phillips, this election year has provided an opportunity to inject some conservative viewpoints into his campaign for the Maryland State Senate. As a strong believer in liberty, prosperity and adherence to the U.S. Constitution, Phillips decided to run for office in order to promote traditional values, stress the importance of maintaining border security, reject the concept of sanctuary cities and acknowledge the importance of law enforcement.  A Maryland native, he and his wife Debra live in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

One of Phillips’ goals is to help ensure that Marylanders get what they pay for. He also believes that more attention should be given to the following areas of concern that would improve the quality of life for the state:

  • Job Creation and Growth
  • Tax Cuts
  • Accountability in Education
  • Make Maryland a Right to Work state
  • Enact Term Limits for the Legislature

If he wins, Phillips looks forward to helping Governor Hogan move ahead with his proposal to enact term limits for the General Assembly that would restrict members to two consecutive four-year terms.  The term limits concept got a head start in 2016 when the Montgomery County Term Limits Charter Amendment, limiting members of the County Council and County Executive to three consecutive terms, passed with close to 70 percent of the votes.

If elected, Phillips also looks forward to helping Governor Hogan build on his successful first term by addressing the following issues:

  • Reduce traffic congestion on I-270 and 495
  • Attract more businesses to Montgomery County by reducing red tape
  • Work on developing new district borders that will end gerrymandering

In fact, our gerrymandered districts have negatively impacted the representation of voters. It is well past time to correct past mistakes when districts were redrawn to reduce Republican voting power.

The AI Phillips for State Senate campaign is also focused on reducing state taxes and developing a more stable fiscal policy for Maryland.

Simply stated, he believes the tax burden should be lightened for all Maryland residents and cuts should be made to all state taxes including personal income, corporate income, real property, capital gains and sales. Tax cuts should be offset by current budget spending cuts. Continued tax reductions on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco means that more money stays in Maryland.

Phillips believes that Montgomery County schools should become more competitive and would like to promote school choice and charter schools. He would also welcome the opportunity to help Governor Hogan increase school security measures, including the addition of school resource officers.

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