Andy Harris Should Not Resign - An Open Letter

Dear Maryland House of Delegates,

I was so sorry to see your name on the letter to Congressman Andrew  Harris calling him to resign.  This correspondence is to let you know how very disappointed I and your other LD 17 constituents are in your decision to call for Congressman Andrew Harris to resign.  We are concerned that your call demonstrates a lack of appreciation for the First Amendment and failure to respect those who have diverse opinions.

I do not agree that Congressman Harris’ action has damaged our democracy or threatened our Constitution.   He exercised his Constitutional rights to attend President Trump's rally, which law-abiding citizens attended.  I was there with many thousands of like-minded citizens to support our President. Your charge that Congressman Harris was responsible for the thugs storming the Capitol on January 6 is appalling.  There is now an abundance of evidence of who planned the attack on the Capitol.  You and other Maryland legislators jumped to a conclusion without having evidence.  That is a typical tactic of many Democrats which is disappointing.

The FBI and the Capitol Police reported they had information of premeditated plans of violence at the Capitol Building at least a day before January 6. Why was this not addressed?

I was one of the 99% of law-abiding Trump supporters in DC on January 6 who was there to peacefully support my President.  Congressman Harris and others were peaceful protestors who participated in exercising our First Amendment. None of us were violent nor were we incited to be violent as you wrongly charge.

President Donald Trump did not incite me or my friends.  As mentioned, we were exercising our First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the right of the people to assemble peaceably. We were there to celebrate President Trump's accomplishments and to show our support for all he has done for America.

The inflammatory rhetoric of the Left caused the January 6 mob to storm the Capitol   It is well past time for Democrats and the mainstream media to take responsibility for dividing Americans and attempting to humiliate, silence, get fired from jobs, and perhaps most menacingly of all, talk about "reeducation camps" for those who support Donald Trump, like me and others who have conservative views.

It's time for careful reflection and change. When will you and other legislators accept political views other than your own?  Demanding such a singularity of views is fascism. If your ideas are so terrific, they should easily be able to withstand the scrutiny of opposing views.  Instead, legislators insist on squashing opposing views.  What does that say about their positions?

You and all the other Maryland legislators, as elected by law-abiding citizens, need to separate violent offenders from the peaceful American citizens at a rally.  We demand that the double standards applied and censorship stop. We demand that the threats to our personal safety and job security stop. Please stop the rhetoric demanding Congressman Harris to resign.

It is now time for you and other legislators to stop ill-founded statements to Congressman Andrew Harris and his constituents.   When you all call for his resignation, you insult hundreds of thousands of Marylanders who voted for him and support him.  You also fail to follow President Biden and his call for us to stop the red-blue uncivil war.  


Brigitta Mullican is a member of the Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club and a former candidate for Rockville City Council.

Montgomery County Republican Party