April Chairman Message

Our local government continues on a far left trajectory, but they are hearing us and they do learn. Apparently they’ve learned that the term “Defund the Police” does not appeal to voters; that we want the SRO’s in public schools;  that we want our schools, restaurants and houses of worship open; that we want reasonable distribution of the Covid vaccine and that we want common sense in our local Government. You can see that they're afraid the local Council elections will remember their failed tactics in 2022.

The new term is not “defund the police”, but to “reimagine the police” … just to take their salaries, protections and law enforcement abilities away and not call it defunding! 

Our local Republican Party is moving forward. Our popular Monday’s with MoCo series continues with discussions of Charter Schools for Montgomery this month, and opposing Anti-Asians in Education forces next month.  

We’re doing great on social media and picking up interest and followers by the hundreds, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with thousands of video views. We are also working with the state party on voter integrity and pushing back against the County Councils sanctuary city policies. Voters are discovering they’re not alone in opposing the alarming local thrust toward the left, identity politics, racism and overbearing taxation.

We finally don’t see the worst of the virus in the headlights, more and more we see the pandemic in the rear view mirror. Convincing a controlling County Democrat government of this is more of a challenge than most people expected, but we intend to pressure for more openness, more freedom and more in-person education.

Enjoy our newsletter, get involved, volunteer and contribute. And as always I’d love to hear from you. Email me at [email protected].

Reardon “Sully” Sullivan, PE

MCGOP Chairman

Montgomery County Republican Party