Baseline Truth - Are Men and Women Different?

Across all human societies at all times and in all locations, regardless of religion or other value system there was and is one irreducible base-line truth - there are men and there are women and that distinction is one of biology, not preference - the "Baseline Truth." A society only progresses in time through men and women living, laughing and loving together, having children and maintaining coherent families.  Without embracing the Baseline Truth of male and female and that necessary interaction, there are no children, there are no families and the society collapses.

In the last five years, across America, the radical left has pushed the Transgender Agenda. They have captured all the major institutions of American life, including the NCAA. They seek to force all of us to abandon the Baseline Truth. They claim that rejecting the Baseline Truth is necessary in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion. Their program is executed  through using pronouns based on how the individual “identifies,” not on the objective reality of what the individual is.  The program is also fostered by forcing drag queens on the youngest and most impressionable children, all in the name of “Tolerance.”  
Thus, the left uses the natural instinct of most people to treat others with respect and kindness as a tool to demolish belief in the Baseline Truth.
Why are the left are doing this?  Simple - if you abandon the Baseline Truth and believe or accept the left’s lie - the “Big Lie” - then you will believe or accept ANYTHING.  More importantly YOU WILL DO ANYTHING  the regime tells you and accept ANYTHING THE REGIME DOES.
You will accept that a fifty something cross dressing man can be “Woman of the Year” that a mediocre male college swimmer can be a championship female swimmer. What else will you accept or believe ? - that two quarters of negative growth is not a recession? that Inflation is only 9% ? that Critical Race Theory is not a lie ? that putting Jews in concentration camps is a good thing ? that murdering anyone who wears glasses is necessary for the "New Society"?  Starving your political opponents is perfectly acceptable? Weaponising the security and intelligence services of the state against your political enemies or any other dissenter is right? that intimidating Supreme Court justices is perfectly acceptable? Where does the list end - it does not.
Every murderous dictatorship from Hitler's Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba, Sandinista Nicaragua, Madura’s Venezuela, the Mullah’s Iran and beyond has used some variation of the "Big Lie" to pit children against parents undermine the family and encourage loyalty to the regime before one’s parents.
In America today attacking the Baseline Truth is just the latest assault by the current crop of NAZIS to get the gullible to believe and accept anything and condone any murderous or repressive action - all in the name of “Tolerance” and the “Greater Good”
How does The “Big Lie" stop? - Vote for Republican candidates in November.  However, if asked directly to promote the lie: seek strength from your faith and objective reality, quietly affirm the Baseline Truth - and remind your questioner that once we have abandoned objective truth any evil deed will become acceptable.
Anonymous Author - Because of the author's international, military and government background he chooses to remain anonymous.
Montgomery County Republican Party