Davide Bossie Contract with America


It sure hasn’t taken long for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the radical Democrats in control of Capitol Hill to show everyone that they have absolutely nothing to offer the American people except more out-of-control spending and tax increases.

In the first six months of the Biden-Harris Administration, innovative policy proposals, much-needed reforms, and new ideas are nowhere to be found.  A recent headline in Politico said it all: “Biden-allied group warns: Voters are largely clueless about POTUS’ accomplishments.”

And that’s because there really aren’t any.

Despite Mr. Biden’s empty promises of unity and building back better, what we’ve gotten in reality is something far different.  Instead, President Biden has given the American people a border crisis, inflation, and more division. The root cause of all this?  The President’s radical rhetoric and his socialist policies.

The power-hungry leftists just can’t help themselves.  The same old career politicians are returning to the same old playbook of pushing $3.5 trillion-dollar big government spending boondoggles that are as wasteful as they are irresponsible. Mr. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have been thriving in the Washington swamp for more than 100 years combined.  Did you expect something different this time around?

Other than finding new ways to flush taxpayer dollars down the toilet on their socialist wish list and tacking on untold trillions to our already unsustainable $28 trillion national debt, Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill are also busy revealing their true priority – the never-ending witch hunt of former President Donald J. Trump.  This is not what the American people signed up for.

These are difficult times for tens of millions of American families, and they deserve more from the party in power than more partisan taxpayer-funded investigations.  It’s a breathtaking waste of precious time and money when our country can least afford it.

The razor-thin results of the 2020 election were a bitter pill to swallow for conservatives for certain. Still, every time the Democrats seize power, it doesn’t take long to remember that they are the party of the failed status quo and Republicans are the party of outsiders, fresh ideas, and reform.

And because of the Democrat’s ongoing failure in 2021, an enormous opportunity has presented itself for the GOP in 2022.  It’s time for Republicans, independents, and reasonable Democrats from coast to coast to coalesce around the American conservative populist agenda that hardworking, patriotic taxpayers want.

Republicans must put to paper a new plan of specific policy proposals to offer the American people to get our country back on track and promise to vote on every item on the list by Independence Day 2023 if we take back Congress during next year’s midterm elections. Speaker Newt Gingrich’s bold recipe from 1994-1995 was the right approach.

A unified platform in the Trump-Gingrich tradition for American exceptionalism offers a lot of promise.

It starts with providing job creators with some iron-clad certainty by making the Trump tax cuts and deregulations permanent.  The next item on the list must be finishing the border wall once and for all.  Mr. Trump’s successful border policy was working until Mr. Biden came into office and broke it.  After that, we must get back to reforming welfare to ensure that able-bodied workers are always looking for a job, not just waiting for the next handout.  Mr. Biden’s doctrine of endless government dependence is wrong for America.

Our plan must support and fund our brave policemen and women in every possible way we can. American families rely on law and order to live peaceful and productive lives.  Ending the crime wave that’s been allowed back into our neighborhoods is imperative.  We must also outlaw the poisonous Critical Race Theory that seeks to destroy the fabric of our country along with passing school choice to give families alternate options to living under the thumb of powerful partisan teacher unions.  A new Republican majority in Congress should also prioritize moving legislation that finally reins in Big Tech and holds it accountable.

We should only seek to amend our Constitution when it’s absolutely necessary, and now is the time to move forward with two critically important measures that would dramatically alter the trajectory of America if enacted. Republicans should advance both a congressional term limits amendment and a balanced budget amendment immediately.  Let’s address out-of-control spending and those responsible at the same time.

And, we must never take our eyes off of Communist China.  The GOP should promise to create a 9/11-style commission to investigate the origins of COVID-19 to find out why more than four million people are dead worldwide – including  600,000 Americans.  Our country – and the world – deserve the truth.  Only America can make this happen, and it’s a shame the Democrats currently in power don’t have the guts. If China isn’t held accountable, their bad behavior will only continue.

An America First foreign policy must also show steadfast support for Israel against Hamas and the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, as well as the Cuban people over its brutal Communist dictatorship.

If Republicans were to come together, invest, and campaign on these measures in unison next year, it would be a powerful contrast to the incompetent Democrat mob that’s currently destroying our great nation before our very eyes. I know it can be done.

We owe it to all our fellow Americans to drive these popular reforms.



David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President. He is also a former Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

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