August Chairman's Message

Many in our great nation are taking advantage of the warm weather and enjoying mask less fellowship with family and friends. A time to recharge, reflect and reconnect with loved ones after 18 months of lockdowns, big tech censorship, the teaching of revisionist history in our schools, voter integrity issues, stagnate job growth and now the explosion of crime in our county.

Over the past 18 months, we have all sacrificed and lost our sense of balance and humanity,  yet in the midst of uncertainty, we have not only survived, but thrived thanks to our uniquely American spirit. These challenging times have tested our character, but our local party has not backed down. It has tested our perseverance, but we are still here and we are growing.

Even a quick glance at the media it is plain to see that our county is under siege by criminals that feel embolden by the progressive Democrat movement to defund the police. The significant increase in homicides in Montgomery County, Maryland has led county police Chief Marcus Jones to label it a “disturbing trend.” Carjacking's are on the rise, particularly in the Silver Spring and Bethesda area. We have had nearly a 40% jump in armed robberies in the county,” Jones said. The spike comes as the police department faces challenges of recruiting and retaining officers. It is time for the good people to take a stand against crime. We ask for your support to visit the police with Sandy Tuttle and the GOP woman’s groups, become educated about the topic and talk to your neighbors and provide a donation that will help us produce video, blog post that will get the message out to ALL the members of our county, regardless of their party regarding this common sense issue.

Another major issue that will effect our county for many years is redistricting on both the state and county levels. It is imperative that any new districts that are redrawn be fair and allow the 100,000 Republicans in Montgomery County to have their voices heard. Please reach out to the state and local redistricting commission, testify, write letters and call to make your voices heard. Let them know that we Republicans will not no longer stand for gerrymandered districts. ( )

And for some good news … the MCGOP “Summer Soiree” was a great success, bringing in over 120 like-minded Republicans for an evening of fun and fellowship with great speakers, amazing food and entertainment.  Anne Koutsoutis and her team “knocked it out of the park” A short video is located here:

We have sworn in three great Republicans to the Central Committee: Monte Gingrey- LD-16, Amy Waychoff – LD-18 and Michael Glynn as Parliamentarian. They will be working hard to move the MCGOP forward and fight against the progressive Democrat agenda.  

Bill Richbourg and his team are putting together both live and zoom events to pushback against CRT and the teaching of revisionist history in our schools.

Ann Hingston is looking for great Republican candidates throughout the county that are clear, focused, articulate can represent the party effectively.

If you know of local conservative organization or groups, please point them our way so that we can continue the MCGOP goal of working together to make Montgomery County better.   

Our party is growing and we need tech help. Anyone that has database, social media or SQL expertise and can dedicate 6 to 10 hours per week is urged to contact me.

If you are interested in being part of the Party's’ growth or would like to be an observer at an MCGOP meeting by zoom please contact me.

We have all stayed up nights worrying about the future that seams unclear. During these challenging times we must apricate each other and celebrate what we have accomplished knowing the despite our fears that we are making a difference. Do not struggle in silence share your story… not as a victim but as a victor.

As always, thanks for being a great Republican, and if you can send me a note at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you. Your notes are encouraging and welcome.

Reardon “Sully” Sullivan, PE

MCGOP Chairman



Montgomery County Republican Party