Back the Blue - District #3 - Silver Spring

Back the Blue  --


Come join us at 2:30 PM for the changing of the shifts at

District #3, 1002 Milestone Drive, Silver Spring, on Tuesday, November 2nd!!  

This is our last visit of the year to show our Officers in Blue how much we appreciate them!!  We hope we can continue a yearly tradition to show our officers our appreciation by providing lunch and bringing lots of snacks!! Please fill free to bring all kinds of snacks, water, Gatorade for this last visit. 

For more information, contact:
or Patsy at [email protected]

Thank You to Sandy Tuttle for arranging all our six visits!!

Thank you, Kathy Gugulis, Mary George and Brigitta Mullican, for being the photographers for the visits!! 

Thank You to all those that brought all the snacks, bottled water and Gatorade!!

Thank You to all those who donated to the Police Food Fund!!

Without all of you, our show of support to our Blue would not have been possible!!

Montgomery County Republican Party