Back the Blue Wheaton

We are winding down our police station visits for the year.  This will be the fifth one this year and we hope you can make it noon Tuesday November 22.  Police District 4 is located at 2300 Randolph Road in Wheaton, Maryland. 
At noon we will be bringing the officers lunch - while there may be 80-100 police officers and detectives throughout the day, but we will likely only see a handful.  To that end, we provide sandwiches and drinks but welcome any contributions that you may like to bring.  Officer Katie Beard will speak with us.
We would also like you to sign the large sign of support that we will have there, if you would. We hope to see you there.
Stay tuned for our support efforts for the other precincts, to support the thin blue line.
Sandy Tuttle, Martha Hale, Rita Beck and Patsy Dillingham – BTB Event Chairs
For info on the next Back the Blue event email us at [email protected]
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