Build Back Badder

Build Back Badder

By Patricia Fenati

Build BACK Better never made any sense to me. It sounds regressive … What kind of slogan is Build BACK?

But as I look BACK over this past year, I think that Biden has actually been successful in keeping his regressive promise ... And everything IS going BACKward better … faster than anyone ever imagined it would. 

Let’s review just a few instances:

Never since BACK in the Obama administration have gas prices been so high. In fact, a seven percent overall inflation rate is higher that any time in this century …. Wow, going BACKward even beyond this century …. Great reach BACK, Mr. Biden. 

I do not think grocery shelves have been so empty since BACK in World War II.

And what was that COVID promise? … "I’m never going to raise the white flag and surrender. We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you.” What kind of a promise is that? Of course, everyone with any sense knows a president has NO control over viruses. Viruses do not listen to presidential mandates. National mandates on masks etc. may sound powerful to you, but they sound weak to an electorate who is trying to survive. And those mandates go on deaf ears to viruses.

What was that you just said recently? …. “There is little the Federal Government can do to fight the virus.” … Isn’t that a white flag? Isn’t that going BACK on your promise? 

But … Wait!  … How about making antibody infusions and medications available to anyone who needs them?  Where is an Operation Warp Speed to get tests and treatments to people who need them? What about making sure there are enough tests available and distributed to those who need them. There were tests available at our local library at 11:00 this morning. By 11:00 the line went around the block and down the street! People had been in line since the night before How’s that for availability?

Yep, you built BACK on the virus too, Mr. Biden … Things are much worse under you than they were under President Trump. … 

Let’s look at the embarrassment of Afghanistan. The scenes that we witnessed there were reminiscent of 1975 in Saigon … that’s stretching way BACK.  And the Afghanistan we left behind stretches BACK to before 9/11 with the Taliban now in charge of Afghanistan again. 

By the way, how have you acknowledged all the Americans who lost their lives in Afghanistan in those years?

The situation on the Ukraine border has not been this bad since BACK in the Obama administration.

And then there is the Southern US border …. You have really gone BACKward there. You allow people to pour into the country with no idea who they are, what disease they are carrying or if they are coming to do harm to America…. More people than ever have been coming across our borders. Those people are being exploited by criminal elements on both sides of the border and deposited in towns all over the country… sick, criminal or exploited … it does not matter.

Let’s stop building BACKward. Before you, Mr. Biden, this country has always looked forward. I, for one am anxious to look forward to this new century. Please stop looking BACK. 

I am sure anyone reading this can come up with additional BACKward policies.

Patricia Fenati

Montgomery County Republican Party