Calling All Patriots! Calling All Patriots!

By Liz Matory

Don’t want to say I told you so, but in light of the official Socialist takeover of the Democrat Party once again, Republicans must fight (metaphorically and politically) to conserve our constitutional republic.  

Happy Independence Day, Patriots! But at the rate this country is going, this may be the last 4th of July we can all celebrate without feeling like it’s racist or bigoted just for celebrating this great nation. Over the past few years, we have seen an amazing degradation of not only political discourse and rhetoric, but also the diminished knowledge and appreciation for what it means to be an American citizen.

As God-fearing conservatives, we understand that socialism is antithetical to the very purpose of America. So, why are we seeing our fellow Americans embrace such a destructive philosophy so easily?

Everyone knows that our founders fought to create a nation that would develop into a more perfect union where regardless of where you were born and who you were born to, you could tap into your God-given potential and thrive, particularly if you were an American citizen, whether by birth or by LEGAL means, and that this very liberty is demolished by socialism. But here’s the problem: not everyone knows that our American liberty would die the moment we allow socialism to take over.

“But why don’t they get it?” is the question I get as our resident “Born Again Republican.”

I’m sure there is more to the story, as there is with anything, but there is one factor I see that got us to this critical point in our shared history.

The Education System – Education has become a highly autocratic system that teaches whatever is placed in the curriculum. The more centralized the system is, the more regulated the information taught to its recipients becomes. The controlled curriculum that has been infused into the minds of our fellow Americans does not include an appreciation for our founding/conservative principles, but rather an overwhelming dose of Socialist Critical Theory, the mode of philosophy that to put it simply, criticizes virtually every form of belief or way of life within an extremely negative or pessimistic understanding of tradition, culture, values, etc.

Even when American Civics or History is taught in today’s school systems, students learn about the U.S. within these negative and therefore damaging parameters. Founding Fathers aren’t patriots, they are racist, slave-owning white men. Christianity is not a millennials old guiding light, but a useless superstition. Traditional adult behavior or family structure is not aspirational, but undesirable.  Although healthy criticism is useful for growth and understanding, what is missing is critical thinking – the ability to discern information as a rational individual and come to an understanding on one’s own. Our education system has removed the ability to THINK FOR ONESELF. And once the criticism sets in (earlier now than ever before), American citizens become detached from what makes us unique from the beginning.

When an individual American citizen is incapable of self-regulated thought, he or she can be easily persuaded or manipulated by anyone or anything. Cue in mainstream media. And this is fertile ground for the Socialist takeover of the most powerful citizenry in the history of humanity. Socialism believes that the power lies with the State and not the individual. Socialism promises the world but destroys the authenticity of our world in the process.

But great news, Patriots. There is hope, and not the fake Obama Hope. Once fellow Americans realize the truth, they will wake up. It happened to me, and it is happening every moment, everywhere, when we liberate ourselves and think like Americans.


Liz Matory is the 2018 Republican nominee for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District and author of the book, Born Again Republican (2016).

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