Come on Man, You Know the Thing

Come on Man, You know the thing...

One of our Montgomery County residents wrote that they could swear they heard this exchange during the recent confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson between her honor and Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Their version of a bit of the Jackson nomination hearing.  It’s only a bit more ridiculous than reality. 
  • Blackburn, R-Tenn: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” 
  • Jackson: "I’m not a biologist.” 
  • Blackburn: “Okay so you know how to define ‘biologist’ but not ‘woman’?
  • Jackson: “I’m not one of those things that decides what a biologist is.”
  • Blackburn: “What do you mean by ‘thing’?”
  • Jackson; “I don’t know that either. I suggest you ask President Biden. He says we pledge allegiance to the ‘Thing, you know, the Thing.’.”
  • Blackburn: “Okay to summarize, you can’t define what a woman is because you are not a biologist, and can’t know what a biologist is because you aren’t the Joe Biden thing that determines what a biologist is, so you can’t ever know what the definition is of a woman because you wouldn’t know a biologist if you saw one. Is my understanding correct?”
  • Jackson: “You are correct, Madam Senator.” 
  • Blackburn: “Did a biologist tell you to call me Madam Senator?”
  • Jackson: “Oops.”

Of course such absurdities would never happen in the United States Senate...right?

Montgomery County Republican Party