Conservative Happy Hours

By Gail Weiss

In case you hadn’t heard, Montgomery County conservatives have been holding regular happy hours every month, all around the county!

The longest running one is held in Rockville, which was followed by one in downtown Silver Spring, and the newest location is in Clarksburg. Check the “Events” tab on the MCGOP website every month for details of times and exact locations, as they sometimes change.

For the last year-and-a-half, these events have run under the name of “Third Thursday Conservative Happy Hour,” because they were always held on the third Thursday of the month simultaneously in all three locations.  But, since the presidential re-election campaign cycle is almost upon us, starting in November, we are changing the name to Trump Victory (because we’re not tired of winning yet!) happy hours! 

These events are just like any other happy hour in that you see old friends, make new ones, and maybe do a little networking. The only difference is that we are blissfully free of hearing condemnation of our president nor do we have to watch what we say for fear of ‘triggering’ anyone!

So, check the website for the location closest to you, then make sure to come to the next event so that you can meet and mingle with other Trump supporters.  One more thing: if you know of other locations around the county where you think happy hours are just crying out to be started, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Montgomery County Republican Party